Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes in 2024


Vaping in Modern Society

For several years in a row, vaping continues to lead the rankings of trends in the world of hobbies. The new trend in the world of hobbies raises many questions from ordinary consumers and investors, scientists, and politicians.

This trend increases the health risks for people of all ages, genders, or races. Unfortunately, many modern entrepreneurs still advertise e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to conventional smoking, threatening to inculcate such views in the younger generation.

Even though the statistics of smokers worldwide are declining, this does not mean that people have started to consume less tobacco. Electronic nicotine delivery systems and alternative forms of tobacco are captivating the market. Cig-a-like has been transformed into a special 510 thread vape pen ( which only impresses its power compared to its predecessor.


Today, scientists sound the alarm. They insist that the production, sale, and use of such vaping devices should be clearly regulated by law, as vaping is harmful to the health of our planet’s whole population. The problem with identifying such devices’ scope is that although any existing vape pen consists of at least a battery, a coil, and a cartridge with e-liquid or other substances for evaporating, they are extremely diverse.

Firstly, there are different types of batteries, which affect the power of the device, the active time of the device (that means the working hours without recharging), the period of operation of the device (the time person can use it before buying a new one), its safety. It is well-known that poor battery quality can cause an explosion and damage the device and the person who uses it. Most manufacturers currently use the best 510 thread battery because this type has proven to be reliable and safe by all the criteria listed above.

Secondly, the appearance of a vaping device can also be extremely diverse. There are simple cag-a-likes that are the first attempts to bring this device into the market. It was important for manufacturers then to conquer the market, not to think about external attractiveness. That is why the goal was to create a device that would remind people of the cigarettes they already know, as much as possible, and promise the best functionality and health safety. Such a myth still exists. However, since then, the design of devices has significantly diversified. It includes mods, pens, e nails, or even sleek tech gadgets.

Healthy Alternative to Smoking: Truth or Lies?


Everyone should have seen at least one ad of vaping or Grinds as the way to give up smoking. However, hardly one has tried to find some further evidence of such claims. Here are several facts for those who have.

Vaping devices are really suggested as the means of quitting path by some people, who claim they are experts in the sphere, or by those, who claim they have experienced it personally. Moreover, that is true that many people are going through this way.

The key point is that if one looks through the recent scientific research, they can find the vast majority of patients who have tried this method have either simply switched to vaping or become dual smokers (this involves the use of both a vape pen and a cigarette).
Constant advertising of dry herb vape pens, the best 510 thread battery for cartridges, or the newest e-liquid with no allergens, makes all of us think of the possibility to try vaping. When one wants to give up smoking and looks up for opportunities in Google, they will definitely get bombarded with target ads about using a new vape mod for quitting.

The greatest problem here is that people try to break themselves of a bad habit to use cigarettes, while they need to break themselves off a bad habit to consume nicotine. The vast majority of vaping substances are addictive. This includes nicotine, marijuana, and others. Therefore, telling about switching from usual cigarettes to vape pens looks not differently from telling about switching from usual cigarettes to tobacco pipe.


What is more, vape pens are not just as addictive as conventional cigarettes. A list of possible health hazards is hidden behind this new practice. It includes the content of possibly dangerous substances in e liquids and waxes. They might be diacetyl, which is connected to damaging airways and causing lung disease; heavy metals, such as lead, nickel, tin, or others; or cancerogenesis, which can target not only lungs but other organs as well. These are only the most studied points of e juice hazards.

The possibility of vape light or heavy drugs should be mentioned, as well. Talking about good intentions, some use it for medical purposes. For instance, medical marijuana. However, meth, ketamine, or cocaine might also be used. One might think they will give it a spin, but then they get stuck into a horrible reality of drug-addicted or simply get into other kinds of trouble because of a lack of experience and reasonable thinking.

Last but never least is the opportunity of facing bad outcomes of personal experiments. Firstly, many people try to create their own e liquids, which paves the way to chemical poisoning, skin, and airways chemical burns. Some people even assume room temperature because of the improper use of e juice. Secondly, trying to modify their 510 thread battery to scoop out higher wattage or voltage, some people turn the batteries into bombs, exploding, and damaging or killing the experimenter. Thirdly, both the experiences and regular use can put our health in danger.



The myth of vaping as being a healthy alternative to usual smoking still exists in society. It is deeply rooted in marketing tools used before for popularising the activity. In fact, numerous studies have already proven that vaping is tremendously damaging for all the body systems (cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, integumentary, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, urinary) to a certain extend.

Doctors and scientists do not recommend vaping as a part of rehabilitation from being nicotine addicted. They strongly recommend avoiding becoming a dual smoker because this might deteriorate both physical and mental health. In addition, experts emphasize the importance of quality control for the substances one inhales or vaporizes. The vast majority of online products are neither certified nor checked by a special commission.

The proven methods to successfully give up smoking include:

    • Choosing the Quit Day, which is a psychological method to ‘change your settings’ and make you think of quitting as about a new period of your life;
    • Choosing the method for giving up the habit, which might be either ‘cold turkey,’ meaning doing it abruptly, or declining the amount of daily consumed tobacco gradually, or something in between these two methods;
    • Choosing the doctor who will check your health on your way and competent enough to prescribe some medical aid for quitting if you need any.
    • They also suggest calling a helpline to get some instructions and support from specialists.

According to the experts at 180smoke, vaping has become the best possible way of quitting smoking. It’s because there are various kinds of e-cigarettes that are present these days, and all of them have a difference between themselves. It is because you need to choose the best one in order to get the maximum amount of help for your body.lanajovi