How to Prevent Substance Abuse – 2024 Guide


Are you living the life of a victim of drug abuse? Is any of your close ones suffering from substance abuse issues? You are not alone in your struggles. According to a report of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMSHA), a large community of adults around 20.2 million individuals is living a life of abuse disorder. Life with addiction becomes tough and painful. Life is uncertain and unpredictable; a mixture of good and bad days. When the level of addiction increases day by day, the ratio of good days becomes less than bad days. Due to this situation, not only you but your friends and family also suffer.

Good news is equal to a good mood

The good news for you all is that now there is hope for such patients who can get back to life after indulging in addictions. Many brave people fight with addictions and seek help from medical staff and discover that their recovery track is a positive track. It is treatable for sure. People can get their lives again and can be a productive member again for their family and friends. Drug Rehabs successfully manage this chronic disease and treat the patient through the patient’s willingness and support. The journey of recovery of every individual is unique and personal. The first task is to start the journey on the track of recovery and find the best rehab option for the affected person. There are so many drugs commonly abused. Let’s study their effects on human bodies. Want more info? Browse Infinite Recovery.

Common drugs and their effects

  • Cannabis


It is also known as a hash, marijuana, and weed. Its use provides relaxation and transforms the perceptions of the person. It increases the blood pressure and pulse rate. One moment its use makes you feel excited and happy, you feel calm, and the other moment you are lethargic and an anxiety patient. One may suffer from paranoia and in some cases psychosis but this situation happens in extreme cases. Psychotic reactions occur when there is any family history related to mental illness. On smoking weed, your lungs are at chance of getting asthma issues, bronchitis, and cancer. It also causes cancer in the mouth, tongue, and throat. Sometimes it attacks your mental health and leads you to Schizophrenia. Its regular use affects the brain working and you will become unable to retain info, learn, and concentrate on everything. It reduces fertility. Some people use it by mixing with tobacco which increases the heart rate and takes you on the journey of cardiac issues.

  • Cocaine


It is commonly known as coke and Charlie. It instantly increases your energy levels. All of sudden, you become happy, awake, super confident but when the effect of the drug decreases in short in the “come down” state you feel immense sadness and depression. It over stimulates the central nervous system and your heart, which can be a reason for a seizure attack, brain hemorrhage, cardiac arrest, and stroke. It lessens the perception of your pain and causes injuries. People often mix it with alcohol and many other stimulants and this mixture is undoubtedly the dangerous mixture of drugs which can cause severe heart and blood pressure condition. Many females lost their babies while pregnant or get a miscarriage. It also affects your mental health badly. It damages the lining going through the passage of your nasal and nose. People inject it in veins and sometimes veins collapse and increase the risk of HIV and hepatitis.

  • Ice


The other common names of ice are glass, crystal, crystal meth, and shard. Its use gives you a feeling of pleasure and makes you confident. It energizes you and increases the concentration level by keeping you alert. It makes you repeat little things like scratching and feel itching. It makes the mouth dry and forces you to grind the teeth by irritating. A person feels excessive sweating and feels less appetite. It also increases the need for sex which increases the chances of AIDS, Hepatitis, etc. On snorting, your nose may start bleeding.

Special effects of a ‘come down’ state


The question here arises that what is come down? Comedown is the reaction of your body against the drug you consumed. In short words, it is the aftereffect of drug consumption. The period of how much a drug effect will last depends on the drug type, age, gender, and tolerance level. The most common observed after-effects are:

  • Depression
  • Exhaustion
  • Sweat
  • Shakiness
  • Dizziness
  • Flatness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of hunger
  • Headache
  • Unable to sleep or too much sleep

Stigmatization and COVID-19 crisis


The stigmatization of individuals who abuse substances has become more hazardous in the current COVID-19 situation. Alleviation of stigmas has been difficult from the start and lead people to rejection and mental illness. Once the patient is admitted to drug rehab, the trained nurses and doctors pay full attention and work on their disorders. Addicted persons don’t like interacting but the medical experts develop a comfort level and give them hope of a new journey. They help in building confidence and boosting morale. The staff is trained by professionals and competent people about the treatment pattern.

The first step of treatment is treating patients without compromising their dignity and compassion. The patient goes through a variety of changes in brain functions and requires wide recognition while treatment. Keeping the addicted person at home can lead to worse outcomes so don’t make such a decision. Overcome these stigmas and reject such negative values for your special ones. The stigmas are not valuable at all but yourself, your members and close ones are. We can’t lose a special person just for the sake of society. Think about yourself, your life, and a healthy path. This is a message for all the drug addicts and their families to stand for themselves and say no to such stigmas and enjoy the positive life ahead without bothering what society will think.