Easy Steps On Growing A Child Friendly Garden in 2024

One common thing with most gardeners is that they are always itching to share most of the experience they have gathered while gardening and they find sharing these experiences with kids very rewarding.

Kids of age two and three can also learn how to grow their own garden and watch it blossom but with five to ten-year-olds, it is some means of outdoor fun for them. Now would be a great time to master the easy steps on growing a child-friendly garden so you can start looking at seed catalogs and other websites that would make planting fun for kids.

However, we have discussed below some of the easy and quick ways which you can practice to make gardening not only enjoyable but also safe for young kids. Let’s check them out;

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Easy Steps On Growing A Child-Friendly Garden

Ensure You Use Kid Size Tools And Materials

One of the most important tools that you should consider investing in is a child-size, sturdy trowel because it would make working in the garden very easy for the young ones. In addition to a trowel, you should also consider getting a watering can which they would not find it difficult to lift on their own.

Furthermore, getting your kids a colorful pair of gloves is also another useful material to invest in so they do not get to touch worms and bugs with their bare hands.

Stake A Claim

This is the part where you get to create or map out a corner where kids can get to do whatever pleases them. This particular area that you have mapped out doesn’t necessarily need to look attractive or well designed but it is simply a place where kids can get to play without causing damage to plants and harm to themselves.

Allow Your Kids Select The Plants To Grow

Allowing your kids to pick the sort of plants they would love to grow is also one of the easy steps on growing a child-friendly garden and this is because there is a high possibility that they would recognize these plants with ease.

Such plant can be pumpkin and also plants which have large seeds like nasturtiums, sunflowers, peas, squash and beans can be easily handled by smaller hands. However, radish seeds might be smaller but kids take pleasure in their quick growth and harvest.

Furthermore, plants with a pizza theme that contains peppers and tomatoes and also herbs like oregano and basil are some of the plants that kids would love to grow in a child-friendly garden.

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Map Out A Special Spot In The Garden

This special spot might be constructing a teepee using twine and tall poles and they should be covered using flowers and climbing beans. Another option is mixing tall sunflowers with short sunflowers or preferably having another specie of plants mixed with them.

Consider Growing Plants Which Possess Interesting Scents

Basil, lavender, mint, sage and chimes are plants with interesting scents that would be perfect in a child’s garden. You can also try out edible flowers like calendulas, pansies, nasturtiums and also blossoms from peas and beans as they are also famous for their nice scent.

Introduce Your Kids To Beneficial Insects

One important fact you must introduce to your kids is to learn how to identify nature and also study its benefits. You should also teach them that every garden has its own good guy and also teach them how to make their garden inviting for friendly insects.

Some of these beneficial insects include ladybugs and butterflies and they are beneficial because they help in eliminating pest insects and also help with pollination of flowers.

Teach Your Kids About Safety

This is also another easy step you must teach your kids if they want to have a child-friendly garden because familiar leaves like rhubarb tend to be toxic. Your kids should be taught not to put whatever they pick from the garden into their mouths and if they must, they have to confirm and get permission to do that from an adult.

Make Gardening More Fun And Less Work

You should constantly give advice on how to make gardening productive but while giving out details to kids, ensure you go easy on them. If they see you working hard in the garden, there is a high chance that they would like to imitate what you do and that is one of the best ways any child can learn.

You shouldn’t be worried if your child’s garden seems to be full of weed and messy, you can go easy on them and also show them how to keep their garden clean at all times.

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