Growing Mexican Bird Of Paradise In A Container – 2024 Guide

Caesalpinia Mexicana also is known as Mexican Bird Of Paradise is considered a spectacular plant that produces bowl-shaped and crinkly clusters of orange, yellow and red flowers. Its fading tends to be replaced with green, bean-shaped pods that switch to a red color before it eventually turns to a shiny brown.

Growing Mexican bird of paradise in a container is something every gardener would find easy to do because all that it needs is just lots of sunlight and warmth so continue reading this article which is aimed at showing you more than you already know.

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Growing Mexican Bird Of ParCadise In A Container

growing mexican bird of paradise in a container
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The zones eight and above are perfect places where you can start growing Mexican Bird Of Paradise but in the same zone eight and nine, the flower is likely to die down during the winter season.

For those who reside in Northern regions, the best place where Mexican Bird Of Paradise can be grown is in planters. The plant would then be brought indoors when the temperature outside eventually drops. Well-drained soil is what you really need in a container when you want to grow the Mexican Bird Of Paradise.

Even though we all know that the Mexican Bird Of Paradise is disease resistant plant, it is also vulnerable to rot especially when it finds itself in a soggy soil condition.

Regular potting mix that is combined using either perlite or sand is what you should fill your container with when you want to grow the Mexican Bird Of Paradise in a container and beneath this container, there has to be a drainage hole.

A sturdy pot like Terra Cotta is what you must use if you decide to grow Mexican Bird Of Paradise in a container.

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This specie of plant is famous for growing extremely quick and when planted in a lightweight container, it has the tendency to blow over or tip over a container. If what you are making use of is a large container then you should make sure that this container is placed on a rolling platform.

This plant should be placed in a sunny and warm spot outdoors during months with warm weather and do not forget to bring the plants indoors before fall’s first frost. It should be placed in a spot where it would have access to sun.

During the winter season, you should also have it at the back of your mind that this plant is likely to lose leaves especially if there is no bright sunlight. This is however a normal occurrence because the lack of sunlight is bound to set off a period of semi dormancy so this is why you need to water this plant during the growing season moderately.

Its soil should not be soggy and never should its container be allowed to stand on water. It is ideal that you water this plant sparingly when the winter months come.

Regular fertilization is what the Mexican Bird Of Paradise needs for it to bloom heavily so this plant should be well fed with a time-release fertilizer every few months. A water-soluble weak solution fertilizer should also be used in supplementing when feeding the Mexican Bird Of Paradise every other week but during the winter months, it is ideal that you fertilize this plant lightly or do not fertilize at all.

Every year, this plant would develop from rhizomes which is bound to multiply year after year and when it is slightly crowded, that is when it blooms.

You should also re-pot using a slightly larger pot when it is necessary.

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