How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jacket Nest In Eaves – 2024 Guide

how to get rid of yellow jacket nest in eaves

Known to be a member of the wasp family, the yellow jacket is known to be quite aggressive and they are found in North America. They have a yellow color hence the name yellow jackets and they also come with black stripes which helps in covering up part of their body.

How to get rid of a yellow jacket nest in eaves is what this article is all about but first, you must know how they make their nest and also how they scout for food.

The adult yellow jacket measures about one inch in length and it is just a bit larger when compared to the housefly. Even though yellow jackets prefer burrowing their nest inside the ground, they are also known to form a nest in the eaves of homes and also on walls.

It tends to be like this because they tend to stay around places where they can get access to food easily and in most cases, these places tend to be the trash cans in or around your homes.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jacket Nest In Eaves

how to get rid of yellow jacket nest in eaves

They find trash cans very attractive but you need to be precise when trying to locate the nest of yellow eaves.

You might need to make use of a ladder to check in between the slats if you spot the nest of yellow jackets in the eaves around your home and you also need to observe how they live their life like how they find their way into the nest and also how they land before entering the nest.

If you are able to find the exact location of the nest of a yellow jacket before night then you should pay them a visit at night with an insecticide spray. These insects are known to be dormant during the night time and every wasp return to their nest to sleep till when it is dawn.

Going to treat the nest with the insecticide when they are asleep is quite safer because, at that time, you stand at a very low chance of getting stung.

You also need to be properly dressed when going to spray the insecticide in their nest and you would need to put on gloves, safety glasses, a hat, and a long sleeve shirt.

The essence of this is to make sure that every exposed part of your body is well concealed because you might still awaken them when trying to spray the insecticide and get attacked. You should position your ladder properly and firmly under the eaves and climb up slowly.

You should also make use of a flashlight to check the exact spot where the nest is located and one thing you would observe is the nest of the yellow jackets is similar to that of a regular paper wasp nest as it will have a gray color and also individual cells.

Once you are able to find the nest, you should take some steps back from it before you start treating it with the insecticide.

You should fill up the nest using the insecticide spray and make sure you are not standing directly under the nest when spraying the insecticide. This might cause the yellow jackets to attack you fiercely so what you must do is make use of the entire spray can and go back inside the house.

You should not be surprised when you see the yellow jackets flying out of the nest because most will die if the nest is thoroughly sprayed.

By morning, pay a visit to the nest to see if there is any yellow jacket activity going on and if you eventually find out that there are still yellow jacket movements going on in the nest then you would need to go back at night and spray the nest once again because it appears you didn’t get it right the first time.

If you do not find any yellow jacket movement in the nest then you can go ahead and take down the nest.

Taking down the nest is very easy as you would need to make use of a pole stick or a kite knife to stick through the slats of the eaves so knocking down the nest can be done with ease. You should also dispose of the nest after knocking it down.

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