Effective Ways To Store Your Makeup- 2024 Guide

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Buying a new makeup product always sounds like a good idea. However, adding new items to your permanently growing collection will, sooner or later, make your dresser look like the storage of a beauty parlor. We know that this is one of those problems all women have in common, regardless of their age and social status. Therefore, we conducted thorough research and came up with some pretty innovative advice. In front of you lies a list of useful tips on properly storing your makeup and making it easily accessible at any time. So give it a look!

Keeping it Dry

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Probably one of the first things you’ve learned about skincare is that you can never get enough hydration. Well, with your beauty products, things are exactly the opposite. Unlike any other factor, moisture will speed up the multiplication of bacteria, and consequently, ruin all your makeup that isn’t properly sealed. Bathroom dressers and kitchen counters, therefore, are everything but a good place to store your makeup. If possible, you should designate a corner in your bedroom, living room, or your hallway for such a purpose.

The Darker the Place, the Better

Wherever you decide to permanently store your makeup, make sure it doesn’t get too much sunlight. If possible, it should be in the dark at all times, except when you use it. And, even though your table gets just an hour or two of direct sunlight, the accumulated heat can easily disintegrate the key ingredients and ruin your favorite liquid, cream, or eyeliner. If you, on the other hand, store your precious items in a cold and dry part of your dresser, you can rest assured they will last well through their official expiry date.

Full Enclosure

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Make sure to keep your most valuable beauty products inside a drawer or some other fully enclosed space. Keeping them on a countertop is unacceptable for a long list of good reasons. No matter how often you clean your room, after only a few weeks, they will be covered in dust. The likelihood of exposure to direct sunlight goes up as the warmer days approach. And, the more mixed up they are with other accessories, the easier it becomes to damage them. If you keep them in a drawer, none of the above is possible.

Instant Accessibility

According to some of the most successful makeup artists from Dubai (visit MMGArtists.com), it is good practice to divide your products based on how often you use them. The things you use regularly, such as moisturizers, primers, and concealers, should be easily accessible. If that is the case, the chances of making a big mess while looking for lipstick are very low. In the long run, this will make it much easier to maintain order in your makeup department.

Careful With the Brushes

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Being probably the most sensitive part of your makeup equipment, brushes deserve special attention. Make sure you give them a proper washing at least once a month, otherwise, they will be flooded with bacteria before you know it. While drying them, you should place them horizontally to prevent the accumulation of moisture. Once they are completely dry, store them in a mug or any other jar-like object that allows the bristles to stick out and catch fresh air.

Fridge Is Heaven for Makeup

If your makeup collection includes products that are extremely sensitive to heat, there’s no need for any unnecessary risks. Your refrigerator is the perfect storing place for all sorts of makeup if, of course, you can make sure your children don’t eat it instead of their breakfast. The temperature is perfect, the moisture levels are low, and you won’t even have to think about dust and the consequences of its accumulation.

Be Ready to Improvise

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If you live in a small apartment in the middle of an overpopulated city, and your bedroom is too small for new pieces of furniture, there are still a few sustainable solutions you can opt for. Online shops are full of pocket organizers that can have up to 36 slots, and each of them can receive the volume equal to that of five brushes. You can hang them on the wall, in the closet, or on your bedroom door.

Old Ice Cube Trays

If you don’t feel like ordering things from the internet, think about all those old ice cube trays that are quickly piling up in your freezer. Even though they are not the perfect storage place for your brushes, they will do just fine when it comes to the rest of your beauty products. Each of them behaves like a drawer, and you can easily move them to your closet or under your bed in case you need space. And, what’s even better, you can clean them in a matter of seconds using just soap and tap water.

Multi-Purpose Pencil Cases

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The popularity of pencil-like beauty products is going through the roof these days. Without any exaggeration, most of your essential makeup can, nowadays, be found in the form of a pencil. If that is the case, consider buying one of those old-school pencil cases that are extremely easy to carry around. Such a solution is perfect for those who frequently travel long distances and like to have permanent access to their makeup.

Nothing Beats the Good Old Hygiene

Of course, regardless of the way you decide to store your makeup, you won’t be able to just skip the most important part, the cleaning. Wiping every single item in your vast makeup collection might seem like a rather tiring and time-consuming task. But, if you want to make sure you will get the most out of all your products, you should spare at least a day each month to do so. Using sterile wipes is always a good idea, and, while cleaning and wiping, you will also have enough time to check if your products are properly closed. As you probably already know, uncontrolled exposure to oxygen can be equally as damaging as the heat of the sun.