Week 11 of the NFL Season: Here Is What Happened 2024

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Due to all that is currently going on in the world, there is no better way to have fun and distract ourselves from all the sad and stressful things than a nice football game. Even if you are not that into fantasy football or not a huge fan of its private leagues, watching NFL with our closest friends and family is, for a lot of people, a sort of a (preferably winning) tradition.

Like almost every week, there are some ups and downs, and the same goes for week 11 of the NFL. Since the beginning of the season, there were some surprising results, but each week we can more clearly see what teams are strong contenders for the playoffs and what teams might want or already should start thinking about the next season.

The Titans got a victory over the Ravens, the Colts outlasted the Packers, and the Steelers advanced to a 10-0, maintaining their undefeated streak. However, there is one player that stole media and football experts’ attention with his game, and now, everyone is talking about the sensation in the Bengals’ offensive line, their rookie quarterback.
Let’s get into the details.

Joe Burrow

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Even though the Cincinnati Bengals’ do not have the best track record and probably should start with making plans for the next season, their rookie quarterback most certainly lived up to the hype. Unfortunately, his time in the spotlight came to a quick end when he got crushed between two Washington defenders in the third quarter. Before the game was even over, it became incredibly devastating for many fans keeping up on lines.com when they read Burrow’s tweet that said he would see everyone next year. Namely, he injured his knee ligament, so the season for the leader of the Bengals attack is over. Burrow has six to nine months to recover and prepare for the next season. Without his help, Washington had an easy job and eventually got that all needed W, with a 20:9 score, and now there is a drama in the East NFC, which is the worst division in the league.

The Tennessee Titans

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The game between the Titans and the Ravens was nerve-wracking and extremely exhilarating. In this nail-biting game, the Titans ended up as a winner, and Ravens’ star, Lamar Jackson, probably summed the match up pretty well by saying that it seemed like Tennessee simply wanted the win more than they did.

The Titans played really well almost the whole game and even had a +11 (21:10). Even in the last quarter, they played and looked pretty well in the field, tried their best to end the game in their favor, but the Ravens forced the overtime with a field goal at the very end of the 4th quarter. In overtime, Baltimore had an attack to win, but Lamar Jackson ruined it, and Derrick Henry, a running back, ended the game by going through a crowded line of scrimmage before running down the field for a 29-yard touchdown.

The Colts

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The most anticipating game of week 11 was for sure the one between Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers. The first half was incredibly disappointing for the Colts’ fans because it seemed like they would easily lose in their home ground as the Packers were leading 28 to 14, and with Aaron Rodgers doing everything he wanted on the field. But the second half was a completely different story.

Indianapolis managed to score 17 consecutive points and would’ve been victorious if there was just a little bit more concentration and if they managed to run the clock in the right way (without penalties). All this allowed Aaron Rodgers to have the final attack, but even he got distracted, and even though the Packers got the chance to win the game, they only managed to get a field goal and somehow force the game into overtime (31-31).

In the second half of the overtime, Buckner got the ball after Julian Blackmon punched it out of Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s hands, and Rivers, who suffered an injury in the fourth quarter, led them to the 29 yards from the Packers end zone. Then, Rodrigo Blankenship got a 39-yard field goal that won them the game. The Colts are at the top of the AFC South, and the Packers have dropped to a 7-3 record.

The Undefeated Steelers

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Jake Luton started for the Jaguars as a quarterback because Gardner Minshew was injured, and it was only his third career start. Just by reading this, it’s easy to understand how badly the Steelers might’ve beaten the Jaguars, and sure they did.

Ever since the 1966 merger between the AFL and NFL, only 19 quarterbacks have had a passer rating on 35 or more attempts lower than Jake Luton’s 15.5.

On the other hand, the Steelers are the first NFL telam to get a 10-0 since 2015.

Big Ben is showcasing his skills and playing at his best even though he is in his late 30s and is currently leading the Steelers to the first seed in the AFC with the best score they had in years. We all want to see just how far they can actually go this season. It will surely be entertaining.

The Scores

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers scored 27, and the Jacksonville Jaguars scored 3 points.
  • The Tennessee Titans won with 30 points in overtime, and the Baltimore Ravens had 24.
  • The Indianapolis Colts won in overtime with 34 points, and the Green Bay Packers had 31.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs scored 35 against the Las Vegas Raiders, who managed to get 31 points.
  • The Houston Texans won with 27 points, while the New England Patriots ended the game with 20 points.
  • The New Orleans Saints got a great victory over the Atlanta Falcons with a 24-9.
  • The Dallas Cowboys got a close victory over the Minnesota Vikings with a 31-28.
  • The Denver Broncos scored 20 points and won against the Miami Dolphins, who got 13.
  • The Carolina Panthers won 20-0 against the Detroit Lions.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles lost the game to the Cleveland Browns. The score was 22 to 17.
  • The Washington Football Team scored 20 points and won against the Cincinnati Bengals, who got 9 points.