What Causes Yellow Veins On Green Leaves – 2024 Guide

what causes yellow veins on green leaves

If any of the plants you are growing is starting to have yellow veins on its leaves the i guess you must be puzzled at what might be the cause of such development. You would want to know why on earth your plant leaves has suddenly started developing the yellow veins and since plants leaves obtain chlorophyll through the sun, this chlorophyll is what plants feeds on and also what is responsible for their green color. Yellowing or paling in leaves shows that the plant is suffering from chlorosis and this article also talks more about what causes yellow veins on green leaves.

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What Causes Yellow Veins On Green Leaves

what causes yellow veins on green leaves

However, if you find out that your green leaves have started developing yellow veins then that might as well as be the sign of a very big problem. The inability of plant foliage to produce a sufficient amount of chlorophyll would certainly lead to your plant leaves turning yellow or pale. A situation whereby the veins of your plant leaves are turning yellow but the leaves are still green then that condition is referred to as venial chlorosis. However, interveinal chlorosis is a different condition from venial chlorosis.

Interveinal chlorosis involves the yellowing of the area surrounding the leaf vein while in the case of veinal chlorosis, the veins itself is what turns yellow. Regardless of all of these differences, what causes chlorosis also varies just like how nutrition deficiency (iron deficiency) is the cause of interveinal chlorosis and testing can be carried out through diagnosis so that treatment can be administered. In the cases of veinal chlorosis which involves the yellowing of veins, the cause tends to be more serious.

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Why Does Green Leaves Have Yellow Veins

It would take a high level of thinking and observation to be able to ascertain what really causes the yellow veins to appear on green leaves and one very serious chlorosis tissue problem is veinal chlorosis. It could be as a result of the fact that your plants lack magnesium, iron or any other plant nutrient and this condition has lasted for a very long time which has prompted it to result into the damaging of the vascular system therefore causing the plant to shut down. This would cause the plant to fail in producing chlorophyll but how do you determine the cause.

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Determining what caused this nutrient deficiency can be done through a soil test so proper amendment can be made if it isn’t too late. Furthermore, the use of herbicides and insecticides can also lead to the yellow veins appearing on your plant leaves and if this is truly the case then nothing much is left to do as the plant has already been poisoned. The only thing that you can do is placing a restriction on how any chemical should be used around plants. An injury or disease can also be the reason why your green plants have yellow veins on them.

Diseases like mosaic viruses is responsible for restricting plants from taking in nutrients that they need and this would in turn lead to your plant leaf veins turning yellow. Root injury, soil compaction, drainage issues and other problems can also cause the yellowing of leaf veins although all these can also be categorized under interveinal chlorosis. Mulching and aerating your plant soils is an effective way of bringing relief to plants that already have yellow veins appearing on their leaves.

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