10 Best Toddler Balance Bike – 2024 Top Picks And Reviews

One thing most parents might find very difficult to do is filtering through every necessary information on technology and this is why we have browsed through the internet for you so we can bring you the best toddler balance bike.

However, we were able to handpick each of this bike based on cost, strength and how reliable they are but that isn’t all, we have also discussed what a balance bike is and certain factors which you should look out for when shopping for a balance bike.

Best Toddler Balance Bike – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Even in this modern time where you would find most kids that love to play video games during their leisure time at home, I bet you that there isn’t any kid out there who wouldn’t love to or enjoy cruising on a balance bike.

It can be a very hard option to try selecting a balance bike from the numerous options and brands that you would find on the market because there are several balance bikes that you would find appealing either by design or by function.

To assist you in searching for a balance bike for your toddler, we have carefully carried out our own research and come up with this list of the best ten balance bikes which are currently highly rated on the market.

These balance bikes listed here are very powerful, appealing, attractive and would definitely make every outdoor adventure an enjoyable one for your little king and queen.

Best Toddler Balanced Bike Review

1. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

best toddler balance bike

One of the most popular kids bicycle brands we have today is the Strider brand and if you actually go through some online reviews yourself, you would realize that a lot of parents are pleased with the Strider-12 Sport Balanced Bike.

On this bike, you would be impressed with well fitted thin grips combined with a forty-three percent thinner width when compared to handlebars and the benefit of having such a fitted grip and handlebar is for kids to be able to have full control when riding this bike.

Its kind of tires doesn’t need to get pumped as this bike makes use of a set of foam tires and here is the interesting part, the foam found on this strider bike is a way of identifying that this bike is truly from the Strider brand.

Whether you want your kids to ride this bike indoors or on BMX tracks, this bike is designed for such levels of fun and this is also the best bike that any toddler can use in participating in the national BMX racing event.

It also comes with a short post which makes it a good choice for kids aged eighteen months and above.


  • It is ideal for small hands as it offers mini grips
  • Makes use of no flat foam tires
  • Doesn’t require any tool for assembly


  • It doesn’t come with written instruction on how to assemble this bike

2. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle

This is one bike a lot of people believe would offer great value for any spent on acquiring it and this alone has set it in motion on becoming the best value toddler balanced bike on the market.

Just like so many toddler balanced bikes out there, this bike also has a low frame design but it is being complemented with a hi-ten steel frame that makes this bike ready to take on any outdoor fun without any worry of it getting damaged.

Its pedal is designed to be a standing platform and this is very important for every child as it helps in obtaining balance.

The major feature of this toddler balance bike is its quick-release clamps for handlebars and seat posts and these quick release clamps are useful for adjusting the height of the handlebar as well as that of the seat to fit the rider.

What makes people happy more about this balanced bike is it doesn’t require any form of maintenance. Setting up this bike is very easy as it would not take more than five minutes.


  • Comes with air-free tires
  • This bike is free from maintenance
  • Comes in a wide range of colors


  • Its performance is average according to a customer’s review

3. Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike for Toddlers

This is the best-balanced bike for young kids as they would find it not only ideal but also attractive thanks to having a banana style frame and this type of frame has its own advantages as kids would find it very easy to get on and get off this bike with ease.

It is a very important feature as kids would be able to jump off this bike if it happens that they are going to crash. There isn’t any need to pump the tires of this bike as it comes with foam tires while its headset comes with bearings as well.

The purpose of this bearing is so the rider can steer this bike with ease. This is a more upgraded version as it is more lightweight compared to the previous model.

Being lightweight makes it easy for every child to master how to ride this bike and other notable changes made to this bike include having a strong and new handlebar as well as a new quick-release clamp.


  • Can also be gotten in a wide range of colors
  • Free from maintenance
  • Comes with foam tires
  • Fits very well
  • Its headset bearing helps in steering this bike in the right direction


  • Not for kids aged four

4. Radio Flyer All-Terrain Balance Bike

This is a balanced bike with an American feel and this is the first bike that we would be talking about with fitted air-filled rubber tires.

What you should know about this bike is it comes in two different forms as one involves coming with a steel frame while the other involves getting this balanced bike as a wooden balanced bike.

Its steel version comes with a nice cushioned saddle and adjustable seat while its wooden version comes with an already set handlebar height with no adjustments.

Your child will love this bike as it comes with a real bell and one interesting feature of this balanced bike is its higher frame design which makes it easy for kids to have maximum control while riding as well as gaining balance and stepping over this frame with ease.

However, its air-filled tires come with a valve tube with an L-shape and the L-shape makes it easy for the valve to bend to the side so pumping this tire can be done without any hassle. Little details like these are what make this bike highly rated among its peers.


  • Comes in wood or steel frame
  • Has a unique bell feature
  • Comes with air-filled tires
  • Easy to put together


  • This bike has no resting place for the feet
  • Much better for taller kids

5. JOYSTAR 12″ Kids Balance Bike for 1.5-5 Years

This toddler balance bike comes with a high tensile steel frame and having such a frame makes this bike almost free from destruction.

Just like other bikes that we have taken a look at, this balance bike for toddlers has a low frame that is easy to step over and what’s more, this balanced bike comes with EVA airless tires which takes away the stress of puncturing tires, therefore, making them very light.

Its minimum saddle height ensures that your child’s feet are placed flat on this bike and this is quite essential in making sure your child gains confidence when riding this bike.

Its quick-release clamp makes adjusting the seat quick and easy and while you are your kid are out in the park or camping having fun, these adjustments can be made easily without requiring any extra tool.

This is simply the type of bike that comes with everything that you would need and maintain this balanced bike would require a little level of upkeep. It can also be passed down to younger siblings.


  • Comes with airless EVA tires
  • Its quick-release clamp makes adjusting the seat quick and easy
  • Has a low standover design
  • Making use of this bike is easy


  • Not as high quality as the Strider brand

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6. ENKEEO 12 Sport Balance Bike 

The ENKEEO sport balance bike for toddler has some similarities with the Strider bike that we talked about but the major difference is this one is a bit cheaper, doesn’t come with a quick-release clamp and weighs a bit more than the strider bike.

Depending on how a balanced bike is used, not having a quick release clamp could either be something good or bad because if you would need to make some adjustments to the height of the seat, then you would need to make use of a tool.

A cool feature of this balanced bike is its steel frame which has an anti-rust coating and after your child is done learning how to ride this bike for the day, you can easily store up this bike in your garage.

This balanced bike also comes with foam tires so there would be no need for punctures and the advantage of having foam tires is it makes the bike more balanced and light.


  • Comes with EVA tires that are resistant to punctures
  • Has a frame that is resistant to rust
  • It has a lower standover frame design


  • Not a good option for older kids

7. TheCroco Aluminum Lightweight Balance Bike

This is a very good bike that is built to be lightweight too and this bike comes with a design which would certainly interest a lot of people.

Its rear is connected to the rear wheels and the essence of this is to make sure that your child’s feet are comfortable and well placed. This also ensures balance when your child is riding as they do not have to place their feet on the ground.

The surprising thing about this balanced bike is it comes ready to use immediately it comes out of the box meaning there would be no need for tools to assemble this bike and guess what, if there would need to make some adjustments to the height of the seat then it can be done with ease thanks to this bike having a quick-release clamp.

You don’t need to pay a visit to a bike shop and you also don’t need special tools for anything.


  • Doesn’t require tools for assembling
  • Extremely light
  • Features quick-release clamps
  • Has a quality finish


  • None

8. KaZAM Tyro V2E Step-Through Learning Balance Bike

If you are searching for a balance bike for your toddler which would accommodate them comfortably then the KAZAM TYRO balanced bike is the best for your toddler as it would help them not only to take tentative steps but would also help them learn how to walk.

Having a low stepover is another interesting aspect of this bike as it makes kids find their balance when riding this bike and its step-overs are as low as the footsteps which are found on other models of balance bikes on the market.

Its air-filled tires are built to be rugged as they would take on any outdoor obstacle and in no time, you would be surprised that your kid would be able to ride across lawns as well as riding over toys.

Kids might be picky about their choice of color but that would not be a problem with this balanced bike as it comes in several colors so you can find one that would best suit your child.


  • Its step-overs are low
  • Comes in various colors
  • Its tires are air-filled
  • Has a sleek style
  • Assembling this balanced bike is easy


  • None for now

9. Strider – 14X 2-in-1 Balance to Pedal Bike Kit

This balanced bike is like a sibling to the first strider balanced bike that we earlier talked about and for the strider brand to make it again to this review should tell you that indeed, the brand makes only high quality balanced bikes that would be ideal for toddlers.

However, this bike is a very good choice for older kids as most of the bikes that we have talked about are only for younger kids and just like the few balanced bikes that we earlier discussed, this bike also comes with rubber tires.

Your kid can count on this bike if he is eager to learn how to ride.


  • Easily converted to a pedal bike
  • Comes with rubber tires
  • Ideal for older children


  • Putting this bike is a bit challenging

10. Schwinn Skip Toddler Balance Bike

Having a steel frame and a BMX design briefly describes the Schwinn Skip Toddler balance bike and this bike is designed to not have pedals combined with a low center of gravity which makes it simple to ride even for new and young riders.

You can trust that this bike would grow as your kid grows thanks to its quick release and adjustable seat collar design which would also make sure your kids learn how to be balanced while riding.

There would be no need to assemble this bike as it comes already assembled and ready to ride out of the box.

This bike also comes with air-filled tires and thanks to its ball-bearing headset, kids would find it easy to steer this bike in the direction of their choice.

Optimal control can also be obtained using its chrome handlebars and what’s more, this bike comes with a lifetime warranty. It is the perfect choice for kids aged two to four.


  • Doesn’t need to be assembled
  • Great quality bike
  • Provides great control using its chrome handlebar


  • Its seat got broken easily

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What Is A Balance Bike

Balance bikes are bikes designed to be the safest alternative to training wheel bikes and tricycles and balance bikes are specially made for young kids that fall in the age range of twelve months to 10 years.

There is a balance bike that would be suitable for every age and this type of bike is one that would be loved by every child because of the high quality and innovative features that it comes with.

Balance bikes do not have training wheels or pedals and this is because the design of balance bikes is concerned with making sure kids learn how to balance while riding.

This takes away the confusion of focusing on pedals, brakes and balancing and what’s more, the seat and handlebars of a balance bike can be easily adjusted so as to ensure it properly fits your child.

The middle of balance bikes are known to have footrests and the main reason for the footrests design is for your child’s feet to be placed at a safe place while riding.

How Does A Balance Bike Work

The way balance bike works actually lies in its name but in actual sense, what it means is a bike with no pedals.

A balance bike is designed with the aim of helping kids gain balance when they start learning how to ride a balance bike and in order to make learning simple, they do not need a bike with brakes, drive train, or pedals as they absence of all these features makes learning how to ride simple.

The absence of pedals simply means that kids can only gain balance just by scooting along the ground and they mimic the action of a jumping frog which time they scoot on the floor.

The importance of scooting is it helps them steer and balance their balance bike and these are actually the two most difficult part of riding a bike. Upon mastering steering and balancing, there would be nothing standing in their way of catching all the fun that they desire.

We can also say that balance bikes are the best gift for toddlers as they do not have training wheels but aim to make kids learn how to ride with ease but one factor that shouldn’t be forgotten is how important or necessary it is for kids to wear a helmet when learning how to ride a balance bike. This also helps in ensuring safety while riding.

Balance Bikes Or Training Wheels (Stabilizers)

Depending on the type of world that we live in. most people would gladly pick a stabilizer over balance bikes as that is exactly what most of us learned with but one fact that we fail to tell ourselves is that learning how to ride with stabilizers somehow seemed to hold us back.

Learning how to ride with training wheels made us so reliant on them but taking off the training wheels in case of a balance bike helps the child develop himself on maintaining balance.

Need I remind you that learning how to balance while riding biking is one of the hardest aspects of bike riding.

Getting your child a balance bike to start with simply means he only needs to learn how to brake and pedal which I think are fairly easy to master skills and learning these skills can take maybe a day.

There are some kids that can actually in a few hours so, in the battle between balance bikes and training wheels or stabilizers, we can actually say it loud that the balance bike would always win.

Final Words

It can be very frustrating finding a suitable balance bike for your toddler because its like you are searching through an ocean of many just to find the one.

We hope that after going through this review, you were able to make up your mind on a perfect balance bike for your toddler and trust us when we say the balance bikes listed in this review are all safe, high quality and would guarantee enjoyable rides.