Breaking Fashion Rules: How to Mix and Match Clothing Like a Pro


Fashion rules are made to be broken – this rule in fashion reigns longer than the attempts to respect basic laws. Many stylish people never pay attention to fashion trends but create the trends and the mix of different looks themselves in order to get something unique and unrepeatable.

The time of strict fashion rules is long gone, and now individuality and creativity are respected. And this applies regardless of whether you buy clothes from big fashion brands or from local stores. You can build style even if you shop at specialized Chanel or Versace stores, fast fashion stores, and even at Omaha Clothing Boutiques and the like – just check this site, and you’ll understand what we’re trying to tell you.

So, are you interested to explore your options?

Stay with us – we have many interesting tips to share with you!

Embrace color and pattern play


These two elements are essential in the mix-and-match concept in fashion. This is the easiest way to break all fashion rules and create an eye-catching look wherever you go. You can combine different patterns with bold block clothes or go with something bolder, for example, a pattern with an atypical color.

For example, if you are a fan of animal print, you can choose a tiger pattern, but instead of natural colors, it should be blue, green, or pink. It could be your shirt, while the jacket and trousers should be the same color, for example, intense green. The most interesting thing is that the colors don’t even have to be compatible.

When you mix different patterns, the combination somehow gains seriousness, so you don’t risk looking like you’re going to a carnival.

We only want to warn you that if you don’t like yourself in the mirror, you don’t need to stick to that combination. Choose the combinations of colors and patterns you like because that’s the only way you’ll feel comfortable.

Mix the different textures

Pairing a chunky wool sweater with a soft silky skirt is truly an art. But it can also be your own unique way of mixing textures.

You can do the same with stiff materials such as tweed combined with satin or other smooth textiles. Another interesting idea is a leather jacket with a mesh chiffon dress.

The interplay between textures adds a tactile dimension to your ensemble and showcases your fashion-forward approach. Additionally, your style is inspiring, unique, and always noticeable. This means this approach is for those who want to be seen and noticed. If you are a fan of a discreet and non-aggressive style of dressing, we still advise you to be more careful with textures and choose a more compact look.

Blend different dress codes


This is perhaps the most interesting way to introduce mixing of different styles. A strict dress code must not dictate fashion trends. On the contrary, many today practice a business casual style. This means you can wear jeans, sneakers, a shirt, and a coat but still look smart and formal.

Another favorite combination is plain pants, a blazer, and a casual t-shirt with an interesting print. You can combine an elegant dress with your favorite denim jacket or wear a wool cape over a formal black dress.

This means that even when there is a dress code, you are brave enough to experiment with your look and still be within the bounds of what is asked of you. Of course, sometimes you can complement the elegant look with a casual hairstyle. Although you are not mixing clothing styles, you are actually again going beyond the boundaries of the classic dress code.

Don’t be afraid of this approach to dressing. Instead, try to combine the pieces you already have, and you will get a unique look that no one else has.  An easy outfit to create would be to pair your go-with-everything sneakers with a maxi dress and blazer. Use your favorite maxi dress (either from your date night collection or your summer wardrobe) and give it a casual look. The blazer adds a unique and polished touch.

Accessorize with gold (or silver) layered necklaces, hoop earrings to match, and a tote bag to make your whole outfit look effortlessly chic. Visit this link to check quality clothing that has unique and beautiful styles.

Above the gender norms

We all know that nowadays there is no clear line between men’s and women’s clothes. Maybe men’s dresses are still only a part of red carpets and gala events, so we understand why they are not the first choice of any gentleman. But women have long been wearing men’s tailored suits, maxi shirts, and even shoes with atypical designs for ladies.

Mix traditionally masculine and feminine pieces together to create a gender-bending style. In addition to creating trends, in this way, you actually declare yourself and your understanding of gender norms.

Therefore, nothing should stop you from combining a suit that looks like a man with a blouse with a floral pattern or an elegant silk dress with a biker leather jacket. Fashion is here to test its so-called norms in every possible way and to prove that the existing rules do not make sense at a time when we all want to highlight our individuality.

Pay attention to fashion accessories


In today’s fashion, you should always pay attention to fashion accessories. Combine discreetly with bold pieces and create a look that no one will be indifferent to.

Accessories can transform a simple outfit into a fashion statement, so let your creativity run wild and experiment with various combinations. Therefore, you can also find old jewelry that you already have and combine it with what is trending right now. And the best part is that all the fashion accessories go well with the above fashion combinations.


Fashion should not have strict rules. Instead, it breaks down all barriers and builds your personal style. By embracing color and pattern play, contrasting textures, blending dress codes, accessorizing with confidence, and breaking gender norms, you can mix and match your clothing like a pro. Therefore, we encourage you to start experimenting – you may discover combinations and styles that you could not have imagined before and still look great on you.

We encourage you to try any of the mentioned styles and discover many combinations that fit your perfectly. Who knows, maybe you still haven’t discovered your unique style. And now, you have a unique chance to do that by mixing and matching the pieces you already have with something new and fashionable.