Instant Pots Review 2024


Are you looking for an instant pot that will help you make finger-licking meals? There are techniques involved in making this decision. You need to consider buying a pot at Corrie Cooks with the capabilities you need. The time spent in preparing specific recipes is vital when choosing an instant pot.

With a high-quality instant pot, fast and slow cooking of meals is practical. All you have to do is set the cooker accordingly.

Below are the best instant pots that you can choose from depending on your needs.

1. Instant Pot Duo


This magnificent pot has three distinct sizes ranging between three and eight quarts. Consider the size of your preferred pot according to the size of the family you prepare meals for.

With the instant pot duo, you will save on money used to buy other kitchen gadgets. This is because the pot replaces these gadgets with its wide range of functions.

The price of buying an instant pot duo is pocket-friendly. You will not need to strain to look for a cheaper pot to serve you in the kitchen. The saved money can be used in buying more ingredients to try out new recipes.


  • Replaces seven kitchen appliances saving you both money and space
  • Has fourteen smart technology in-built programs
  • Has better pressure cooking control with the low and high functions


  • Does not accommodate cake baking and egg making.

2. Instant Pot Lux


The instant pot lux performs the functions of six independent pressure cookers. This means it is a 6-in-1 multicooker.

Whenever you buy this instant pot, you will be able to pressure cook, steam food, slow cook some recipes, and keep the food warm until everybody is ready to eat.

An extraordinary feature is pressure cooking using the low settings function of instant pot lux. Be warned that if you don’t want to overcook your meal, you must set the inbuilt timer to the estimated cooking period.


  • Ease in its use due to the reduced bells and whistles in the primary interface
  • Replaces six kitchen appliances
  • Has twelve usable smart programs that are built-in


  • Low-pressure cooking is challenging.

3. Instant Pot Duo Plus


Chefs and homeowners with this Instant Pot Duo Plus can make cakes and eggs. The coker also has a sterilizing program efficient in pasteurizing milk. Sterilizing baby bottles and other kitchen utensils are now possible at home with this state of the art equipment.

For the lovers of technology, your needs are catered for with the improved display system. The LED is bigger and has backlighting that is bright enough to be seen even in overexposed or underexposed rooms. You will, therefore, not struggle to set the pot.

At times you may be uncomfortable with the cooking time you have set. You decide to change it but you can’t when the device is being used. With this instant pot duo plus, the editing is possible.


  • Sterilizing baby bottles and utensils is now possible
  • Replaces nine kitchen appliances
  • Has fifteen smart programs that are inbuilt


  • You only have four hours to use the pressure cooker before rest.

4. Instant Pot Ultra


Instant Pot Ultra has numerous options for you to use when customizing. You have the chance to experiment with different recipes using different settings. Every meal you think of cooking, you only need to adjust your setting for the desired outcome.

There are twenty-one temperature settings options that have been preset for instant use. You can even adjust to the altitude of your surrounding for better results. Guesswork then becomes eliminated meaning you will cook using a specialized time frame.

The instant pot also has a smooth dial that enables proper programming as opposed to other pots that only have buttons.


  • Preset temperature options go up to twenty-one accommodating all types of recipes
  • Replaces ten kitchen appliances
  • The inbuilt smart programs are sixteen
  • Has dial controls for smooth programming


  • The price is on the higher end.

5. Instant Pot Smart WiFi


Evolving technology has made pressure cooking more manageable with the instant pot smart WiFi. WiFi connectivity allows you to set your cooker virtually on a device that helps with home improvements. You will also be able to monitor and adjust controls where necessary without having to be physically present in your kitchen.

Looking for recipes to try out is now a thing of the past. The pot has around seven hundred and fifty recipes programmed for your convenience. You will access them on the Instant Pot application.


  • Has over 750 recipes preprogrammed, accessible through the Instant Pot application
  • Replaces eight kitchen appliances
  • The inbuilt programs are thirteen


  • Operating it might be challenging for new users.

Final Verdict

Whenever you decide to prepare a meal for your family, it would be best if you use any of the above pots. The only thing it requires of you is looking at the type of recipes you mostly use and get one that will help prepare them with ease.

Wifi-enabled instant pots help tackle other tasks as you cook by just monitoring the cooking process virtually.