Why the Premier League is the Best Soccer League in the World

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August of 1992 is a big date for English. This is the year when the Premier League was founded. Thanks to the efforts of Arsenal’s David Dein and Liverpool’s Noel white a new division included 22 teams that were to become England’s, Premier League.

Back in the ’70s and 80′ this league suffered a lot and was characterized as chronic financial mismanagement and they lacked commercial awareness. During that period, it was plagued with things like rampant hooliganism that took a swing and caused a lot of deaths and injuries for both players and supporters. To stop that a “Blueprint for the future of football” was brought by the FA and it stated that modernization is the key driving force for the development of English football and it set the foundation for the Premier League’s classy and global brand.

England has, for many years now, been a destination for many of the world’s best players. The competitiveness, the history it has and carries on and to be honest – the money is something that has attracted top-grade talent from all over the world. One question though stands out – is that enough to make it the best football league in the world?

When it comes to ratings five leagues are considered the top ones and the Premier League is one of those top 5 if not the best. Today’s article will tell you why do we think that the Premier League is the best in the world. If you follow this league or any other and if you are a betting person check out bookmakeradvisor and check out the stats of each league and see if you can make a bet or two.

Now let’s start with the reasons why Premier League is the best in the world!

1. Cut and thrust style of the play

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What stands out in the Premier League from all others is that high-intensity attacking style that lasts 90 minutes. England has always been known for a high attacking play style and they have always been looking to get the ball forward. Counter-attacking is pretty much a religion in English football and English have always given their hearths for a team that rushes in the attack. They may be lacking some tactical aspects but they more than compensate in excitement. The sheer fun of watching the PL cannot be outdone by anything else.

2. Most PL teams in the European league

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In 2018/19 top four contestants for the quarterfinals of the European Championship League were all from, you guessed it, Premier League. Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham were battling for the semifinals and in a final match of the Championship League, two teams both from English PL came to clash – Liverpool and Tottenham. This was never seen before and it was a huge show that goes in the favor of this league. The play styles that we saw then were out of this world. A healthy combo of attacking and midfield game was something that blew away most of the previous contenders.

3. Goals, goals and only goals

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So far La Liga was the highest-scoring league but it has changed in the English PL side. With the amount of good and quality players, the open-paced game, and the constant attacking mentality this league took the crow from La Liga as the highest-scoring league. So far only the first eight clubs bring in a total of 404 goals in the league, which is remarkable scoring stats and when you dissect a bit you get a calculation of 2,62 goals per match in this league. Now if someone has any doubts about the quality and the pace of the English Premier league this should prove them wrong.

4. Best Managers

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Some like to argue that PL has a lot of good players but the best are elsewhere like in La Liga, Bundes Liga and the Italian league, but what English has got going for them is the fact that they have, and have produced some of the best managers in the world. The top two that everyone knows about even if they never kicked a ball in their life are Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. Before them was their own Sir Alex Ferguson which was an unprecedented manager with both tactical skills mixed with a bit of street knowledge that managed to get him out of some troubling games. Jurgen Klopp is a manager that spectacularly won the Champions League and is a manager with great experience and spirit. He leads Liverpool and he managed to show all of his qualities in Liverpool’s comeback in that match against Barcelona. Pep Guardiola is a manager that has won titles pretty much everywhere he has been on. Premier League is no different and last season he won everything there was to win domestically, and this season he and his team are sitting firmly on top of the table, currently uncontested.

5. The most competitive league

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In the Premier League, we saw everything and here they have a simple rule – anyone can beat anyone. It is not just the case of player fit, fatigue or the team having a bad day it’s the fact that we had four different champions in the last ten years while the story in other leagues is different. La Liga has been dominated by two teams for the last 15 years, the Bundes league also by one team for the last 7 years and Italy is dominated by one team for the last 8 years. When you see it all in one picture it is boring there and there are no real surprises, whereas in England league you saw the bottom of the table rising to the top, mid-table teams winning the league title and generally a lot of diversity and shuffling around which comes neatly at the end of the competition where you still sit at the edge of the chair because not everything is still over, and one mistake could cost your team the title.

After everything said we do believe that the English Premier League is one of the best league in the world with a lot of diversity, a lot of good players, managers, with a lot of heart and love for the game. If you think otherwise, please share why and what that is because we would like to hear your opinions.