How Much Alcohol Should You Order For A Party


The area for drinks and alcoholic beverages at a party is never joined together with food and dessert. Many people don’t even come to parties for dessert or main course meals, but for drinks, they do come. Be it family, friends, corporate gatherings, or significant social events, without drinks, it feels empty. Many social gatherings don’t even have desserts and full-course meals but only starters and drinks.

Liquor brings together people, adds liveliness to the party, and lets them relieve their stress. People widely like it for its usual effects and medical properties. When you are organizing a private party for a special occasion or just a get-together having good liquor is a priority. Nowadays, you don’t have to visit the store yourself and can look for Online Liquor Store like, where various types of liquor are available.

Usually, you would have to visit a few stores to buy a particular liquor. Whereas ordering it through online facilities, you would be able to get it delivered to your doorstep quickly. The tricky part for the party isn’t ordering liquor but the types of liquor you have to order and calculate the amount according to the guests.

Party Planning


Planning a party isn’t an easy task. You have to create a list of attendees, check the area for the party, and stock up on the food and drinks. It is relatively easier to complete everything else, but stocking up on liquor can be tricky. You don’t know how much a person is going to drink, nor can you ask them that arbitrarily. Therefore you have to calculate it with the help of standard requirements and store one or two bottles more.

If it is an informal party and you know all the guests, you could try asking them their preferences in drinks to get a reasonable estimate. Also, it is possible to find few people bringing children or underage companies, which can be a hassle. Here you would have to either mention in the invitation not to have underage company or have a dedicated space for underage guests. No matter what you do, you must be careful of the alcohol you provide to your guests, keeping in mind all the possibilities.

Calculating The Amount Of Alcohol Needed For A Party

To have a good stock of liquor, you need to be aware of the guest’s liquor preferences. Once you know that it’s not a very difficult task, only a few average calculations will let you know about the amount of liquor you would need. The few steps mentioned below will help you through the calculations.

  • Number Of People


Knowing the total number of guests that will attend your party, regardless of whether all of them drink, helps you have a good stock, especially for night parties where you cannot order the liquor instantly or go out to buy it. Thus you should have at least one drink per attendee for an hour. Though it gives a rough estimate since it’s the average on how much people usually drink, it’s okay to use it.

If a particular liquor like vodka gets used more than wine, then you also consider that.

  • Drink Types

There are various alcoholic drinks such as rum, whiskey, gin, and so on. Depending on your guest’s preferences, occasions, and the weather, you should avoid alcohol that isn’t needed. Hoarding a stock without knowing preferences would waste your time, space, and money.

You can instead opt for mixers and cocktails, which can serve the purpose better. Even then, you should be aware of the ingredients you would need to stock up for making the mixers and the cocktails. These ingredients include ginger ale, olive, and fruit juices like pineapple, cranberry, grapefruit, and more.

  • Other Drinks


While regular drinks or nonalcoholic beverages like juices and carbonated drinks are opted for by many people who drive to the party themselves, therefore knowing people who will be going alone and people who don’t drink would give you a good idea of the amount of stocking up of other drinks. You can estimate it similarly to alcoholic beverages and calculate the overall amount.

Once you know the number of nonalcoholic beverages, you will be able to take care of the other guests. It is sometimes valuable if you don’t know how many people will opt for alcoholic drinks. It will prevent buying extra liquor that you might not even need.

  • Total Quantity

When totaling the quantity of alcohol and ingredients for the mixers and cocktails, you should be aware of the amount of those ingredients you need. For example, if you need a particular liquor for a cocktail or mixer, then multiply the amount of alcohol in that cocktail by the number of guests per hour. Further dividing with the total types of cocktails and mixers you will serve, you can divide the total amount of alcohol for a cocktail, further getting an average for alcohol needed for each drink.

Adding the initial estimate of alcohol for a person with the above estimate will tell you the maximum consumption of alcohol that a guest will have. You can further multiply it with the total number of guests to get a good idea of the alcohol you need.


To understand or know how much alcohol you need to order for a party, you would have to go over the number of guests, the event’s purpose, and your guests’ preferences. Furthermore, you would need to do some calculations depending on the above steps. It will tell you how much alcohol is safe to order for the party, and you could always order a few more bottles to avoid any shortage.

Also, you must not open bottles and keep them out without ice or a refrigerator to avoid bad or no taste. Though it wouldn’t get you sick, not to mention alcoholic beverages last a long time before going bad, there would be no taste.