10 Best Trampoline Under $500 – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

Trampolines whether they are used outdoors or indoors have been known to be a great source of fun and entertainment for kids of different ages. It is a playmate that kids of all ages should have but as much as we know the importance and benefits of having our kids play with a trampoline, it is quite difficult to bring out a thousand dollars or more to pay for one.

That’s why we have decided to bring you this best trampoline under a $500 review today. Looking at the internet today you would realize that there are lots of trampolines for sale but before you go ahead to pay for anyone, you need to ensure that proper research has been carried out.

There are various types of trampoline-like rectangular, spring free, trampoline with basketball hoops, oval trampoline and many more. Furthermore, if you are going to get a trampoline for your boys and girls then you should look out for trampolines that are sturdy, affordable but also top-rated.

Our suggestion would be when trying to make up your mind on any trampoline, make sure it is one that your kids would be able to grow with.  We encourage you to continue reading this review as we have the best outlined for you already.

Let’s find the Best Trampoline Under $500 in 2024

best trampoline under 500

There are great trampolines that sell at very affordable rates and this shows that you do not have to break the bank before getting a high quality and solidly built trampoline.

If you are looking to make a new addition of toys for kids or you want to spice up the fun when they play without paying heavily then check out our best trampoline under 500 review today;


1. Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline

best trampoline under 500

Our best trampoline under $500 review kicks off with the Skywalker Trampolines mini trampoline for kids which is designed at helping kids maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

This mini trampoline right here is one of the best ways kids can get to improve coordination, display and let out some energy as well as get to learn some new tricks and skills and what kids would find attractive is its moon and stars space theme that jumps as they jump too.

Safety is one of the essential features of a trampoline and this right here was also designed bearing safety in mind. Its enclosure net comes directly sewn into the jumping mat therefore making sure that all gaps are eliminated.

This is why this trampoline is believed to be the most durable and also the safest trampoline under $500 today. It is however designed for indoor use alone and there are stretch bands that helps in offering protection while jumping.

The joints of your little kids would receive adequate protection from the stretch bands and one last thing is this product comes with a one year warranty on all materials and a three-year warranty on its frame.


  • Kids are safe and well protected while jumping
  • More fun
  • Easy to assemble


  • Cheap material construction
Customer Reports
Samuel B. Johnson

We bought this product for our 3 and 4-year-olds. The instructions for assembly were useless, but the assembly itself was fast and easy (thanks to previous reviewers here who shared their assembly tips). Our 3 year old hit her lip twice on the circular metal bar shortly after assembly. As a result, we purchased foam (pipe insulation from Lowes for $30) to cover all of the exposed metal areas and provide protection from injuries. With that minor adjustment, which I would highly recommend to other families, we are happy with our trampoline.


Got this trampoline as a Christmas present for my two boys, ages 2 & 4. They absolutely love it! My 4-year-old couldn’t stop telling me what a great gift it was.

2. SereneLife 36″ Inch Portable Fitness Trampoline 2024

When searching for a good and reliable trampoline to spend your money on, the SereneLife is one of the best brands that anybody can get to settle for because they have been in the business of making quality and dependable trampolines for many years.

Made using heavy-duty polypropylene material, this trampoline right here is one that guarantees sustained bouncing and great elasticity. It is safe from the ground to the top while jumping on it.

One feature that we find catchy about this trampoline is its space-saving design. This tells you that this trampoline anywhere it is kept won’t take away so much space as it can be folded when you want to store it way.

It also comes with a handlebar that kids can comfortably hold on to so they can get a firm grip while bouncing on this trampoline. If you want your kids to boost their stamina and strength then this is simply the right product to turn to.


  • Great quality trampoline
  • Setting up this trampoline is super easy
  • Great customer service
  • Durable as it holds up to 150 pounds


  • Doesn’t fold
Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

I bought this trampoline for my hyperactive 6 and 7-year-old kids. My six-year-old said that when he first started jumping on the trampoline it was a bit hard and it would hurt his back a little, but after jumping on it for about 2 days it became easier and softer to jump on. My seven-year-old had no complaints.

Aida Melina Roman

It is perfect for the whole family!! Great compact size, easy to assemble, holds enough weight, strong and sturdy, great quality. If you need it for exercise or just to jump it is lots of fun for everyone! Totally recommend it!

3. Wamkos 2024 Upgraded Dinosaur Mini Trampoline

When it comes to gifting your child a trampoline as a gift then we would recommend the Wamkos 2024 Upgraded Dinosaur Mini trampoline which has a dinosaur and wood camo design that every kid would find attractive and exciting to jump on.

It is built to be very sturdy and also considered to be the best way kids can get to stay active after school so they can get to burn off energy and boost their coordination, stamina, balance and strength.

It features premium material quality construction and it is tough enough to support the weight of about two hundred and twenty pounds. Putting this trampoline together is very easy as it can be done in just one minute without requiring the use of any tools and when it comes to storing it up after use, it can be folded so it doesn’t consume so much space anywhere it is kept.

If you are looking for a trampoline that would provide a great bounce then this is best for your kids.


  • Provides fun
  • Sturdy and well made
  • No difficult in setting it up
  • Best customer service
  • Lightweight
  • Fast delivery


  • None
Customer Reports
John Kenmore

I ordered this trampoline and I was very impressed with its quality. My daughter loves it.

Greg Chernoff

We use these for our kids with sensory issues to use indoors. Last time, we bought the Little Tykes version. This is THOUSAND times better! More bounce, easier to set up with or without the handles and my kids love the dinosaur, too. If this one ever dies, I would buy the same one again.

4. BestMassage Trampoline with Enclosure Net Ladder

One of the mistakes that you would make is thinking a trampoline is meant to be used by just kids alone. Well, you’re wrong you know as the BestMassage Trampoline is designed both for adults and kids and in terms of safety, this trampoline is designed to be very safe so no one has to fall off while jumping or pick up an injury.

Every gap between the jumping mat and the fence has been sealed off therefore making it very safe and injury-free.

Durability is also another way to measure how solid and how impressive this trampoline is. It comes with a stainless steel frame that isn’t just durable but also resistant to rust.

This stainless steel frame also helps in boosting the lifespan of this trampoline and one feature which users find amazing about this trampoline is its U-shaped foot design found at the bottom of the trampoline which provides not just stability but support while jumping.


  • Offers great bounce
  • Can be put together easily
  • Comes with instructions that are easy to read


  • Not so sturdy
  • Cheaply built
  • A defective trampoline got delivered according to a customer’s complain
Customer Reports
James Piccolo

We shopped and look at many different brands and read many, many reviews. I’m glad we did our research and ultimately decided on this STRON TruJump trampoline. It’s heavily made, quality construction, easily assembled, and just a good, solid product. My 10-year-old son has been excited and waiting.

5. Bluerise Easy to Assemble 6 Feet Kids Trampoline

Moving on to the fifth trampoline that we want to take a look at today, we have the Bluerise easy to assemble trampoline and what makes this trampoline stand out from all other products on the market is the fact that it is made using high-quality material which has earned it TUV high-quality inspection certificate which certifies this trampoline to be safe for kids to play on it. It is one that promises to provide kids with the best and safe jumping experience.

For more fun, this trampoline comes with a basketball hoop and basketball accessories which would make playing on this trampoline extra fun and thanks to a well-detailed manual, one or two people would find it easy to put this trampoline together in about one or two minutes.

This trampoline right here proves to be the perfect combination of exercise, entertainment and fitness and that is why it is recommended for parents who want their kids to stay active and healthy.


  • Perfect gift item for kids
  • Fun for kids


  • Instructions are not clear
  • Terrible shipping service
  • Difficult to put together
Customer Reports
Nia Poirier

Fantastic! Easy to put together and good quality! From the pictures, I thought it was going to be small but it’s not really small. It’s a great size for my 8yo and she loves it.


Perfect size for my 6-year-old. Assembly was a bit challenging because the box was ripped on delivery and several of the pieces were bent. After some hammering to fix we were able to get everything together in about 2 hours. Tip: make sure the trampoline hooks are lined up correctly with the slots in the frame. We connected a few of ours correctly and had to undo and redo the springs. Overall a great purchase.

6. LBLA 36-Inch Trampoline for Kid Foldable Children Trampoline

The LBLA 36-inch foldable trampoline for kids holds our number sixth spot in our best trampoline under 500 reviews and having powerful straps makes sure that kids have all the support that they need when jumping on this trampoline.

It is designed to be sturdy and tough so it holds a weight of about 154 pounds and here’s one thing you should know, its high rebound material makes sure kids enjoy their jumping experience and also enjoy safety.

Thanks to the manual that this trampoline comes with, users have found it very easy to put this trampoline together and also to take it apart when the time comes to store it up. It is the type of trampoline that kids can play with at any time, any day and anywhere as it is designed for use both outdoors and indoors.

There are safety pads on the edge of this trampoline which means that kids would feel very safe playing on this trampoline as they would not suffer any injuries.

One last thing you should know is that this trampoline comes with six metal legs and these legs are responsible for the balance and stability that this trampoline has.


  • Perfect trampoline for all kids
  • Assembling this trampoline is easy
  • Secure and sturdy


  • Not as quality as expected
Customer Reports

My two-year-old son with sensory processing issues loves this trampoline. He uses it from everything to bouncing, hanging, crawling underneath it and also uses it as his safe space when he wants to be left alone and do a puzzle. The only thing is sometimes he wants parents to jump on it with him, lol. Very sturdy, well made. Highly recommended.


The trampoline is truly terrific and took like ten minutes to assemble. It’s very stable and has a great bounce. My 3, 7 and 10 years old all like it. Absolutely worth the price. I wanted a trampoline without springs and am very happy.

7. Mini Trampoline for Kids, Exercise Fitness Trampoline

Made using premium material, this trampoline for kids features a heavy-duty steel frame that is resistant to rust and also sturdy enough to last for a long period of time and what most parents find very pleased with when it comes to this trampoline is how spacious that this trampoline is.

It offers kids a wide surface to jump on and it is also tough enough to support a weight of about 330 pounds.

It features five different height levels so it can fit almost every child that gets on it to play while its handlebar has a soft material coating or padding which provides kids with a firm and non-slip grip.

What we also find cute about this trampoline is its folding design and this design becomes very useful when it is time to store away this trampoline after use. It ensures that it uses less amount of space anywhere it is kept while the six rubber legs produce stability.

Setting up this trampoline also doesn’t require the use of special tools so you should not experience any difficulty when it comes to setting it up.


  • Great quality trampoline
  • Promotes fun among kids
  • Installation is easy
  • Made with very strong materials
  • Decent price


  • None
Customer Reports

This has been a handy option for morning workouts to be able to get some workout in a creative way. The handle is nice to have to steady yourself with and to be a safety feature. The setup was simple to pull out of the box and attach the legs and handle. After that, you are ready to go to bounce your way to fun and fitness.


My daughters love it, always bring small blank and snap on it, and they also do more exercises on this trampoline then sleep well these days. Love it.

8. BCAN 38″ Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Trampoline

Made using heavy-duty and original materials, the BCAN trampoline is one that features a simple design and it is made up of high-quality resistant material and premium stainless steel material which ensures that it takes up weight of about three hundred pounds.

Just like most trampolines that we have already talked about, the BCAN trampoline is also designed to fold so it can use up less amount of space when it is stored.

It comes with an extended pad design which helps in covering up all the gaps between the steel frame and the mat and this also makes sure that the toes of your kids do not get stuck while jumping.

It is very safe for kids and there is also an anti-slid material that doesn’t just make jumping safe but also makes jumping quiet. Its waterproof design simply tells you that you would not find it difficult to wipe it clean.


  • Tough and sturdy
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Ideal for places with less amount of space
  • Can be used for home workouts as well


  • None
Customer Reports

Assembled in about 10 minutes, then realized I forgot safety cover, so did that in about 3, Sturdy enough for a 150lb woman and a 25lb puppy! It’s fun, has a good bounce, and legs can be easily removed or put back on to store using less space. Pleased with it!


Perfect for active kids and if you don’t have much space. I love the fact that this trampoline easily folds — which is a huge win if you dont have much space in your place (which is the case for us). This thing is great. Nice and strong, easy to put together. It takes about 10 minutes tops to put this thing together. My kids love this.

9. N1Fit 40″ Mini Trampoline for Adults 

best trampoline under 500

We have spent so much time talking about a trampoline for kids in this review and we know that you would be thinking of what point are we going to talk about a trampoline for adults.

Wee, the wait is finally over as the N1Fit 40-inch trampoline is one that our parents would enjoy exercising with. This trampoline right here is designed to have a very low design despite the springs that it comes with as it would not make any noise while you jump on it.

This trampoline also comes with straight legs which brings safety and stability when jumping and just like the kid’s trampoline we have been talking about, this too can be folded with ease so users can store it in a place where it would not use up too much space.

Its sturdy frame has a powder coating that makes sure it doesn’t get damaged or attacked by rust and it also comes with PVC, waterproof pad cover cords.


  • Well made trampoline
  • Easy to put this trampoline together
  • Works good
  • Has a nice and decent size
  • Perfect for weight loss too


  • None
Customer Reports
Jenny Somers

At first, I thought I’ll never get this thing assembled without needing the strength of Superman. But then I looked again at the instructions! Hahaha, amazing how that works! So this time, I folded it like a taco shell (as depicted in the instructions), lined up the two connection points so the pointy ends were lined up with their slots, knelt on one side to hold it down while I leaned and pushed the other end using my body weight and it snapped right into place! It’s very sturdy and very light to move around my house. Completely happy with my purchase!


This tramp took 2 adults to get it to open flat, that was the only hard part of the assembly. Once opened flat you put the pad on, then the legs go over the pad. So it will have to be totally disassembled to refold. Which is fine for me, I didn’t plan on folding it up, unless I move. If you’re wanting a mini-tramp to fold up between uses this probably isn’t the one you want. I like the way the legs go on over the pad, the pad won’t be slipping off. The gage of springs and the rail seem very strong. The bed is tight and has a good bounce.

10. Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with Handle ASG-40

We would be rounding up our best trampoline under 500 with this portable and a compact trampoline from the Marcy company and judging by its size, you can be able to tell that this trampoline is designed to fit into small spaces and having a convenient size also makes it easy for you to move this trampoline from one spot to another. It can be used at home or at the gym and can also be used by women and men too.

If you want to get back to getting fit or you want to try a new workout routine then this is just what you need and the benefits attached to working out with this trampoline are it helps in improving coordination and balance.

You would also be able to burn calories as well as increase heart rates while the durability of this trampoline remains surprising as it holds up well and can support a weight of about two hundred pounds.


  • Well made trampoline
  • Boost the lymph system


  • Got torn after few uses
  • Poor quality control
  • Not easy to put together
Customer Reports

Wonderful rebounder! The safety bar is my salvation, or else I wouldn’t use one. It arrives folded in half, and under spring tension. I opened it easily by standing on one side and lifting and pushing the other side up and over until it popped open. I am 75, and not very strong. I use it every day.


This trampoline has to be one of the best presents I bought for my son, and my wife likes it too. I’m too big. Setup it was incredibly easy, and I really don’t know what other people are complaining about. Buy this and your child will love it – and sleep well!

Final Thoughts

Trampolines and the level of fun that they provide kids with are what make them a must-have for every kid out there. They can be used in the gym by adults or at home by parents and kids.

This is because they are also considered to be a valuable tool for exercise and there are also physical benefits if you include them in your daily workout routine.

They also offer several health benefits so you can make up your mind from the products we have discussed so your kids can live a healthy and active lifestyle.

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