3 Best Rabbit Repellent 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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Rabbit is attractive and cute looking creatures and they can also be used as pets as well as helping to create interesting storybook stories likewise some interesting television characters.

Their hop to and fro movement is what also makes them very interesting to watch but it is not always about their giggles and hops, there are more to these creatures than you would ever imagine. This is why we are bringing you this best rabbit repellent article to guide on what product to use if they eventually attack your farms or garden.

These cute looking creatures are capable of wreaking havoc when they find their way into your gardens and farms as they can feed on your carrots and other of their favorite foods.

If you have been in search of an effective way to keep put rabbits from your garden then you don’t have to continue looking any further as we have outlined the best and effective means necessary that you can use in keeping them out. If you are in a hurry, here are the best rabbit repellent products for you;

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Best Rabbit Repellent

1. Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

This is a harmless yet powerful rabbit repellent product for all gardeners, farmers and homeowners. It is a concentrate simply means that it requires direct spraying on vegetation and it has also proved to be the best option for use on ornamental plants, flower beds and large spaces.

Rabbits don’t need to consume this product for them to stay away from your garden but its scent alone is very effective in keeping rabbits at bay. It features a long-lasting formula and guarantees performing exceedingly well in any weather condition.


  1. Has a potent formula
  2. Very powerful yet harmful


  1. Not for use on fruit and vegetable gardens

2. Nature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent

This is another potent concentrate repellent that rabbits would not forget in a hurry and this is a weather-resistant, long-lasting and odorless repellent.

This rabbit repellent is not harmful to wildlife, pets and humans and based on the manufacturer, this rabbit repellent is thrice as effective as any other brand on the market.

This rabbit repellent product makes use of scent and taste to keep rabbits away and it has also proved to be a more solid rabbit repellent option than most products on the market today.


  1. Has a strong scent that chases rabbits away
  2. Affordable and environmentally friendly


  1. Not for those who rear Bambi

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3. I Must Garden Rabbit Repellent

best rabbit repellent

This is a natural rabbit repellent product with a safe formula that has proved to be safe around pets, plants, people and wildlife. Unlike other rabbit repellent products on the market, this right here doesn’t come with an offensive smell but instead, it makes use of mint oil to fight off rabbits.

This repellent is resistant to rain and also long-lasting and spraying this repellent directly on flowers and plants would offer users the best results. If you are keen on keeping your environment clean then this is absolutely the right product for you.


  1. Approved by gardeners
  2. Comes ready to use as it doesn’t require measuring or mixing


  1. Not as potent as the other two we have mentioned

Tips And Tricks

Planting plants that a rabbit would not like is one tip and trick that you can use in preventing a rabbit attack on your garden and farm. Plants with strong smells like garlic and onions would definitely deter rabbits from coming close while flowers like marigold and sunflowers are not on a rabbits list of favorite flowers.

Keeping your yard clean and tidy is also a good way of keeping rabbits away because they are skittish creatures, they often reside in wooded areas covered with a thick brush which offers them protection from coming dangers.

Due to their skittish nature, a slight movement in the brush tells them a human is coming and this is enough to send them away. Furthermore, having a dog and adding some lights is also effective in warding rabbits off.

However, make sure you get rid of a leaf or stick piles, tall grasses, weeds and brush because rabbits are not comfortable living in open places.


Rabbits are actually cool and attractive animals but they are a major threat to any garden with enticing flowers and plants. The best way to keep them off is through the use of rabbit repellents and you can settle for the best which we have discussed in this guide.

These repellents are inexpensive and you can also implore the tips and tricks that we have also discussed to make your approach more effective.

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