10 Best Road Bike Under $500 – 2024 Buying Guide

So are you interested in getting a road bike that is actually quite affordable? No matter how you intend to use a road bike, finding one that would be in line with your budget and also one that would have all of the features that you desire would be a challenge.

For this reason, we have brought to you a complete review as well as a buying guide that would show you the best road bike under $500 just so you can end up with the right product and also avoid the stress of shopping for the one you need all by yourself.

Best Road Bike Under $500 – Buying Guide And Recommendation

When a road bike is mentioned, what most people tend to think in their minds is a typical bike that they can use to shop, get around, or just ride around town.

The truth is that isn’t all there is when talking about road bikes but riding road bikes is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of body fats.

Riding road bikes make sure that you live and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle and you can also get to improve or boost your physical strength just by riding road bikes.

Lots of questions are being asked every day as to which of the brands makes the best road bikes but to be very honest, this is one question that cannot be answered easily because the prices of bikes may vary, preference would also differ and all road bikes would not have the same features.

Whatever the case may be, we would be showing you the best road bikes that would be perfect for a five hundred dollar budget and without making any further statements, here are the best options we have compiled.

Best Road Bike Under $500 Review

1. Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike – STI Integrated Shifters

When it comes to shopping for road bikes that would be perfect for a five hundred dollar budget, the first and best bike that comes to mind is the Vilano Shadow 3.0 road bike which is designed to take bike riding to an extremely higher level when compared with other road bikes and the fact is even though this bike would truly fit into your fie hundred dollar budget, it will certainly cost more than the average road bike in this review.

It features an integrated fork design and is built using an aluminum double-butted frame which makes it very durable.

What you would actually love also about this bike is its machine alloyed, double-walled rims and these features are so important in the sense that it ensures this bike moves faster than other bikes especially on hard surfaces.

You can also sense its high quality in its gearing and braking components as they can both be found in the Shimano STI integrated Shifter System.


  • Even after having these quality and advanced features, this bike still falls into a five hundred level budget
  • Features Shimano STI shifting and gearing levers
  • Comes with narrower rims which helps in boosting performance and speed
  • Designed to be durable as it features a quality aluminum frame


  • Its petals are not properly designed

2. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed 700c

Holding down at the second spot of this review is the Vilano R2 commuter aluminum road bike which is also designed by the reputable Vilano brand which coincidentally designed the first road bike in this review and the road bike that you are looking at right now is also affordable despite having high-quality components in its construction.

For newbies and commuters, this road bike here might be a little bit higher option and just like the previous Vilano road bike we discussed, this one too also features an aluminum double-butted frame for exceptional durability.

Its integrated aluminum fork design is also another feature that we tend to love about this road bike and if you want to be convinced that truly this is a high-quality road bike then you should pay closer attention to its rims as they are machine alloyed, double-walled and also have quick-release skewers which don’t only offer a smooth ride but also make them durable.

It also features about twenty one speeds combined with Shimano components and Shimano A050 thumb shifters.


  • This road bike is perfect for beginners
  • Its braking system requires a little bit of adjustment
  • Features a durable yet lightweight fork and frame
  • Comes with top quality rims


  • Tools required for assembly are not included

3. Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550 Wheels Road Bicycle 

If you want a road bike with a different design from the other two Vilano road bikes that we just finished taking a look at then the EURXC550 Eurobike Road Bike is one that you would be pleased with as this bike comes with several unique and interesting features but the main point is it packs all of these features into this bike without going high in terms of price as it would still be ideal for a five hundred dollar shopping budget.

Its steel fork and frame are what make this road bike extremely durable and at the same time increasing its weight.

In terms of wheels, this bike is built to run on aluminum twenty-six-inch fashion rims for people who are really itching for a different rim design entirely and these rims are designed to be a bit wider than expected therefore making them ideal for use on a variety of roads.

Furthermore, this road bike has a mechanical disc braking system that offers exceptional stopping power while its gearing system consists of Shimano components that boost its gearing performance.


  • Its durability ensures it rides smoothly on multi-surfaced roads
  • Has an improved disc braking system
  • Exceptional stopping power
  • Moderate price


  • Has like twice the weight of another road bike

4. Vilano Shadow Road Bike – Shimano STI Integrated Shifters

We are bringing you another road bike from the Vilano brand again and this time, you should already be convinced that the Vilano brand is the best because there is no way three different road bikes from the same brand would find their way into this review if they are not of high quality and standards and asides having a nice and moderate price, this road bike has lots of entry-level features which also makes it a very good choice for beginners and newbies.

You can trust that even on roads with hard surfaces, this road bike would still ride smoothly but WHY?

This is because it comes with a machined alloy and double-walled narrow rims while its double-butted aluminum frame can be seen in medium, small and large sizes. When it comes to switching gears, riders can conveniently do that on this road bike using its Shimano STI brake system and integrated shifters and you would also be impressed with its brake alloy rim, dual-pivot and mechanical brake style.

This is just another road bike that you really would be impressed with its build and performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Putting this bike together is a simple process
  • Its shifting and brake levers are of Shimano quality


  • Features 14 speeds which might be a bit low for some riders

5. Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed Racing Bicycle 

best road bike under $500

Our Trinx TEMPO Road Bike is another reliable and trustworthy entry-level bike for those who just want to ride bikes or for those who are new to riding bikes and believe me when I say this bike was designed somewhere in Italy, put together in China in terms of assembly but still yet, this bike goes at a very affordable rate.

Unlike other road bikes that we have talked about, when shopping for this bike, you would be able to choose between two different color options like black and blue or black and green.

Having an aluminum alloy frame is also an outstanding feature of this road bike as not only does this make this frame lightweight but it also makes transporting this bike quite convenient because even when this bike is fully assembled with its wheels, it still weighs below 30kg.

Moving away from its impressive design, this road bike double-wall alloy rims as well as colored wheels.


  • Would meet up with a five hundred dollar budget
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Features a durable and lightweight fork and frame
  • Its beginners’ braking system would need a little adjustment


  • Has a simplistic design with new level components

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6. Vilano Tuono 2.0 Aluminum Road Bike

If you know you are shopping for an entry-level bike that would be quite affordable then the Vilano Tuono 2.0 aluminum road bike is simply the best that you can get as it features a 21 gearing speed which makes it handy either for going to school, going to work on paved roads or trails.

However, you would not be bothered about how lifting or transporting this bike as it already has a lightweight design thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame while its tube should not fill about 110 PSI for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, there are quite some things you should know about this road bike before making up your mind on it and that is the way this bike is designed or setup, it is not suitable for going on hilly or mountain rides as its gear set isn’t ideal for this.

The Vilano brand also kicks against having a bike shop or you mounting a rear cassette on this road bike.

Lastly, this Shimano brakes that this bike comes with would work perfectly well regardless of the weather condition and what this means is you can make use of this bike all through the year.


  • Lightweight but yet durable
  • Only Shimano gear components used
  • Would suit your budget


  • Not to be ridden on hills or mountains

7. Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycles 

Before we go on to say anything about this road bike, we want to take a second to remind you that the Schwinn brand is also popular and holds the same reputation as the Vilano brand when it comes to making high quality and reliable road bikes and trust me, once you start checking out their bikes, you would be impressed with what you would find.

However, we have picked the Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 drop bar road bike mostly because we are impressed with its durability and weight. Its fork is however constructed using premium fiber material.

The tires of every road bike are what might be replaced first when talking about road bikes so for this reason, the Schwinn brand has double rimmed all of its tires just to add that extra level of protection and you can trust that its 700c wheels can be used in all kinds of situations and driven on all kinds of road surfaces.

However, with the tons of features that this road bike comes with, it is quite shocking that it still matches your shopping budget so this bike is a win in terms of price, quality and design.


  • High-quality components and seat
  • Lightweight bike
  • Excellent for beginners


  • Issues with its warranty service

8. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Even though this road bike might be a bit expensive, the Tomasso brand also has a good reputation when it comes to making original and amazing road bikes and the Tommaso Imola Endurance road bike still carries the same reputation which explains why it is part of this review.

Made out of premium aircraft-grade aluminum material makes this road bike lightweight as well as ensuring that it soaks up impact while its Shimano shifters, as well as the 24-speed drive train, offers more versatility and a smooth feel while riding.

If you are in need of a road bike that would take on any situation then this is simply the best as it also comes with a compact frame.

Settling for this road bike is one of the ways that you can force your way into the big leagues when it comes to bike riding and asides from being backed up with a warranty for a lifetime, the manufacturers of the Tommaso road bike recommend that this bike is perfect for anyone with experience in cycling.


  • Truly lightweight
  • Looks good
  • Assembling this bike is easy


  • Its seat is a bit uncomfortable

9. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

A very popular bike making brand is the 6KU brand and one thing they are also concerned with is that they try to take care of the needs of beginners or people who are new to bike riding.

This is one road bike that has a 6061 aluminum frame that makes the 6KU aluminum fixed gear track bike very light and what we find exceptional about this bike is it is built to hold up well which makes it easy for it to absorb impacts.

Having a fixed gear design is what makes this bike a very good option for new bike riders.

This is mostly because it helps in eliminating lots of worries and ensures that the rider is focused on riding alone and this bike might not really the best brake but the good thing about everything is that the brake can be removed and replaced with a better and preferred option.

The price of this bike is also very affordable considering the fact that it comes with an aluminum frame and coming in large sizes also means you would definitely get a bike that would be perfect for any size.


  • Has great quality
  • Lighter in weight than most road bikes
  • Can travel up to fifty miles every week
  • Riding this bike is very easy
  • Easy to assemble as well


  • Its rear wheel isn’t well lubricated based on a customer’s review

10. Tommaso Fascino Sport Performance Aluminum Road Bike

We are closing up this review with a road bike from the Tommaso brand and this road bike is the Tommaso Fascino sports performance road bike which has the feel and looks of what we described as a professional road bike and this road is designed to be low in weight thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum frame used in making it while having a 21-speed drive train which is powered by Shimano simply shows that you would get nothing less of a standard performance from this road bike.

Whether you are driving in wet or dry weather, riders would experience exceptional stopping from this bike thanks to its outstanding disc brakes and one other feature which we also find appealing about this road bike is its 700c tires which guarantees a smooth ride on any surface.

However, the only problem with this road bike is it might be a bit pricey but with all of the features that it is packed with, we can only say you would get great value for any money spent on it.


  • Good looking bike
  • Has excellent customer service
  • Easy to adjust and put together


  • Doesn’t have a good grip

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Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Road Bike

What we just finished showing you are the best road bikes made by the best and reputable brands and we are sure that you would no longer face challenges when shopping for a road bike but we would also love to make the shopping process more simple by showing you some key factors that should be carefully considered if you want to make the right choice. These factors are discussed below;

  • Having A Budget – Since there has been an increase in the demand for road bikes, a lot of manufacturers have hit the market with different types of road bikes and this has led to a competition between various industries. You need to consider your wallet and also do some findings as this would help in narrowing down your search to road bikes that would match a particular budget. This way shopping for a road bike would be very easy.
  • Having The Desired Frame In Mind – You should bear it in mind that a road bike comes in different frames and being able to identify these frames would make finding a suitable one easy for you. The various frames that we have today include; aluminum frame, a carbon frame, a titanium frame and a steel frame.
  • Rims And Tires – The tires and rims of a road bike have to be durable, aerodynamic and lightweight and this has a major effect on your bikes handling, acceleration and climbing. The rim you decide to settle for depends on personal preference so if you are light in weight then the box section rim would be better but if you have some weight then the aero-shaped rims would be a preferred option. Thick tires would be far better as they tend to be durable and would also absorb shock so every ride would be smooth and comfortable.

Wrapping It Up!

What we just finished talking about above are the best road bikes that would be ideal if you are shopping on a five hundred dollar budget and one thing that we can tell you is each of this road bike has its own unique feature which makes them quite unique and special from each other.

Prioritizing your needs would make you easily select the model that would be best for your requirements and needs and we would also like you to share this review with close family and friends as it might be of help to them.

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