How To Sand Wood Hardwood Floor With Orbital Sander

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When it comes to sanding hardwood floors, you can trust an orbital sander to do a very unique and excellent job especially when it is used in the appropriate or correct manner. You can also refer to orbital sanders as D.A Sanders or Dual Action Sanders.

However, the first orbital sander was produced during the early 1990s and as they are designed to be aggressive as belt sanders, they have the tendency and capability to deliver a perfect and finer finish. This brings us to our main topic on how to sand wood hardwood floor using an orbital sander.

It is a known fact that an orbital sander is designed to deliver amazing results but you should also be aware of the fact that it would take lots of hours to finish sanding a floor.

This sort of task requires lots of patience and you must also take into consideration, the number of injuries and scratches on the floor when trying to ascertain how long it would take to finish sanding a floor.

However, we have drafted out some simple steps and guidelines that would ensure perfect results are obtained when sanding a hardwood floor.

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How To Sand Wood Hardwood Floor With Orbital Sander

1. Step One

The first step that you must take before you sand wood hardwood floor with an orbital sander is to properly sweep and make sure that the floor is also well vacuumed.

This is a very important step as it ensures you get rid of any obstacle that might stand in your way of sanding the floor properly and it is also very necessary because tacks, nails and other obstacles would not be able to damage floors or the orbital sander when sanding.

This equipment is heavy-duty equipment and so, chances should not be taken when dealing with wear and tear.

2. Step Two

After sweeping and vacuuming the floor you want to sand, the next step that needs to be taken is the attaching of coarse grit and sandpaper underneath the orbital sander. Lower grit numbers are known for delivering an aggressive sanding performance and it would also interest you to know that a 40 grit is capable of doing the job.

However, rules should be followed if the best results must be obtained and before you start sanding, ensure that you have your face masks and safety glasses on.

3. Step Three

When you want to start sanding a hardwood floor, the right place for you to start working is at the farthest end of the room.

This is the best way to start as it proves to be the best idea when working with wood grain and another advantage that comes with starting your work at the farthest end of the room is it offers you a specific system to work on as well as saving you some time.

Once you try out this pattern whenever you want to sand a hardwood floor, it would become a norm for you and you wouldn’t have to forget.

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4. Step Four

This is where the hand orbital sander comes into place. This orbital sander allows you to sand low edges and spots easily and it is more convenient when working with a compact and small-sized orbital sander because it offers you access to work in areas that are quite difficult to reach which a large-sized sander would not be able to have access to.

5. Step Five

Step five involves repeating the sweeping and vacuuming process. This is also an essential thing to do as it makes sure that every debris and dust produced when sanding gets eliminated.

Keeping your work environment clean is very necessary and just like we mentioned in step one, it is also important that you sweep and vacuum so as to make sure that your orbital sander doesn’t get damaged.

6. Step Six

The next step to take is the applying of mineral spirits. When you are done with sweeping, take out a towel and pour some mineral spirits into it then you use it to wipe the floor. This is done in order to get rid of any layer of dust and also to make sure that the floor has a smooth look.

For safety reasons, it is very necessary that you have your gloves on due to the fact that some skins might be sensitive to certain chemicals.

7. Step 7

When the floor is properly dried, you should apply a floor finish that works best with a hardwood floor. Checking in with your local retailer would give you an insight on the best finish to use on any hardwood floor and you would also be given tips on how to use this finish.

Final Thoughts

This is where we come to the end of our how to sand wood hardwood floor with orbital sander guide and we have outlined the best steps that can be trusted to achieve a well detailed and excellent job.

With all of these simple steps that we have discussed in this article, it is guaranteed that you would have a perfect and beautiful hardwood floor and all this can be achieved through using a reliable hand orbital sander or orbital sander.

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