How To Grow Butterfly Vines: Caring For Butterfly Vines – 2024 Guide

Callaeum Macropterum also knows as butterfly vine is a heat-loving and evergreen vine that helps in lighting up landscapes using its clusters of yellow blooms during the late spring season.

There is a reason why butterfly vines are also called yellow orchids and if goes according to your plan, you might just be lucky to have another cluster of yellow blooms during the autumn season or it could even go on all through the season.

You would definitely want to know more about how to grow butterfly vines and also how to care for them in your garden.

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How To Grow Butterfly Vines

Yellow Orchid Vine Callaeum macropterum

One reason why most people are truly in love with this plant is because of the beauty that it always provides any landscape with and the most surprising thing is it still makes landscapes look beautiful even when it isn’t blooming yet.

The next question on your mind would be how is it able to do that when it isn’t blooming and the answer is its yellow blooms that look like orchid gets followed by seed pods which posses a lime green color that turns to a shade of brown or tan eventually.

These papery pods have similar looks too brown and green butterflies and this is where it gets its name butterfly vines from.

All through the year, the foliage of butterfly vines stays all glossy and green but during the cooler climates, this plant tends to be deciduous. The yellow orchid vines or butterfly vines are ideal to be grown in zones eight to ten of the USDA growing zones.

It also works well when used as an annual during cooler climates and without being told, it would also look great when placed in a container hanging from a basket.

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Caring For Butterfly Vines

The yellow orchid or butterfly vines are known to thrive under sunlight and also the fact that they are in love with baking heat. Another interesting fact about the butterfly vine plant is that it also knows how to tolerate partial shade.

The good thing about this plant is that it comes with vines that are not choosy and you can trust this plant generally to do well even under well-drained soil. Unlike so many other plants that require constant watering, that isn’t the case when it comes to butterfly vines.

Butterfly vines do not require constant water once they have become established and the general rule when it comes to caring for butterfly vines is deep watering should be carried out not more than twice in a growing season.

Its soil around the root zone should also be saturated as well and when training your butterfly vines, make sure you are training them to grow up a trellis or up a fence. If you can’t it is much better to leave it alone so it can end up spreading as a colorful shrub.

Caring for butterfly vines is quite easy and you should also know that this type of plant tends to grow up to about twenty feet.

However, if you want it to maintain a certain level of shape or height then you can also trim it when necessary and trimming is also necessary for rambunctious growth.

One secret that you should also know when it comes to growing butterfly vines is it will produce more attractive yellow orchid vines when you cut it down to about two feet.

Lastly, if you are interested in growing butterfly vines in your garden then you should go ahead as it is not just a simple but also an enjoyable process. It doesn’t require fertilizer and unlike in the case of other plants, diseases and pests rarely attack butterfly vines.

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