How To Save On Kids Clothes As A Budget Mom – 2024 Guide


As a mother who also needs to maintain household expenses, it makes sense to cut costs on a child’s clothes? The clothes for children can consume a significant portion of your savings. It can be much more than your wardrobe, even if the clothing is less costly. The reason for this is that you’re not likely to outgrow your clothes anytime very soon.

However, children grow like plants and often wear out their clothing before you get your cash’s worth from those clothes. Even when they don’t outgrow them, they’ll wear their clothes quickly.

There are plenty of ways to save money on children’s clothing in Monticello, IA such as buying online discount store Monticello IA or from thrift stores like Let’s look at the most reliable suggestions that you can use.

Try Shopping From Clearance Section


Parents love shopping at clearance racks. It’s a steal deal to buy brand new clothes for more than 90% of the regular retail prices. Department stores sell seasonal items throughout the year to prepare for the new season and for new things to be released.

Get the most value from those sale items whenever you get the opportunity. If you are looking for child wear, you may not find something suitable for your kids right now; however, you can get something for the future.

If you find products with great value that fit your child for six months, why get them now when you could purchase them later at a low cost?

Hit Up Consignment Shops

Looking for clothing in consignment stores is a fantastic method to save on clothing for children. Sometimes you’ll find amazing clothes that look like it’s been used or even with tags still attached for a bargain price.

Don’t limit yourself to consignment shopping and garage sales; look into garage sales and thrift stores. Most of the time, you can purchase a whole bag of apparel for less than five dollars. They’re typically divided into sizes by groups and are gender-specific.

Buy Gender-Neutral Clothing


If you’re planning on having more kids, purchasing gender-neutral clothing is a great idea. This way, when your child outgrows them, they can be stored in the closet until you require those things for your second child, and so on.

You could also use these outfits with nursery accessories that cost a lot. All you need to do is add a few gender-specific accent colors to customize every child’s nursery.

Re-purpose Kids Clothing

You can use the re-purpose clothes your child outgrew or get the slightly used ones. If your child wears pants to the knees, reduce the legs and create a pair of shorts from the pants. You can do the same if your child experiences a growth spurt and their pants are slightly small for children.

When your kid’s feet are all covered within their pajamas, take the feet off, and they’ll last for an additional six months. You can turn long-sleeved shirts into short-sleeved ones using some basic sewing skills.

Ignore Holiday Special Clothing


It’s adorable when Christmas is around the corner, and you dress in a red velvet gown or your little boy in a cute suit with green or red bow tie and vests. It’s a significant expense. You’ll only have one use for those holiday outfits because you are sure they will not fit the following year.

You can still purchase the most appropriate costumes for your young ones and get the most from them. What would be a better way to get an outfit suitable for other occasions like Easter or your child’s first day in school?

Shop Overstock And Liquidation

Qualities of things you buy from overstocked stores are comparable to those you get at department stores but only a fraction of the cost. You will save a lot of money when you buy apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Another way to save money on kids’ clothes and find great bargains is by visiting the liquidation stores. There are many times when they have items that could appear to be unorthodox. However, they get these clothes at bargain prices. The only thing to remember is to examine the products thoroughly before buying them.

It’s not hard to save money on clothing for kids or your own. There are many options available to help you achieve that. Just make sure to plan and think outside of the box more.

Buy Multiples


Buy various sizes of the most popular products on sale. For example, you can find excellent jeans on clearance for just $4. Purchase a pair you can wear now and purchase a second pair of larger sizes. It is similar to socks, underwear, plain colored shirts, etc., because they aren’t through the seasons and aren’t trendy.

If you find products with great value that fit your child for six months, why get them when you could purchase them at a low cost? Children grow regardless of what you like or don’t like.

Don’t Buy If It’s Not On Sale

“Kid’s clothing stores will be rotating sales, So if a product isn’t currently on sale, keep in mind that it’s likely to be sold sooner rather than later. I also buy items on clearance for the following season at the season’s close.

Look For Versatile Kids Wear


Matching outfits can be enjoyable; however, in reality, they are limiting because you’re limited to wearing a specific piece of clothing, and consequently, you are forced to buy other clothes. When you can, make sure you choose clothes that you can easily mix and match. It is best to stick with neutral and solid shades.

Buy Fewer Clothes

“Don’t spend too often! Every kid does not need to have at least 7 to 5 outfits. There should be 10-12 options each season, mostly coming from the last season’s clearance! You can check Walmart to offer winter boots for sale so you can prepare for the upcoming season.


It’s not hard to save money on clothing for kids or your own. There are many options available to help you achieve that. Just make sure to plan and think outside of the box more. Always look closely at the clothing you’re about to buy to ensure that it is in the best shape, as, after all, the dress was worn previously. Ensure that all snaps, zippers, and buttons are intact and working perfectly.