X League and XFL: Waiting on the Re-Launches

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Though American football may only be popular in North America, it’s an incredibly ingrained part of the sporting experience. As such, there should be little surprise at just how many leagues are active in the US: the NCAAF, the NFL, the CFL, and, in recent years, two attempts at the Lingerie Football League and the XFL.

While most football fans are part of an intergenerational fandom that extends back decades, there’s always interest in a new frontier. With the NCAA and the NFL running concurrently through the fall, the action will soon come to an end in February.

At the moment, NFL pundits have their eye on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to topple the Packers and make a play for the Super Bowl—even if Super Bowl odds as suggested by OddsChecker favor the Packers and the Chiefs to compete for the Lombardi Trophy. But, come February 14th, once a champion has been crowned, football fans will spend spring and summer waiting for the action to start again.

Unless, of course, the LFL or the XFL manage to get off the ground and start running again. While the XFL’s future looms in the balance waiting for a 2024 restart, the X League will see a new season start in the summer of 2024.

A Full Re-Launch in 2024

What began as the Lingerie Football League back in 2009 has seen multiple evolutions; first, as the Legends Football League in 2013 and again as the Extreme Football League in 2024. Despite the ping-pong with naming, the league has been a shocking success that nearly culminated in an LFL World Bowl in 2015 in Brazil.

However, the canceled 2024 and 2024 seasons have left the X League in a precarious position financially. But the league has seen rougher times, and executives took the time to rebrand and reconsider various aspects, from a name change to upgraded uniforms.

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Ramping Up the XFL’s 2024 Season

While the X League is busy reinvigorating the league for its season this year, co-owners Dany Garcia and The Rock are dumping countless resources into the XFL. Shortly into the 2024 season, the XFL was canceled and went bankrupt, providing a key opportunity for Garcia and Johnson.

It will be a long road ahead for the business partners. Though the X League has faced criticism for its association with lingerie, the league has been largely consistent—especially when compared to the XFL. This can be chalked up to competition; the XFL is looking to build on the success of the NFL by creating more in-game entertainment, while the X League has its own unique model.

In other words, the X League delivers a totally unique football experience for viewers. Whether or not the XFL succeeds will depend on whether they can carve into the NFL’s viewer base. The X League doesn’t necessarily need to pull viewers from the NFL, as many fans would be happy to follow both leagues with little demands.

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The Heart of the Matter: Football

Recently, the XFL announced an update related to its 2024 relaunch. The Rock Tweeted how excited he was to start planning XFL training camps, which will help the league allocate players for teams. One main point he reiterated was about building an XFL-based football culture.

Once again, this highlights the difficulties the XFL faces—it will need to deliver on football action like the NFL, while also making the experience somehow unforgettable for fans. As mentioned above, the X League model is built around delivering that unexpected football action.

The Rock has a substantial following behind him, many of whom are likely football fans. This will be an invaluable asset come 2024. However, there seems to be a fly in the ointment; in one interview, The Rock said he would’ve joined the XFL had it been around when he failed to sign a contract with the NFL in the mid-90s.

It highlights a question for the XFL—will it become a league where athletes of all stripes attempt to find their place on the roster of a pro football team? And, if this is true, will that be enough to hook viewers?

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What are the teams in the XFL?

The XFL disclosed that the original league was sold while announcing the league’s comeback in 2024, yet it is reasonable to assume that the XFL will retain its eight teams during its re-launch. It should be emphasised, however, that the league has made no formal pronouncement in this respect.

Before the official re-launch, the league’s management and ownership group are likely to release further details regarding the composition of its teams. The following teams are presently affiliated with the XFL:

  • Dallas Renegades
  • Tampa Bay Viper
  • Seattle Dragons
  • New York Guardians
  • DC Defenders
  • St. Louis BattleHawks
  • LA Wildcats

More information on the XFL

The XFL is a professional American football league that first began play in 2001 and is based in Los Angeles. Following its introduction, it only had a single season over the entire year. Following that, the project was placed on hold. The league reappeared in 2024, however it was only able to play for a brief period of time due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Simply said, the league in 2024 was a far cry from the one that existed in 2001, and this should be obvious.

The new league was a completely different entity from the one that existed in 2001. It is a more accurate picture of a professional football league than the previous one. The league is comprised of eight clubs, which are divided evenly between the West and East divisions from the beginning of its existence.

It made certain adjustments to its regulations when it returns in 2024, including those governing kickoffs, overtime, pace-of-play, and point-after conversions, among other things. It is unknown if the league will continue to operate under the same regulations or whether certain aspects would be altered. It is expected that additional information will be made available to the public as time progresses.


More announcements on the re-launch of the XFL are planned in the next weeks and months, according to sources. However, it is unclear whether or not the league would keep the current structure of its teams; however, as events progress, the sports world will be kept informed with further information.