5 Best High Power COB LED Lights For Videography 2024

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In times when we are all slowly but surely becoming videographers, lighting has become a very significant factor – especially when you want your videos to look professional. Therefore, contemporary lighting is not surprising, and that’s why LED and COB-LED lights are leading for this type of use. Professional videographers will always recommend buying high power COB LED lights, and we will give you guidelines on choosing the best ones in 2024.

Lighting In Modern Videography

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With the advancement of technology, we have managed to improve so many things. Today, it is unimaginable to live without using cameras or recording video clips that we post on social networks or our YouTube channels. Of course, this would not be possible without a good camera and appropriate lighting. Therefore, light is significant – especially for people who are serious videographers.

What Is Light And Why Is It So Significant?

Everyone knows what light is and how it’s created. However, there is also an expert definition that says that light is electromagnetic radiation that excites the retina in the human eye and thus stimulates the sense of sight in the organism. From the total flow of energy radiated by a light source – only one part can cause a visual sensation of light in the human body through the eye. That part is called light flux, which is electromagnetic radiation of the visible spectrum. In addition to the sensation of light, visible electromagnetic radiation causes the organism to experience colors. Seen from the perspective of lighting, we divide lighting into classic, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lighting. Nowadays, LED and COB-LED lighting are of great importance for videography.

LED Lighting: Difference Between LED And COB-LED

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Until recently, LED lighting was science fiction – but today it is increasingly being used for various purposes. The LED bulb is a small consumer of electricity, and unlike other bulbs, it has minimal heating, and no UV radiation, it is small and has an incredibly long service life of around 100,000 working hours. That is very important for videographers. Due to its small dimensions, it offers unimagined possibilities – and in any case, LED bulbs are the lighting of the future. COB-LED is a new generation of lighting, and although similar, there are some differences. First, COB differs because the LEDs are built directly into the printed circuit board. The main advantage of this technology is that there is no visible dimming, even when used in shallower LED profiles and spaces. This ensures that the product will shine continuously along its entire length without interruption of the light.

Choosing The Best COB-LED Lights

In recent years, high power COB LED lights have been highly valued in videography, but depending on your needs, you should choose the right ones. Of course, there are some parameters like price, brands, and performance – but if you want the best, here are the ones recommended by videographers who use them most often.

1. Colbor CL60

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COLBOR Cl60 is definitely a cob-led video light worth investing in. With a price of approximately 150 dollars, this lighting will save you a lot of time and setup. The casing of this video light is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, which makes it incredibly light. With a weight of only five hundred grams, this lighting will be easy to transport. In addition, it has a very high CRI Cob-LED that will make your recordings appear in natural tones and colors.

2. NiceFoto Daylight COB LED video light

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This light is very highly rated by consumers on Amazon and videographers claim that it is truly one of the best. Namely, this light comes with a 100W super bright LED COB chip and a triple ultra-quiet fan. Color reproduction is such that it gives your recording the necessary liveliness and natural tones. It is specially designed for the needs of video production where advantages of cob led lights are quite noticeable.

3. Sokani X60 V2 80W COB LED Video Light

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If you want well-balanced daylight in your videos, then this can be a good choice. Namely, with the 80W high-power LED COB, you can wirelessly adjust the light or program effects. Many YouTubers are users of this particular light – so it can serve as a guideline, according to your needs. In addition to that, it also comes in a brilliantly designed carrying case.

4. Viltrox 150W 2600K-6800K COB LED

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If your job is to record and photograph events like weddings – you will be delighted with this COB-LED light. Its powerful lighting range goes from 0 to 100% and is very suitable for shooting portraits as well as outdoor shots. It has a powerful fan that can also be graduated from light to super speed variant. Used for professional recordings such as interviews, but also extremely suitable for portraits, weddings, etc.

5. GVM Great Video Maker

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If you want to sail into professional waters, this is certainly the right lighting for such a thing. Along with the lamp, which is a bit more massive – you also get a stand that will come in handy. In addition, with a power of 80W, you also have features such as controlling the angle from which the light comes in – as well as the possibility of rotating the lamp by 180 degrees. The whole set comes in a beautifully designed bag.

Lighting Placement Is Still The Crucial Thing

Setting up lighting can be very tedious, but if done correctly, it will bring good results and simplify the subsequent editing of videos or photos. The arrangement of lighting is a crucial thing. Think about how the whole setup will look to you. Where does the main light come from? Pay attention to the background and how you will position the object – or position the person you are shooting. You can adjust the lighting accordingly. Keep in mind that lighting setups in one way may not work equally well for every object – a lighting arrangement that works for some things may make others look worse. Always direct the main light towards the object you are shooting – while the additional lights (if you use them) can be placed from the side. When taking photos, you must avoid strong shadows that are created when the light source is smaller compared to the size of the object you are photographing. Implementing cob led light with remote control to your setup could further improve your efficiency and versatility of your setup.