5 Best Heart Rate Variability Apps to Use in 2024

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Technological advancements have allowed us to monitor our health like never before. These days, we do not have to rely on complex instruments to know how we fare in terms of our health. Smartphones have made different things possible and easy with the development of health monitoring apps.

As of now, there are hundreds of applications that are available for iOS and Android smartphone users. A layman can not decide which of these applications provides the best data and statistics in terms of health. In order to make it simple, we have reviewed the top 5 heart rate variability apps that are free on the market.

Top Five Best Heart Rate Variability Apps You Can Give A Try

Since you have a wide range of options to choose from, we have listed the top 5 for iOS and Android mobile phone users. You can choose one from this list to monitor all health-related activities. All of them are capable of providing vital statistics that can help you in different ways.

#1. Welltory

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We list the welltory app as the number one fitness application available for all iOS and Android smartphone users. It can assist in monitoring a variety of things and help you focus on your fitness goals better. With the busy lifestyle we live in today, it is vital to know about your body.

Some of the main things that this app monitors include the following:

  • Productivity
  • Sleep
  • Workouts
  • Meditation

All these are accumulated with the various applications that you use on a daily basis. Once you have the Welltory app installed on your smartphone, you will be able to access all of the data that it collects and provides to you. It is also a relatively stable HRV app for users.

We have listed this app as the first and best on our list because of the accuracy this app provides for users. Data from more than 100 apps are collected and put together in a dashboard for you. You can allow this app to access specific applications you use and set all the data together.

#2. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

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The Runtastic heart rate monitor app is specifically designed for Android users. Anyone with an Android OS smartphone 9.0 or above can use this application. You can use this for exercise purposes and medical reasons. The app is free to use on Android phones, so you do not have to make a purchaser.

Your smartphone’s camera is used to monitor your heart rate. Although it is not medically proven to be perfect with measurements, it seems to work alright on Android OS. It comes with practical instructions and is easy to use. You can also view your HRV history.

Using a flash, pressing the camera with your index finger, and good lighting are essential for the most accurate readings in this application. These readings will be in the form of a graph. You can use this while you perform different activities like jogging or exercising.

#3. HRV4Training

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It is a paid application for smartphones using Android or iOS. The amount of data that is accumulated and provided to the user is on another level with this application. One of the features of this app is the accuracy factor it provides when comparing it with ECG.

It works fast and has good integration with different applications. You can store an unlimited number of trails and even take measurements on the go. You can even have your data exported as a CSV file to view on your computer.

This application is ideal for people involved in various sporting and training activities. The app being user-friendly is one of the things that users love about it. Your sleep and the recovery time needed for your body are also provided by it.

#4. Elite HRV

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Elite HRV is another application that has a reliable HRV monitoring capacity. One of the features of this app is to keep tabs on your heart rate, even when you are in deep sleep. Using this, you can monitor your health and keep tabs on it with better control.

The application is available for both Android and iOS users. Comparing data on this application can help you ascertain when there is something wrong with your cardio health. In addition to that, it can also monitor nervous system balance, stress, and other health-related activities.

With the analysis this application provides, you can avoid illness and help your body recover faster. The mission of this company is to provide better health inputs for users and help them lead a long life. You can also get live biofeedback from this application.

#5. Instant Heart Rate

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It is an application aimed at Android smartphone users. Using the camera on your phone and placing a finger on it, you can get heart rate measurements. The application does not take up too much space on your smartphone as it is very light.

It is also a popular application used by thousands of people around the world. Although health experts doubt the accuracy of the measurement, users say that it is reliable. Since it is available for free, anyone using an Android smartphone can try it from the Google Play store.

Anyone using Android 9.0 or upwards can have this application installed on their smartphones. The application supports a few other languages apart from English, which is the primary one. We have included this app at last due to its limitations.


So, we believe that the welltory application is the best. We conclude this after extensive use and cross-referencing measurements with medical equipment. It is due to the accuracy, extensive data, different application integrations, and user-friendliness of the application it takes the number one spot.

You can get the basic version of this app for free and try it before you decide to invest in it. You can get health data like never before using this application, including a quantified self-dashboard with the paid version of the application.