7 Best Plant Combination Ideas For A Universal Garden – 2024 Guide

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The chances are your garden has several types of plants in it and instead of planting just several rows of beets and corn, you can also try to add some herbs, tomatoes as well as some onions which you can actually make use of when cooking.

Several of these plants can be used as plant combination ideas for a universal garden. The good thing about all these is that there are plants that can co-exist together and in return, they help to grow and enhance your universal garden in so many ways.

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Do not be confused, this isn’t a new practice as you might just be hearing this f0r the very first time. There is some archeological evidence that dates back thousands of years and nature has proved this theory already before humans came along to figure it out.

Nowadays, combining various plants together is one of the best methods anyone can make use of in boosting production as well as encouraging good plant health. Right now, we want to show you some of the plants which can be best friends when planted together.

1. Garlic, Marinara Sauce And Basil

The combination of these three plants is what we describe as the best and delicious combination ever. Looking away from the delicious aspect of its combination basil and garlic have proved to help tomatoes grow and blossom because of their ability to fight back pests.

This is the reason why the plant combination ideas for a universal garden are very important as garlic helps in keeping spider mites away. Aromatic basil also helps in fighting off flies and mosquitoes and lastly, they also help to offer tomatoes added flavor.

2. Cabbage, Beets And Onions

Based on the fact that these three plants have similar growth patterns, they tend to grow well together. The beets benefit from the cabbage and onions as they help it to chase away four-legged pests due to their powerful scent. Furthermore, the cabbage and beets also come together to protect the onions from maggots.

3. Marigolds

Pot marigolds also prove to be the best way to ensure that rabbits and deer do not have access to your plants and this makes them a very good addition to any garden. Statistics have shown that the group of plants is rarely damaged and their colorful appearance makes every garden very attractive.

4. Beans And Corn Combination

This is one of our favorite plant combination ideas for a universal garden and it is nature’s perfect example of what a win-win situation looks like. The beans make use of its nitrogen fixing abilities to help the corn blossom and planting both plants together simply means that you are helping the corn by fertilizing it.

5. Carrots And Radishes

This combination helps each other thrive especially when they are planted early and with good weather, you will certainly get the best out of these plants. Both plants make use of different soils and this ensures that both plants get their share of nutrients each.

The roots of these plants help in keeping the soil well aerated and the entire garden gets to benefit from this and the addition of leeks would be a very good idea because of their ability to drive out carrot flies.

6. Strawberries And Lettuce

Even though the berries tend to get overzealous in a garden, the combination of both plants is also a welcomed plant combination idea. They help in providing cover for lettuce and when they are planted around asparagus, they still tend to offer the same benefit. These berries are very useful because of their ability to repel the growth of weed.

7. Carrot And Peas Combination

The strong ties between carrot and peas have already been talked about by forest gump and it is very natural for these plants to grow together in any garden. Both plants are good at minding their garden manners while the addition of chives and mint also helps in adding a bit of flavor. These chives and mint also help in offering protection against aphids.

Final Note

Because of the several benefits that these plants offer each other, their combination is widely accepted anywhere. Some of the benefits that these plants might offer include preventing infestation of weed as well as pest control.

Some also help in offering nitrogen-fixing legumes while other combinations work because of the care they offer each other. Another good thing about plant combination ideas for a universal garden is it helps to boost the value of a garden.

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