10 Best Bike Trailer For Kids – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

best bike trailer for kids

When it comes to finding a bike trailer for your child, there is quite a lot of factors that you should consider taking a look at.

The fact is we all don’t have the same family size, we all happen to live in different environments, we tend to live different lives and we also happen to have different needs so the same bike trailer might not be a good option for every family out there.

This is why we have gone through the stress of researching and coming up with this best bike trailer for kids review just for you.

Best Bike Trailer For Kids – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best bike trailer for kids

Riding a bike trailer isn’t all about the fun that comes with riding and cycling but it is a good way to make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle while carrying your kids along.

Riding a bike trailer would also have a positive influence on every kid as being active outdoors would help in developing some positive and healthy habits. If you are ready to take on this positive and healthy lifestyle then this review is just for you.

Riding a bike trailer alongside your kids is a preferable workout than having to chase your kids around the jungle and as a parent, you should also try to find time to exercise and that is also a way riding bike trailers tends to be beneficial to your health.

It also helps in making sure that you have a lot of energy to keep up with your kids while you all are having fun outdoors. Check out the best bike trailers we have discussed below just for you.

How To Pick A Quality Bike Trailer For Kids

Before making up your mind on any bike trailer, it is very necessary that you know exactly what you are looking for because it is better to get your decisions right the first time than calling back to ask for refunds or going back to the market to shop for another bike trailer again.

These features we have discussed below would help you make the right choice when shopping for a bike trailer.

  • Type Of Trailer – There are several trailer types of the market but the carriage style is the most popular. This type of trailer style is designed to be attached to the rear of an adult bike but all carriage trailer types are not the same as there are some that are joggers while others are strollers. This is quite convenient as it takes away the stress of shopping for or storing up to two different equipment.
  • Size Of Cabin – In this case, you have to make up your mind on how many seats you would be needing as there are models that can accommodate one seat while others can take as much as two seats. So you should be careful with the number of seats a bike trailer has before making a payment for it.
  • Weight Capacity – All bike trailers have their separate rating on a specific weight so in this case, you need to consider the overall weight of the trailer and the weight of the people riding as well as what you will be carrying to make sure they tally. When your child begins to weigh much then it simply means they are ready to ride on their own so the weight capacity of a bike trailer is what you should also keep an eye on.
  • Safety – This is however the most important factor that you should always look out for when shopping for a bike trailer because the big question that needs to be asked is ” IS THIS BIKE TRAILER SAFE”?. Even though most times parents tend to make those decisions for themselves, the best way to ascertain if a bike trailer is safe is by certification and every bike trailer ought to have a recognized national safety certification.
  • Type Of Seat – The next factor that needs to be considered as well as the type of seat that you want your bike trailer to have as the two types of seats that we have is a sagging and supportive seat. A supportive seat encourages passengers to have their own personal seat while sagging seats are designed in a way where passengers sit on the floor. No matter the style of seat you go for, you would no longer have problems in differentiating one seat from the other.

Now that you have an idea of what factors that you need to pay attention to when shopping for a bike trailer, let us take you to meet the best and quality bike trailer options that we have rounded up to make shopping for one very easy for you.

Best Bike Trailer For Kids Review

1. Burley Bee, 2 Seat, Lightweight, Kids Bike-Only Trailer

best bike trailer for kids

We are opening up this best bike trailer for kids review with the Burley Be kids bike-only trailer which combines the perfect mixture of performance, safety and price and even though this bike trailer might not be the cheapest on the market, it is built to have outstanding quality and can still be gotten at a very reasonable price.

One of the first features anyone would notice initially about this bike trailer is its bright yellow color and you can only help but imagine how the color as well as the reflective gear of this bike trailer ensures that it stands out from the rest.

Its bright color also helps in enhancing the visibility of this bike trailer which in turn makes this bike trailer very safe and while talking about safety, it still comes with seats designed with hammock style that ensures your kids would not have to ride this bike trailer on the floor but they would be comfortably strapped to the seat.

It features two seats as well as 30 UPF rated tinted windows which helps in preventing strong sun rays and strong rain.

Being safe and convenient are other benefits that your kids would enjoy from riding this bike trailer.


  • Has a fair price
  • Bright
  • its latches make setup easy
  • Offers comfort for kids


  • Not good for people who dislike the yellow color
  • A bit pricey for people shopping on a budget

2. Aosom Elite 2-In-1 Double Child Two-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Trailer

For people searching for affordable bike trailers which also have a jogger design than the Aosom Elite two in one double child bike trailer and the design of this bike, the trailer is quite convenient and simple as it can be used for walking, jogging and also biking.

It is also designed to be safe and secured as it comes with a sling seat which features a five-point safety harness that would hold kids secured while its removable canopy helps in providing protection against debris, rain and sun.

One interesting aspect of this bike trailer is the ample storage space that it comes with and this space is found behind the seat and it is very useful as it can be used in storing up groceries, beach gear, toys and also diaper bags.

Furthermore, traveling on this bike trailer is also convenient and easy and it comes with a seat that would accommodate about two kids as well as holding up a weight of about 88lbs. Parents also think this bike trailer is the best option for jogging after going on a bike ride.


  • Its two in one design helps in saving up money and time
  • Comes with a comfortable seat
  • Has an affordable price
  • Its adjustable handles make jogging with this bike trailer very comfortable


  • None

3. Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

Compared to other bike trailers that we came across, the Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer is one that has a unique and special design and instead of having a carriage at its rear just like how it is with other bike trailers, it has another bike instead, therefore, making this bike trailer serve two purposes.

These purposes include helping your kids learn how to ride this bike and also you as a parent participating and staying active while your kid rides. This would make them get used to bike riding as well as having to coast or pedal.

Moving to its construction, we can say this bike trailer has a sturdy and superb construction as it features a tough frame that makes it durable and it however comes with a quick latch system which makes setting up this bike trailer quite easy and convenient.

Furthermore, this bike trailer also comes with handlebar pads that add some level of protection and they can be adjusted while adjusting the seat as well. This bike trailer has earned loads of praise from parents as they were pleased with how effective this bike is in teaching kids how to ride.


  • Can be easily attached to a seat post
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Teaches kids how to ride bikes


  • Doesn’t come with seat belts
  • Has no storage seats

4. Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller

The bike trailer we have right is specially designed for parents who are concerned about their kids comfort while riding and the Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller features a jogger for running, trailer for cycling, an attachment for snow skis and also a stroller for taking a walk.

This is why it is called a multisport trailer and it is one the entire family would be pleased to have. Converting from one attachment to an another is made easy and quick but one thing you should know is a trailer as good as this would definitely not come in cheap.

This trailer is designed to accommodate at least two passengers and its seat can be easily removed so that they can be cleaned properly.

Having an ample storage space, adjustable suspension and also being able to fold compactly are some other catchy features which would this bike trailer very difficult to be ignored by parents and how comfortable this trailer is is what makes it every parents favorite.

Well padded and reclining seats are also other features you would love about this bike trailer.


  • Designed to absorb shock
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Can be used for skiing and jogging as well


  • Its kits are separately sold
  • Goes for a very high price

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5. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

The first time you as a parent would encounter this bike trailer from Allen Sports while shopping for a bike trailer for your kid, the first thing you would get to notice about it is how lightweight it is and the advantages of riding in a lightweight trailer is it would make learning how to ride very simple and easy.

Thinking about the features a bike trailer comes with shouldn’t take our minds off how these features can also make the bikes wear and tear off easily but comfort is another benefit kids would gain while riding in this bike trailer.

Its padded seats features safety harnesses that would make passengers safe and also well secured while riding and coming with a Velcro rain shield would also help in keeping out rain effectively.

However, the most interesting part of this bike trailer is with all of these excellent features that it has to offer, it still goes at a very affordable price and from past reviews, we can tell that this bike trailer is worth the money spent on it.


  • Comes with rain shields
  • Very light
  • Affordable


  • Less quality

6. Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double 2 Seat Bicycle Bike Trailer

Up next that we want to bring to you is the Clevr Deluxe three in one bicycle bike trailer and what truly stands out about this bike trailer is its aluminum frame.

Having an aluminum frame makes this bike trailer sturdy, strong and lightweight and through its name, we can tell that this bike trailer is versatile as it can be used as a jogger or bike trailer.

The advantage of this design is it helps to save up money that would be spent on purchasing a jogger and trailer separately.

Therefore, this makes life a bit simpler and moving away from its lightweight feature, this bike trailer would offer adequate comfort which would make every ride ultra smooth thanks to its twenty inch tires.

Furthermore, this also helps in elimination vibrations while riding. Lastly, the combination of structure and price are the key points that makes this bike trailer the best any parent can get for their child.


  • Offers a comfortable and smooth ride
  • Can be used as a jogger or as a trailer
  • Comes with a lightweight frame


  • Too many steps taken when trying to break down
  • Difficult to  turn

7. Instep Trailer

If you are searching for a bike trailer for your child and you are shopping on a budget then this is clearly what you need and this bike trailer is designed in a way that through the use of a hitch, this bike trailer can be attached easily to an adult bike and what’s more, transporting this bike trailer can be done very easy and quick as it can be folded with ease thanks to its quick release action.

However, what parents ought to keep in mind is this bike trailer can only house one kid and not for two kids.

Even though this bike trailer doesn’t come with so many bells and whistles, it still has quite some impressive and good reviews by parents who have already tried it out and one of such positive review is how impossible it is to notice that this trailer is connected to an adult bike and lastly, you would not be spending so much in getting this bike trailer which is why we think it is a good option if you are shopping on a budget.


  • Folds easily for transport and storage
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Very affordable
  • Its rainproof design ensures that kids stay dry


  • Has a poor suspension
  • Its seat sags

8. Schwinn Joyrider, Echo, and Trailblazer Child Bike Trailer

The Schwinn Joyrider Bike Trailer is a bike trailer parents would go for and be impressed with its high quality and being made by the Schwinn brand simply tells you that truly this bike trailer would live up to the brand’s high reputation.

What you would notice at first about this bike trailer is its twenty inch tires which is constructed using alloy rims and this is actually very beneficial for the rider as it would ensure that every ride is smooth and comfortable.

There are quite some interesting features about this bike trailer and some of such feature includes having a big screen and a big window but the most interesting part of this bike trailer is its weather shield which would keep your child well protected both under the sun and under the rain.

Safety is also another exciting feature of this bike as it comes in a bright yellow color that makes it visible to all and it has also earned so many praises for how easy it is to setup this bike trailer in no time.


  • Has a shield that protects against the weather
  • Made by a reputable brand
  • Its bright color makes it very safe
  • Offers a smooth ride always


  • Complaints about this bike trailer being made with cheap materials

9. Weehoo iGo Two

The Weehoo iGo bike trailer is next up on our list and this bike trailer is designed to be quite different from other types of bike trailers that we have talked about in the sense that it isn’t a carriage type and it also comes with two adjustable seats which are arranged one ahead of the other.

What makes this bike trailer more interesting is it comes with pedals which would be operated by the passenger in front while the passenger at the back only has to sit and enjoy the ride. Making use of pedals makes this more fun and introduces your child to a real bike riding experience.

Its rear can seat can be easily removed as well and after removal, it can be replaced using a rear basket and this basket can be used for storage purposes.

The main advantage of this trailer bike is it is durable enough to be used for a very long time and setting it up has a straightforward method without the use of extra or special tools. The company was also praised for having an efficient customer service.


  • Setup is easy
  • Impressive customer service
  • Has lot of room for storage


  • This is entirely open so it has no covers

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10. Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer + Stroller 

The Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer is the final product that we would be bringing you in this very review on the best bike trailer that you can get for your child and taking safety extremely serious is one of the reasons why so many parents have ended up going for this bike trailer.

It might also be on the high side in terms of price but in terms of quality, we can say that this bike trailer is also worth the price. This child bike trailer can be used as a trailer, a jogger and also as a stroller and it is the right choice for every active family.

Speaking about safety, this bike trailer has a low center of gravity which helps in fighting against tipping while its aluminum rollover frame also helps in providing extra levels of protection.

It also comes with a five point harness which helps in ensuring that kids are well secured while riding this bike trailer and there is also a reflective material which helps in providing protection against ultraviolet rays. This bike trailer has also earned several positive reviews on how smooth its ride is.


  • This bike trailer is very reliable
  • Comes with an aluminum lightweight frame for durability
  • Provides smooth rides


  • Seems wider than expected
  • Expensive

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When you try shopping for a new item in a hurry, things might end up getting complicated for you and even though you have found shopping for bike trailers very challenging, after going through this review, we are sure that the shopping process would now be simple.

Not only would you find it easy to shop for bike trailers but you also have top brands to select from which would end up saving you time and stress. You can spend less time shopping for a bike trailer and spend more time leading a healthy lifestyle with your kids.

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