How Long After Pest Control Can I Bring Baby Home – 2024 Guide

If you intend to carry out pest control in your home and there is a baby in your house then you have to be extra careful.

The truth is pesticides come in various forms and they could either be addressed as rat poison, flea shampoo, insect repellent, weed killer, or bug spray and the fact is all of these are very poisonous around babies.

How long after pest control can I bring baby home is what this article provides answers to so continue reading this article.

How Long After Pest Control Can I Bring Baby Home

how long after pest control can i bring baby home

Exposing oneself to pesticides can happen by inhalation, ingestion and even skin contact and that is why it is very necessary that your baby should be kept away from your home for a minimum of two to seven days while pest control is being done in your home.

Most people consider herbal pest control as the safest for babies regardless if it is swallowed or not but the wisest decision would be keeping your babies away for the duration it would last.

How Safe Is Pest Control For Babies

One fact that you should know is that infants are more vulnerable to sickness because at a very tender age, their immune system is still very low. This makes the risk of getting infected or affected by toxins very high.

Pesticides are known to be extremely dangerous because they contain harmful chemicals and some of the effects of these dangerous chemicals on the body could be asthma in babies, cancer in early childhood stages and also disability in learning.

If you want to cut down or reduce the possibility of your kids developing any of these sicknesses then you need to stay away from the house for a period of time and moving to a local park would also be a welcomed idea.

Leaving your home is a precautionary method that you should take when you want to spray insecticide in your home. If you have kids moving about your house, pest control services that are child-friendly and baby safe are recommended.

There are risks associated with an incorrect pest control method:

  • Some of these insecticide products are known to contain strong chemicals and are not environmentally friendly. The chemicals they contain are very strong and capable of causing harm to the body system of newborns babies because their immune system is extremely low.
  • If the pest control products to be used are not properly or correctly labeled then infants might mistakenly consume them, thinking they are edible foods
  • Having poor knowledge of these pest control products is actually considered to be high risk as well and this is because babies are fond of putting items into their mouth and this might pose a major health risk
  • If you do not consider the dangerous side effects of these pest control products then your babies are at risk of having learning disabilities or childhood cancer.
  • Making use of home remedies and also exposing your child to these harmful pesticides can still  cause serious health problems because they can be touched or inhaled

Minimizing The Risk Of Pest Control On Infants

Keeping the tips listed below in mind would help in cutting down the risk that pest control might have on your babies;

  • Safety latches should be installed on the cabinets where these pesticides are locked up
  • Common household pesticides should be kept out of the reach of babies
  • The directions on the bottle or containers should be carefully read so they can be used properly
  • The pesticide container should be properly sealed using child-resistant packaging at the end of every use
  • Pesticides should not be stored in the same containers or containers similar to those that are used in storing up food in your home

The last thing we want to leave you with is if you have tried out natural methods to get rid of pests in your homes and it doesn’t work then you would be left with no other option than to settle for pest control methods.

Specialized equipment is used by pest control companies to drive out pests from your homes and this measured amount of pesticides can be used in cutting down on ingestion and irritation.

This is why it is advisable to make use of a pest control company as they guarantee to keep your home and baby safe.

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