10 Best Dry Cut Metal Chop Saw – 2024 Buying Guide

When it comes to metal cutting projects, safety measures and precision are two key factors that everyone needs to take into consideration and at the same time, finding the right kind of tool would also help in obtaining the desired level of results.

Only with the right kind of tool can you be able to make different kinds of cuts and that is why we are bringing to you the best dry cut metal chop saw review so you can get familiar with the best kinds of saw for metal cutting projects and find one that would work for you.

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Best Dry Cut Metal Chop Saw – Buying Guide And Recommendation

A dry cut metal chop saw is designed to make cuts at different angles and they all tend to come with a high-speed motor. With dry-cut metal chop saw, you can be able to cut through gold, bronze, steel and copper material and all of these materials can be cut even at extremely rigid angles.

This is also why we think the dry cut metal chop saw is an efficient tool that can be used in cutting tubes, metal pipes and more. However, this kind of saw is not the type to be used for home projects.

They are mostly called to action when a high cutting metal action is required which can be found mostly in an industrial setting and some professionals also make use of this tool for cutting through metal bars and metal pipes.

Dry cut metal chop saws feature a high amount of torque which also helps in improving the quality of cuts especially when cutting through aluminum, steel and other types of metals and with this kind of tool, accuracy, speed and precision is guaranteed.

It is a bit difficult for an average person to carry out research on the various types of dry cut metal chop saws that we have available on the market right now and that is why in most cases, people end up with the worst kind of tools but this review has taken out time to examine the best products that would deliver easy and clean cuts.

This tool is recommended for experienced workers or even for those who just want to make a one time repair.

Best Dry Cut Metal Chop Saw Review

1. DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872)

best dry cut metal chop saw

The DEWALT DW872 Metal Cutting Saw is often considered to be a versatile multi cutter and it is best used in cutting different types of materials and these metals here also includes non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

This saw from DEWALT makes use of a carbide-tipped blade which makes sure that this saw maintains a consistent depth of cut as long as it works or functions and here is the most exciting part of this saw, it cuts up to eight times faster when compared to portable saws and four times faster when compared to chop saws.

One more thing is that its carbide-tipped blade features a lower cut per cost unlike when cutting using abrasive wheels and you can count on its specially designed carbide teeth to offer precise, fast and burr-free cuts always which takes away the need for finished cuts and preparation grinding.

There is also stability when working with this thanks to its extra-wide steel base while its heavy-duty compression spring helps in offering smooth movement and ensuring durability.


  • Delivers amazing cuts unlike in abrasive wheels
  • Its saw can be disassembled easily for servicing
  • High-quality blades


  • Features plastic parts
  • Has a bad clamp
Customer Reports

Out of the box, this is the best metal cutting tool I have ever used; the speed clamp on the platform is a nice feature and holds material securely. Cutting mild steel generates almost no sparking and was fast, clean and square. I’m not using an abrasive chop saw again unless I am in dire straits or needing to cut a car in half. The packaging, however, is another story, nearly no protection, the box was very beaten up when I got it and the end cap over the brushes was damaged. No other damage apparent, luckily. Awaiting response from Amazon or DeWalt on the negative packaging feedback I submitted. The photo is of the box as it was when I opened it. No foam, no reasonable corner supports.


I use my saw on an industrial job site. I’m in the business of pipe and structural welding. We have made numerous repetitive cuts, such as a flat bar from 1/8″ to 3/4″ thickness, a small-bore pipe, and angle iron. This saw saved tons of man-hours and money compared to a welder with oxy/acet torch. It makes smooth straight or miter cuts, with no cleanup time. It is also great for miter cuts on building handrails and structural projects.

2. Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 15-Inch Steel Cutting Chop Saw

This is also a very good option if you are looking for the best dry cut metal chop saw and the Evolution EVOSAW380 Cutting Chop Saw is one that does not require the services of coolant as it is properly designed to make cuts using a lesser amount of sparks or heat.

It features a powerful 15 amp motor combined with a reliable gearbox that has a high torque that makes sure every cutting performance is topnotch as well as making sure that motor load is well reduced. It is able to make impressive cuts thanks to its 14inch steel cutting blade.

Stability is one of the eye-catching features of this dry cut metal chop saw as it comes with a heavy-duty aluminum base which also makes this tool the right tool for making industrial metal cuts.

Now, this saw is preferred among many users simply because its designs make it outshine or out-performs other kinds of saw like the abrasive saw and this is because it features a longer blade life and is able to cut through materials faster.

It comes with a 3-year warranty and cuts through metal roofing, tube, pipe and more.


  • Makes great cuts
  • Cuts with no sparks
  • Has a quick tighten or quick-detach design


  • Not a professional saw
  • Loud
Customer Reports

This is an impressive saw. I bought this to complete some projects and custom work. I’d been putting it off for some time due to the price. But now I’m glad I finally got it. This saw is impressive! Used properly, it cuts through mild steel like butter, leaves a practically bur free cut, that is cool to the touch. I’ve also cut copper bar, and bronze plate with it. Again, it cuts through these materials like a blowtorch through butter. I love it! Helped me get very precise cuts for my latest stair rail project. Precise measurements, along with precise cuts even non-standard angles, lead to an easy assembly true to print.


I have been using this saw for a few weeks now after purchasing it on Amazon. So far, I am 100% pleased with it. The motor has plenty of power to cut through 3/8 ” square tubing. I also have cut a few pieces of oak with the blade that came with the saw and it did a nice job and did not splinter the wood at all. Everything was adjusted well for use right out of the box. The saw does throw metal shavings on the floor, but if that is the worst of it, then I am very happy with this saw. The saw was shipped promptly.

3. Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 TCT Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw

Another solid addition from the Evolution Power Tools company and this actually shows that the Evolution Power Tools brand is only concerned with the making of high-quality tools that would meet up with users’ standards, needs and requirements.

What you are having a look at right now is the Evolution Power Tools RAGE 4 TCT Multipurpose cutting chop saw and just like the previous saw from the Evolution brand that we just finished talking about, this right here also doesn’t make use of coolant as it cuts using minimal sparks and heat.

Going through most of its reviews online, most people were pleased with this saw and also found it very easy for you.

Some even said it is easier to use than working with a hacksaw and guess what, this is the type of saw that would not use up too much amount of space in your workshop as it is designed not only to be portable but also to be compact.

It boasts of featuring a high-quality material construction that contributes to its long life span and one last thing that you should know about this tool is it completely says no to building up of heat when it is being used.


  • The lightweight design makes it easy to carry around
  • Cuts easily
  • Affordable


  • Its fence failed to hold
  • Flames and smoke came out of its motor after making the first cut
  • Has an odd arbor size
Customer Reports

This is the second Steelmax that I’ve purchased in the last 5 years. I keep one in our shop and one in our mobile welding trailer. Base and clamp and very strong, the motor have a ton of torque. I’ll never go back to an abrasive saw again.

Amazon Customer

I recently bought this saw to use at work. I have made hundreds of cuts on 3/8″ x 3 flat bars on a single blade with no problems. I love the saw! It’s a huge improvement to the old chop saw or angle grinder.

4. DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop Saw

Here is another dry cut metal chop saw from the DEWALT brand to find its way to another spot in this review and this saw is for people who are looking forward to making quick, accurate and easy crosscuts and it delivers a clean job thanks to its impressive keyless quick-change wheel change design.

Securing materials while working with this saw is extremely as it comes with a quick-lock vise design which makes sure materials are properly held when cutting and you can trust this saw to make tougher cuts thanks to its powerful 15 amp motor.

A portable design which rhymes with any users body and also easy wheel changes makes this saw easy and smarter to work with and here is an appealing feature of this saw, it offers soft starts which makes its gear to last longer and also help in improving the motor life of this tool.

It is also properly designed to fit the hands so it can be properly handled as well while its quick-change blade design allows users to be able to change its wheels without requiring the services of a wrench tool.


  • Ideal for medium and heavy-duty tasks
  • Its carrying handle makes it easy to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful and has a quick change blade design


  • Cam-Lock isn’t properly aligned
Customer Reports
SasE and Gang

I was purchasing Makita 14″ Chop Saws for our Welding Dept but they were only lasting about a month before the brushes failed. I switched to this DeWalt and have not had any problems. It gets used several hours a day. The trigger handle is friendlier too, more ergonomic. Worth the money.


Bought it for my husband. He’s a blacksmith. Trying to get his own shop going. He says he likes it a lot.

5. Ironton Dry Cut Chop Saw

The Ironton Dry Cut Metal Chop Saw is at our number fifth position in this interesting and entertaining guide and it is one designed to handle tough cuts thanks to its 120V motor as well as a 10.5 powerful amp.

This is a multipurpose dry cut metal saw which can be used under various applications like in cutting of conduit, angle iron, pipe, as well as cutting through solid steel tubes.

Users would be able to work conveniently with this tool as it features a D-shaped handle that offers comfort when work is carried out using this tool.

If you want a dry cut metal chop saw that would be able to handle all kinds of tough metal cutting jobs all day long then this saw right here is what you need.

It comes with a cast steel base that offers total stability when making cuts and guesses what, it comes with a quick-release vise which helps in making repeated cutoffs. You can also trust its carbide-tipped blade to deliver accurate and clean cuts.


  • A handy tool for use in your workshop
  • Offers a decent amount of power to make cuts
  • Makes fast and clean cuts
  • Easy to transport and use


  • Its arbor tightness should be checked before use
Customer Reports
Diane Schrader

Wow does this thing cut! Don’t stand over it, throws chips everywhere, great saw!

Robert W. Hippe

The saw was easy to take with me to jobs. Worked well-cutting tubing for railing fabrication.

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6. Slugger by FEIN MCCS14 Metal Cutting Saw

This is a type of dry cut metal saw that makes loading and starting look very easy and guess what, there would not be any form of kickbacks experienced while making use of this tool.

Handling and use are all easy when it comes to this dry cut metal chop saw from FEIN SLUGGER brand and with the combination of low cut speed and making cuts at different angles, users would find it very easy to cut through aluminum and stainless steel material with so much accuracy and precision.

Its high-quality blade and retracing ability are also what makes operating this tool very easy and here is what most people find appealing about this chop saw, it comes with a tray for collecting metal dust and this helps in ensuring that you maintain a clean working environment.

Its eye protection gear also ensures that the eye is well protected when changing gear and the fact that this tool doesn’t generate too much heat as well as its ability to make clean and accurate cuts allows users to work with it comfortably for long hours.


  • Stable and versatile
  • Offers a smooth start
  • Makes accurate and precise cuts
  • Simple to use


  • This tool isn’t portable
  • A bit expensive
Customer Reports
Anthony Seran

Someday, many years from now my son’s son will use this saw. I am confident he too will revel in its ability to precisely and quickly cut metal. This saw is incredibly well built. Its cuts are super clean and very accurate. The metal is cool enough to touch immediately after the cut and I experience virtually no sparks.


Great saw. It is exactly the right tool for the job of cutting mild steel. I’m transitioning from IT to starting a welding business after finishing school and I knew that I would need a quality saw for the shop. It was between the Evolution and the Slugger and the only reason I went with the Slugger was the more common 14″ blades. I had a HF chop saw and the major problem with all abrasive saw blades is deflection at the end of the cut. I’m cutting a 4″ piece of plate steel and the last 1″+ looks like a ski jump. Nothing was even square after being cut.

7. Morse, CSM14MB, Chop Saw, 14 In. Blade

The next best dry cut metal chop saw that anyone can settle for to deliver a high-quality result is the Morse CSM14MB chop saw which comes with a 14-inch blade and we have found this tool to be very versatile and powerful which is why it is also another good option to make use of when cutting materials like pipes, tubes, conduits, iron, metals and more.

Unlike other chop saws that you are likely to find that makes noise, this right here is completely noiseless and doesn’t generate sparks or smells.

Instead, it makes use of low speed and high torque which helps in cutting different kinds of metal with various kinds of thickness.

Users would find this tool very easy to use because of its safety features and that is why it is also believed to be the best option not just for professionals but also for handymen.

It comes with a retractable feature that ensures safety when working with this tool why its protective eye goggles make it ideal for use at home as well. It is fast in cutting through materials with varying thickness.


  • Cuts down on stress and fatigue
  • Cleaning and maintaining this tool is easy
  • Comes with several safety features
  • Its design helps in cutting down on wastage


  • Strange miter gauge adjustment
  • Expensive tool
Customer Reports
Larry J.

Very Good Saw. I read a lot of reviews about people buying cheaper products to save a buck and being quite upset about doing just that. This is not a machine you want to go cheap with for safety reasons alone. This MK Morse Saw has a heavy-duty clamp. Its jaws are much thicker than its competition. Coupled with the v-blocks, and it’s superb. It’s not a quick clamp system so you will have to turn a lot if you cut a variety of sizes. I put my money on a stronger clamp vs saving time any day. Powerful motor. Like most dry saws, it’s quite noisy so wear ear protection. Mine came with safety goggles and one set of disposable earplugs. I highly recommend using both. Great Machine. It will easily outlast me.

Bill b.

I’ve had this saw for a while now and I love it! It works way better than the abrasive saw it replaced. I like the thick metal base it has though it is a soft material, aluminum I think. I have a lot of cuts with it and am still on the first blade. On the negative side, I had it for about three months and the switch broke. The company won’t sell parts directly so you have to locate a business that deals with MK Morse. I found a switch thru Sears that almost fits but it works.

8. PORTER-CABLE PCE700 15 Amp Chop Saw

I’m quite sure that if you are familiar with brands that make quality power tools then your mind would be fixed on the Porter-Cable brand and here is the first chop saw from the Porter-Cable brand to find its way to this informative review.

This is what we consider to be a cost-effective tool that comes with lots of safety features as well as versatile features including adjustable features, a high-speed motor and also a spark detector. It comes with adjustable brushes which helps in enhancing the lifespan of this tool.

Thanks to its spark detector, cutting with this tool has been made visible therefore giving way to an accurate and precise way of cutting while its stable steel base makes this tool remain stable and well balanced so as to make the right cuts.

Changing the blade of this chop saw is quite easy thanks to its inner spindle lock design and just like the last chop saw we just finished talking about, the PORTER-CABLE PCE700 chop saw is designed to have smooth starts.

This tool is also very affordable and can be used both by professionals and home users.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Cuts with high precision and accuracy
  • Simple to use


  • Doesn’t come with onboard storage for a wrench
Customer Reports
Big Bob

A quality chop saw for cutting shaped steel, so far the largest I have cut is 2x2x1/4″ angle. Some lessons learned for future buyers: A) Stand flat bar vertically in the saw to make it easier to cut. B) Make sure you have a flat surface when cutting otherwise the base will naturally flex causing misalignment and lousy cuts. C) Use a speed square to align the vise when making 45 and 90-degree cuts. Comes with an Allen wrench to adjust vice angles.

Joe B

It was less expensive for me to purchase this saw vs. renting one locally. I’m very glad I did. It handled the job I needed easily, was very easy to set up and use and is of good quality for what I needed. Very good purchase, especially for the price. If you need super high-end, this probably isn’t for you, but if you need a straight forward chop saw to do some work, this is an excellent choice.

9. Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw

The MAKITA brand is also another brand that can be trusted to make reliable power tools and the Makita 12 inch LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw is one designed to work with high speed in order to deliver an amazing performance.

The level of performance it delivers is what makes it a good option for cutting through different types of materials and also making miter, tubing and angle cuts.

It features a carbide-tipped blade which helps in making accurate and clean cuts and here is the most important part, its locking system must be used to prevent injuries.

This metal cutting saw features a very powerful motor combined with lots of interesting features which makes it very easy to make use of. It comes with a well-designed handle that offers a comfortable grip when working.

However, this saw is designed only for industrial purposes as it would not serve any purpose at home and changing its blade is one of the easiest things to do on this saw.

It comes with a tray that serves to collect metal chips so as to make sure your work environment is clean and adjustments can be made on this saw without making use of a tool.


  • Easy to transport anywhere
  • Comes with a locking mechanism which promotes safety
  • No sparks
  • It is very easy to maintain


  • Its in-built blade isn’t designed for cutting stainless steel materials
Customer Reports
Nick W.

Just built a trailer with this. What used to take a full day cutting plus another day of cleaning all the dust-up took just 3 hours. This thing is a beast and ill never go back to a chop saw or grinder. The cuts are perfect and square. Virtually burr less and cool to the touch. Not any louder than a chop saw, if not possibly quieter. Still on my original blade and have zero issues. The only complaint is the “chip collector tray” is a joke and I’m pretty sure it catches about 10 percent of the chips. I don’t really care and doesn’t affect the rating but would be nice to see one of these things with adequate chip/dust collection.


The first thing I did was use this saw to build a nice stand for it. For the money, this seems like a deal as long as the blades hold out. The only alternative is a real cold saw that weighs 600lbs runs on 3 phases and costs many thousands of dollars so the choice seems clear for the light fabricator and or garage builder. The cuts are accurate and precise. The only thing that is lacking is a way to set stops at 90 and 45 degrees so I don’t have to get out my triangle every time I change the fence, maybe I will find a workaround.

10. Proxxon 37160 KGS 80 MICRO Chop Saw

We are rounding up this review with the Proxxon 37160 KGS chop saw and this is a portable and lightweight saw which features a clamping system for holding materials so it can be able to make cuts at various angles.

For this reason, this is one of the best secured dry cut metal chops saw on the market and it doesn’t generate noise while in use therefore making users very productive.

This is why we recommend this tool if you work in a very quiet environment and its powerful motor also works at high speeds.

One of the safety features that it comes with is a blade guard which helps in preventing injuries when working with this tool and you can also trust its carbide-tipped blade to help rip materials and also in creating frameworks.

Making accurate cuts at various bevel angles is also what we love about this tool and this is the kind of chop saw that can be used both by professionals and by home users.


  • Comes with a noiseless motor
  • Comes with safety features which makes it easy to use
  • Precise
  • Durable


  • Its blade guard isn’t totally visible
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cutting jobs
Customer Reports

This Proxxon saw is perfect for my needs. High quality, powerful and precise. I build custom LED lighting and needed a good saw to cut the aluminum channels I use. I purchased the 36-Tooth Carbide Tipped Saw Blade for the aluminum channels and it cuts easily and clean. As I read a lot of reviews about the smoked plastic blade guard and not being able to see your cut line, I found a simple solution, trim 1/2″ off the blade guard and works perfect (see photos). The adjustable clamping vise is another great feature. I would give this 10 stars!


Don’t let the size fool you, this saw is a workhorse. Wood, soft metal, plastics can all be cut. I primarily use it for golf club shafts and aluminum trim pieces. I did make a modification suggested by another reviewer. I trimmed the bottom of the blade guard to allow a better sight line to the work.

Final Words

We have talked about the best dry cut metal chop saws together with their unique specifications and features which both professionals and homeowners would find very useful.

However, these tools are completely safe and stable to make use of and they can also be used in various applications.

What you would find in this review is the best chop saw tools and you can go ahead and make your choice from the products we have listed for you as we are certain you would find one that would meet your needs.

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