5 Exceptional Indoor Garden Ideas That Would Show Your Creativity 2024

Exceptional Indoor Garden Ideas That Would Show Your Creativity

A woman i knew while growing up planted jasmine at the entrance of her gate because everyone knows jasmine to be a welcoming plant. She also went ahead to plant carnations and roses because of their exciting fragrance while the flower beds pansies were also a beautiful thing to watch.

The view made sense and made her indoor garden a beautiful place. You too can have a place of yours just like that and our exceptional indoor garden ideas that would show your creativity are at your service to walk you through every step.

Space is one big factor that everyone has to consider when talking about starting up a garden but when it comes to starting up an indoor garden, you don’t really need to be bothered with that as all you need is just some posts that you can station may be at a corner of your living room or on your window.

However, one extremely important concern for anyone who is looking forward to starting an indoor garden is light. A spot with great access to air and sunlight is very necessary.

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Nowadays, we have simulated light that can be used in growing plants indoors so all you have to decide is the amount of time that your plant needs to be exposed to light whether it should be longer or shorter.

Also, take note that the type of soil used in growing plants in a regular soil garden outdoors isn’t usually the same as the type of soil used in growing plants indoors. However, a little bit of learning and setup is needed because there is an option of hydroponics or using a soil-less garden so you can grow plants indoors.

Having an indoor friendly plant garden is quite a good step but one thing which it would also need is a slight adjustment of its humidity and temperature so it can be suitable for various plant species.

You can achieve this either by installing a real humidifier, installing a temperature controller or having a water tray lying next to your plant. If you are confused about what you would plant indoors then the choice is totally yours as you can go ahead and plant vegetables, fruits, flowers, shade plants or any plant of your choice.

5 Exceptional Indoor Garden Ideas That Would Show Your Creativity

1. Modern Garden

One of the best plant ideas that you can make use of in this setting is a shade plant combined with fluorescent light and this is simply because of the low lighting condition in this room.

The plants here are not concerned with taking up space but having them inside your house is enough to brighten up everywhere. The combination of these plants with glass, wood and stone surfaces makes your house interior look lovely.

2. Mini Garden

This setting is quite pleasing when it meets the eyes. They are very easy to cater for and are still considered indoor plants. You can end up designing a mini garden anyhow you wish for it to be and at the end of the day, it is always about the plants and the containers that you decide to make use of. We encourage you to try out a mini garden and see how creative you can get.

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3. Cactus Garden

For people who are really into plants, they don’t consider cactus to be just planted but instead, they refer to cactus as an entire mood. The entire cactus garden for some people should be redesigned and used in recreating a cactus garden instead and one way of adding that realistic and lively garden setting is by adding stones and gravels.

It is also not hard to care for a cactus garden and this is because the cactus plant is easygoing and doesn’t require you to do much.

4. Kitchen Garden

You can tell from its name that this is the sort of garden you can start up using kitchen materials. These kitchen materials include beans, lentils, pepper seeds, lemon seeds and many more. These seeds can be planted in a garden and when they have gotten to a particular stage, you can easily move them into a garden or a bigger place indoors.

5. Balcony Garden

One of the best places where you can locate your indoor garden is actually on your balcony and this is because pretty flowers and fragrances thrive there. The only species of plants that you can get to plant there are the ones that would do amazingly well under bright light.

Final Note

Having an indoor garden in your home is such a wonderful addition and some seasons tend to leave its mark on these plants while other plants don’t seem to have an issue with any of the changes.

Some plants love the shade while others do well under bright light. Some make use of fragrance while others make use of color to make your apartment brightened. After reading this, you should be making up your mind on which idea to try out and never forget that you do not need a huge space to achieve having a garden indoors.

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