10 Best Die Cut Machine – 2024 Buying Guide And Recommendations

Ever since the production of die-cut machines, crafters have been handed the ability to make cutouts in their free time for different types of projects and this project could be decorations, quilts, scrapbooking, making t-shirts and card and many more.

Having a die-cut machine of your own is very beneficial and this explains why they are now seen as must-have equipment especially among crafters.

Due to the rise in demand for this exceptional crafty equipment, this review talks about the best die cut machine which you would find available on the market.

Best Die Cut Machine – Buying Guide And Recommendation

If you are a designer, artisan, scrapbooker or you are looking forward to making some dope products for your client then you should consider owning your own die cut machine.

With the several brands present on the market today, it could be difficult to decide which would be perfect for you.

No different die cut machine can deliver the same type of service as they are all designed to be unique so here is a rundown on the best die cut machine, their features, pros and cons which would make finding the best easy for everyone.

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Best Die Cut Machine Review

1. Sizzix 660425 Big Shot Machine

best electronic die cut machine

Famous for its compact and stylish design, the Sizzix 660425 big shot machine is the number electronic die cut machine in this review and what we tend to admire about this machine is its ability to work with several types of materials.

If you are working on scrapbook pages, home decoration, fashion cards, quilting and also altered art, you have nothing to be bothered about as this machine would get the job done for you.

Having a multipurpose platform and a pair of cutting pads comes with this machine while its thinner design makes it easy to carry along anywhere.

Another aspect of this machine from Sizzix which we find very attractive is its ability to hold several types of dies and this means that you can make use of spellbinders, QuickKut and even AcquiQuilt on it.

One notable feature which you should note when talking about this machine is its six-inch wide opening that helps in accommodating small dies but there is a bigger version of this machine for users who aim at making use of such machines which would hold a large amount of dies.


  • Easy to use and extremely versatile
  • Can work with dies from various companies
  • Sells at a reasonable price
  • Used in die-cutting different types of materials


  • Has a less working capacity

2. Spellbinders PL-001 Platinum Cut & Emboss Machine

Designed to be extremely elegant and also possessing great strengths are what we find very attractive when considering the Speelbinders PL-001 platinum cut and emboss machine and just like the first die cut machine that we just finished having a look at, this machine right here is also capable of working with a wide range of dies.

However, what makes this very interesting is that it is designed in such a way that it would work with a die from its rival brand known as the Sizzix brand. This is a durable machine generally as it is made with steel and plastic.

This combination of a solid steel and durable plastic material construction leaves this die cut machine one of the strongest and superior die cut machines on the market.

However, what we noticed about this machine is it has an additional weight which makes it slightly less portable but does not forget that having additional weight also offers additional cutting capacity.

Furthermore, this is one of the few machines that you can count on to cut through various kinds of materials and it also delivers precise and deep cuts.


  • Best material construction
  • Designed to cut through leather
  • Also cuts through all kinds of material


  • Has an eight-inch cutting area makes not unfit for six-inch standard plates

3. AccuQuilt Ready. Set. GO! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System with GO

If you have decided to put all quilting thoughts on hold because of the amount of cutting involved then you need to disregard such thought as this machine right here proves to be the best for the job.

This machine is designed to deliver a unique cutting action when used on fabrics and it is ninety percent faster than when you cut using the regular scissors. Based on some reviews that we read, people praised this machine and claimed that it even cuts faster than a rotary unit.

What we find very appealing about this machine is its ability to cut up to six fabric layers at once and if you decide to do that using ordinary scissors, you might end up working for long hours and this might pose a serious health issue especially if you are struggling with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is why we consider this machine as not just a preferred option but also a practical and powerful option which would make most cutting tasks very easy. Lastly, weighing about fifteen pounds might make this machine very difficult to carry about.


  • Super easy to use machine
  • When closed, this machine is very compact
  • Designed to cut through a wide range of materials


  • Heavy which makes it not portable

4. Cricut Maker, Champagne

Similar to the first die cut machine that we talked about in this review, the Cricut Maker die cut machine is also designed to be stylish and compact and being a digital-savvy die cut machine is what makes it stand out when compared with other die-cut machines.

Its design space software makes it easy for anyone to work with this machine whether you are a newbie or you are a professional and here is the interesting part, this machine comes with free designs that you can check out and make use of.

Precision and strength are also two defining features of the Cricut Maker die cut machine and this machine here comes packed with lots of power which makes it ten times more powerful than some of its counterparts which you are likely to come across when shopping for a decent quality die cut machine.

This machine makes use of a rotary and special blade and these two blades offer exceptional cutting power therefore making it a preferred option for cutting through metal and leather.


  • Has an impressive cutting capacity
  • Delivers deep cuts as you wish
  • Helps in making custom projects


  • Not as portable as expected

5. Gemini GEMJR-M-USA Twin-Function Cutter & Embosser

Finding a machine that holds the combination of cutting fast and also cutting quietly is almost impossible and this is because if a cutter must cut fast then it must have a bigger engine.

The bigger engine is likely to make a good amount of noise when working but in the case of the GEMINI GEMJR-M-USA twin function cutter and embosser, that isn’t the case as this machine right here comes with a massive engine but yet runs a quiet and smooth operation.

If you want to cut intricate dies and most importantly when speed is needed then this is the machine you need.

Another use that this machine serves if, for third-party dies and embossing folders and no matter where you decide to make use of this machine, you are completely worry-free as to what you need to keep this die cut machine going.

It also comes with a very large platform that offers you the opportunity to cut through more than one die at the same time.


  • Has user-friendly button controls
  • Quiet and fast
  • Offers excellent and quality results
  • Low profile design makes it portable


  • Difficult to hold cuttlebug die

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6. Brother CM350E ScanNCut2

The Brother CM350E ScanBCut2 die cut machine is a machine that was designed to take innovation to a different and brand new level entirely. What I am trying to say is that even if you make use of your camera in capturing images, you can feed them to this machine and still have them produced in real-time.

This makes this machine the best choice for anyone who doesn’t desire to spend so much time in a day trying to make designs and even if you are just getting started, you can count on this machine to make the work easy and free from stress.

This machine comes with a screen that allows you to do anything and everything ranging from welding of shapes to flipping of images and also to editing these images.

With this machine, you are guaranteed that work would speed up and to make things spicier, this machine already comes with about seven hundred already made designs, five fonts and 140 quilt patterns.

This is why it is a good choice of machine for beginners as it offers maximum support so you can get started immediately.


  • On-screen editing
  • Its scanner is powerful and scans almost everything
  • Best customer support


  • Difficult to print materials that are a millimeter thick

7. Silhouette Cameo 4 with Bluetooth

If you are in need of a die-cut machine which is capable of delivering high cutting force and speed then the Silhouette Cameo 4 with Bluetooth die cut machine is a good option for you to settle for and what you would love most about this machine is it offers about two ways for cutting thanks to its dual carriage.

One of its carriages offers unmatched speed while the other carriage is designed to offer optimal power. For this reason, this machine is said to offer triple the power that its lower version or model has.

This die-cut machine comes with a pull-out drawer which is used in the storing of an in-built roll-on feeder which helps in cutting vinyl materials quickly. That’s not all as this same feature is responsible for the direct transfer of materials from the roll.

It also features an in-built cross cutter which makes it possible for you to cut a straight and clean edge on a vinyl roll no matter the project you are working on.

Lastly, it comes with a tool sensor technology that helps in detecting tools and ensures this machine adjusts to any cut setting.


  • Its dual-motor system offers a high cutting force
  • Has three times more cutting speed than other models
  • Detects tools being worked with automatically


  • Has a faulty software that makes it difficult to connect with Windows and Mac

8. Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Electronic DIY Cutting Machine

An interesting feature about this machine is the blade sensor technology that it comes with and thanks to this technology, this machine is able to detect how thick the material you are working with is.

This machine comes with enough power that can cut a material that is 3mm thick and you would be impressed with its touch screen five-inch display which enables you to not just scan materials but also see the material.

With the help of the display, you can also convert scanned images to unique patterns and designs.

Another feature which you would definitely love about this machine is how quiet it is and this is a very important feature because it offers users enough time to focus on quilting, making cards and other do it yourself projects.

No matter the time of the day, you would be able to make use of this machine and you would also be pleased with how convenient this machine is. It comes with in-built storage for storing touch pen, blades and other necessary tools and if you are working on a fabric project then this is the right machine for you.


  • Its in-built scanner helps in making creative designs
  • Offers quick and precise cuts
  • Its in-built storage offers storage for pen, blades and other necessary tools


  • Its instructions are not clear enough
  • The mat tends to lose its adhesiveness easily

9. Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

The Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint die cut machine is one of the best die cut machines that you can empower yourself with because it is designed bearing every user in mind. What this means is everyone who tries making use of this machine would find it very easy to work with and jobs can be transferred easily thanks to its Bluetooth feature.

This makes this die cut machine very reliable and fast and it also enables users to be able to create stunning designs on their computer, Android and iPhone devices.

Being able to work with several types of materials makes this machine the best that you can work with and users would enjoy lots of accuracies when working with this machine.

Furthermore, dual clamps and a friendly interface make sketching and cutting very easy on this machine and guess what, there is a cut and print feature on this machine that enables you to print out from your computer images with full color and after that, cutting them. Its blade is durable and also offers precise and smooth cuts.


  • Well designed and simple to use interface
  • Accurate and quick cutting power
  • Can cut over one hundred different materials


  • Poor writing feature

10. Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine

This is our last and final die cut machine that we want to show you in this interesting guide and this die-cut machine is from a popular brand known as the Brother brand.

The Brother CM350 electronic die cut machine comes with a 300 DPI in-built scanner that scans any images of your choice in order to create cut lines automatically.

This makes it easy to create designs without a cartridge or computer but you can save it on the internal memory of this machine or on an external USB drive.

What we also found interesting about this machine is its full color, 4.85 inch LCD display which helps in moving and managing designs.

Unique designs can be created using its ScanCut Canvas software design and are designed to work accurately as well as work with a wide range of materials makes this machine a big deal. It also has wireless compatibility which makes transferring designs from your computer to this image very easy.


  • Designed can be quickly transferred using its wireless design
  • Without being connected to a PC, this machine works and scans great
  • Has a user-friendly design


  • Not ideal for making intricate cuts
  • Its cutting mat isn’t durable

Wrapping It Up

The fact still stands that all die-cut machines have what makes them unique from each other and they are also designed to have their separate pros and cons.

However, taking a closer look at some of these machines, you would realize that they deliver more than what is required of them speaking in terms of performance and quality.

The best machines are the ones that we have rounded up and discussed in this review and we hope that after going through this guide, you would find one designed to meet your exact needs.

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