Best Proven Ideas On Making Your Backyard Bird Friendly – 2024 Guide

best proven ideas on making your backyard bird friendly

Everyone has different ways they would love their backyard to be and there are some people who would not even appreciate having a backyard at all. Take me for example, i appreciate seeing nature’s beauty right in my backyard and one thing which most people still try to find appealing is having an attractive backyard that is similar to wildlife. Having a bird friendly backyard also falls in this section and for this reason, we are bringing you the best proven ideas on making your backyard bird friendly. Birds are known for adding layers of beauty to any backyard.

However, there are several things that can be added to one’s backyard to make it habitable for a bird and the fact is none of these things is hard to put in place. Maybe you need to get to know the benefits of having a backyard that is habitable by birds because some of you might be asking yourselves why it is necessary to have a bird friendly backyard. Such environment helps anyone to stay in touch with nature, offers spots of relaxation, joy and tranquility. Making the place colorful is also another benefit but listed below are some more;

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Benefits Of Making Your Backyard Bird Friendly

  • Offering birds a suitable place to reproduce and grow young ones
  • Offering an environment where birds can get to survive during winter conditions
  • Encouraging you to watch birds and take exciting pictures
  • Offers an avenue to learn more about birds
  • Offering a sense of tranquility and peace

Right now, let us move on to easy ways on how you can make your backyard a bird friendly environment;

Best Proven Ways On Making Your Backyard Bird Friendly

1. Provide Food Using A Bird Feeder

Having a bird feeder isn’t what you really need to have in your backyard but when you are concerned about attractive birds then that is exactly one thing that you have to put in place. One fact you should also have at the back of your mind is it isn’t just birds that you are going to attract but you would also get to attract other types of wildlife which might end up not being the wildlife that you have desired. Listed below are some bird feeder types that you can try out;

  • Platform Feeder
  • Tube Feeder
  • Hopper Feeder
  • Ground Feeder
  • Suet Cage Feeder
  • Hummingbird Feeder

2. Offer A Source Of Water

Not every bird feeds on seeds but there are also birds that are so much into bathing and drinking water. Therefore one of the ways that you can get to attract birds is through creating a bird bath. Bird baths are effective ways of making your backyard a bird friendly one and have it at the back of your mind that birds appreciate a little bit of movement inside water so adding something like a bubbler or a fountain would do the magic. OutdoorFountainPros has a really great selection of bird baths and other water features perfect for your backyard.

. Below are some bird bath ideas;

  • Bird Mister
  • Bubbler
  • Solar Fountain
  • Ceramic Dish
  • Artificial stream or pond
  • Standard Pedestal Bird Bath

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3. Reduction Of Empty Lawn Space

Birds most of the times do not appreciate too much empty space and this is because of their love for plant vegetation and plant life. Here are ways that you can make good use of an empty space in your lawn so you can make your backyard attractive and friendly to birds;

  • Develop an island of vegetation and plants
  • Try planting new trees
  • Create more gardens
  • Expand flower beds

4. Offer Bird Shelter

The three things which are very important for a bird’s survival is shelter, water and food. We have already talked about food and water so now we need to look into shelter. There are birds that prefer cavity nest and this means birds that love their nest to be enclosed rather than leaving it wide open. Offering shelter allows birds to build a nest which would in return offer a suitable place where they can lay eggs. Watching birds in their nest and also watching little birds grow is such a wonderful sight.

5. Planting Of Shrubs And Trees

This is a bit similar to the shelter option that we just finished talking about because the fact still remains that planting of trees and shrubs in your backyard would make your backyard a bird friendly environment. The native seeds and fruit that comes with the trees and shrubs would also serve as food for birds therefore making this a win win situation for them. Do not have plants in your backyard which is not a native of that region so below are some plants that you can consider growing in your backyard;

  • Dogwood Tree
  • Oak Tree
  • Elderberry Bush
  • Sunflowers

Wrapping It Up

This is where we draw the curtain on some of the best ideas that you can try out if you want to make your backyard friendly for birds and even after putting all of these in places, don’t expect birds to start occupying your backyard immediately because it would take a little while for birds to know that such an environment exists. Having birds visit your backyard is truly an amazing experience and have it at the back of your mind that you are not just offering shelter but caring for birds in general.

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