What Is A Rough Bluegrass: A Weed Or Just Another Plant – 2024 Review

The fact about rough bluegrass is that it can be used as a turfgrass mostly when it is golf green during the winter season and the truth is the rough bluegrass isn’t planted on purpose but just tends to grow there on its own therefore prompting anyone to groom it so it can help in accommodating golfers.

Golfing is the only instance that anyone can say rough bluegrass is being used intentionally or successfully but most people are left with thoughts like if rough bluegrass is just a weed or another unwanted plant that we do not want to see in our lawns.

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What Is A Rough Bluegrass – Weed Or Just A Plant

This is one grass that tends to spread aggressively just like every other weed and it is mostly during the autumn season that it starts to grow and spread more. Once the rough bluegrass finds its way into your lawn, it simply takes over all other grasses that are there and then, it eventually dies when the summer heat comes.

This also leads to bare spots on the ground which indicates where grasses were before rough bluegrass overtook them. One thing you shouldn’t do is try to confuse rough bluegrass with the Kentucky bluegrass even though they belong to the same family.

Rough bluegrass which is invasive tends to have similar looks like that of the bentgrass and it also shares a relationship with the annual bluegrass and this particular grass can be quite troublesome.

It has leaf blades that are a bit lighter in color as well as a light yellow-green combined with a reddish hue that pops up when the dry condition comes. It tends to blossom during the June season and ends up producing seeds that tend to enhance or increase its spread.

If the conditions tend to be in the favor of rough bluegrass, it finds a way to creep past shallow stolons and it ends up filling up the entire area whether you have grasses growing there or not.

The availability of moist soil and cool temperatures also boosts the growth of this grass and the presence of fine and shiny blades also makes it easy for anyone to be able to distinguish the rough bluegrass from all other grasses that might be growing in your garden or lawn.

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Getting Rid Of Rough Bluegrass

The best way to deal with the rough bluegrass and also eliminate it from your garden and lawn is by simply cutting back on watering and improving drainage.

For areas that are large, pulling out rough bluegrass with the hands isn’t a good idea and that is why experts would always tell you that having a dry lawn is one the easiest ways to keep rough bluegrass away from attacking your lawn.

This is because it is intolerant to drought so making sure that your lawn is healthy is the best way to prevent the rough bluegrass invasion.

Furthermore, you can deal with the presence of rough bluegrass in your lawn by simply doing any of the following;

  • Cutting your grass to be short because having a lush and healthy lawn makes it hard for weeds to penetrate
  • Watering deeply but infrequently
  • Fertilizing your lawn always and experts would always recommend you to apply fertilizer about four times a year
  • Ensure that you apply a pre-emergent weed control product during the late summer period
  • Putting Easyturf artificial turf

I hope that after reading through this review, you should be able to determine if the rough bluegrass is a weed or not and practicing any of the methods that we have talked about or mentioned here would simply help you control or prevent them from invading your lawn.

You should also pay close attention when reseeding your lawn and when it is time to reseed, ensure that you allow the early morning dew to do its job before you start watering.

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