10 Best Pole Saws – 2024 Buying Guide And Recommendation

best pole saws

You can describe pole saws as the convenient part between a chainsaw and a stepladder and this helps in the creation of a tool that is capable of chopping down leaves, plants, branches and brushes even while they are at some distance away.

A lot of models are designed with the aim of trimming leaves and if you are in need of one then you should check out our best pole saws review which contains ten of the best products just for you.

Best Pole Saws – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best pole saws

If you want to cut down unwanted flora leaves that have grown in spaces that are difficult to reach then a pole saw is just about the best tool for use and it is also effective in cutting down trees that are thin from a distance.

Today we are talking about the best pole saws but the main question is if you need one right now, how would you be able to identify it? This is a common problem which professionals and homeowners battle when shopping for a pole saw.

You might have all the time in the world to carry out some research on the best pole saws but in this case, that has already been taken care of for you as we have done the hard work for you. We have carried out our studies, did researches, went through several reviews and we have put together the best pole saws in this review.

If you want to learn about pole saws but don’t know where to start then this is simply the best place for you to start.

When it comes to shopping for a pole saw, it can be challenging to find the model that would just be right for you as pole saws-all varies in terms of cutting power, length, weight, design, power source among others. These terms that we have mentioned have a huge role to play in the weakness and strength of each pole saw.

This review is on the best pole saws that we could find so you would not encounter any difficulty or challenge shopping on your own today;

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Best Pole Saws Review

1. Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw

best pole saws

Our best pole saws review kicks off with the Greenworks 40V cordless pole saw which has an easy to adjust tension system and easy to extend shaft and both of these features are designed to offer maximum control overpower as well as cutting range while making use of this tool.

This cordless pole is designed to be extended up to eight feet and thanks to having a durable body mean this pole saw are strong and tough.

What we love about this pole saw is its automatic oil system that makes sure its internal system is well protected and lubricated.

The end of this pole saw has a well-cushioned grip which helps in cutting down on blade vibrations and offering smooth operation and unlike other pole saws that makes use of an in-built engine, this pole saw makes use of battery power which enables it to make up to sixty-five cuts without having to recharge it.

One last feature ab0out this power tool is it onboard battery indicator which helps in displaying how much power you have left to work with.


  • Comes with an automatic oiler system
  • Has a durable design
  • Comes with an in-built battery indicator


  • Its blade doesn’t turn
  • Makes a grinding noise

2. Oregon Cordless PS250 8-Inch 40V Telescoping Pole Saw

This pole saw is one that can be made use of at various angles and this is made possible thanks to its good balance weight distribution.

This designed helps in taking away problems like having a particular side heavy or lighter than the other side and unlike in other pole saws, this right here comes with a smaller blade which most people believe to be a downside but also ensures that taking down branches and brushes are done with precision and accuracy.

This smalls sized blade also helps in cutting down the total weight of the tool and when comparing this pole saw to standard gas saws, it was revealed that this saw is four times quieter than a gas saw.

It also delivers accuracy, potential and high cutting power and guesses what, users do not have to wear ear protection so as to reduce the sound or vibration that comes with working with this tool. It doesn’t emit or give off bad smells since it is battery powered.


  • This is a well-balanced pole saw
  • Features a compact cutting head
  • Starts up instantly


  • This pole saw has a poor fitting

3. Sun Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Featuring an internal lubrication system, the blade of this pole saw would turn smoothly at all times no matter the material that is being worked on and you can also count on its reliable 6.5amp motor to be able to tackle objects that are about 7.5inches hard.

This makes this pole saw the perfect tool for cutting through smaller trees and logs with ease. What we admire about this pole saw is its ability to extend to 8.7 feet without compromising its cutting strength.

For this reason, you can be able to work on branches and trees which need trimming down but are difficult to reach. Furthermore, it comes with a chain tension screw which helps in adjusting the cutting performance of the chain without having to disassemble the entire tool.

Finally, there is also an easy to hold foam which is useful in helping to absorb vibrations and shock that users might feel when working with this pole saw.


  • Has an internal automatic lubrication
  • Its body extends to reach difficult areas
  • Has a strong motor
  • Features a soft grip foam


  • Feels a bit heavy

4. Remington RM1035P Ranger II Pole Saw

What we find appealing about the Remington Ramger Pole saw is two in one design which ensures it tackles objects that are quite close and this also makes it easy to work with this pole saw which has a pole based design that makes it ideal for trimming down hedges, branches and also for gripping and cutting like a conventionally styled chainsaw.

This pole saw is designed to extend up to ten feet, making sure that you have access to difficult regions.

Its shaft is designed using non-slip and anti-rotational materials which ensures that the entire unit stays in one piece and this is also important because it makes sure that you do not lose hold or control over this pole saw when working with it.

Losing hold of this tool accidentally could be devastating and one last feature is its blade branch hook which enables users to wipe out a very large branch in just one pass.


  • Easy mode of operation
  • Convenient starts
  • Has a self-oiling design
  • Eliminates loss of hold or control


  • Heavy
  • Its chain falls off easily

5. WORX WG309 8 Amp 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw

The WORX WG309 electric pole saw comes with an automatic tension system which helps in boosting the lifespan of this pole saw and the combination of a reliable and strong 8 amp electric engine also guarantees that you would be able to make use of this tool for a longer period of time before having to pay trips to a repair shop to fix it or probably shop for a better replacement. It lasts longer than most pole saws which you would come across today.

Regardless of the size of this pole saw, it is also capable of extending to about eight feet if the need arises and it isn’t just large or lightweight for the fun of it. All of these comes together to make this tool easy and convenient to use.

Its extendable design makes it ideal for trimming overhead branches without missing out on the target and you would not lose grip of this tool even under wet conditions thanks to its well-balanced and comfortable grip.


  • Has a longer lifespan
  • Offers a firm and balanced grip
  • Lightweight body build
  • Performs consistently


  • Very heavy
  • Its chain requires constant tightening

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6. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw, 8-Inch (LPP120)

With a high capacity 20V battery, the BLACK+DECKER electric pole saw is one capable of making up to one hundred cuts once it is charged and what this simply means is this is the type of pole saw that you can make use of when trimming down trees without having to pause or stop halfway because of a low battery.

Its shaft is designed to extend up from 6.5 feet to about 10 feet, therefore, making sure you are able to get to areas that cannot be reached.

You can also control the movement of this pole saw thanks to its lightweight design. The main interesting part of this pole saw is its ability to be disassembled in three different parts so it can be easily stored when it is not in use.

Its disassembling is also important as it makes cleaning up and checking for damages easy when necessary and one more thing, users do not have to move about with a pole that measures up to six feet when moving about with it.


  • Has a compact design
  • Its battery lasts longer
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Has a high cutting rate


  • Doesn’t last long as expected

7. Sun Joe 10 inch 8.0 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw

Being lightweight and compact are the first two features you would notice about the Sun Joe electric pole chain saw and it is also familiar for its easy-to-use design, lightweight and additional power that makes it easy to tackle tough branches.

Its head is easy to adjust so as to cut at awkward angles and you can also trust that its body is capable of stretching up to 8 inches. The lightweight design also makes it easy to hold this pole saw right above your head.

When working with this pole saw, you would not be worried about being weighed down as it has a lightweight build and a very important aspect of this pole saw is its automatic lubricating power which makes sure the blades don’t get dull or fade.

This ensures that it meets up with all the necessary cutting conditions while its 8 amp motor also helps in providing a good amount of strength need for all tasks.


  • Has a lightweight and compact design
  • Comes with a strong motor
  • Its head can be adjusted
  • Proves to be safer than most models on the market


  • A defective product got delivered according to a customer


This is considered to be the best pole saw for the money and the BLACK+DECKER LPP120B pole saw is one that is designed to offer great value at a very affordable price.

Looking away from its price there are lots of features that would make you fall in love with this tool and one feature that everyone loves about this tool is the fact that it measures up to fourteen feet which ensures that it gets to any area that needs to be worked on in your home.

However, this pole saw features a battery swap design meaning that any 20V battery from the same brand as this would power this tool. This comes in quite handy as you can always have a battery at hand to power this tool when necessary.

Weighing just 6.3 pounds, this BLACK+DECKER tool is lightweight and this shows that users would not have any issues lifting up this tool for a long period of time or for lengthy hours.

One complaint we received about this pole saw is that its battery doesn’t last long but that aside, this is a very good tool for tackling overgrown branches.


  • Delivers great value for your money
  • Measures up to 14 feet
  • Allows swapping of battery


  • Battery dies out fast
  • Its battery takes so much time to get charged

9. SILKY New Professional Series 179-39 Pole Saw

This is the best manual pole saw if you are looking specifically for a pole saw with a core manual design and asides from being good looking, this pole saw right here comes with a sturdy blade but most times, there is a limitation to what its blades can do.

Ironically, this is one of the most expensive pole saws that you are bound to come across when shopping for pole saws and being 21 feet long is what makes this pole saw a favorite among many others.

With a length of twenty-one feet, this is the type of pole saw that is designed to offer users with an incredible range which most other pole saws would not be able to get to and this is why most times, homeowners do not have any use for this tool which explains why it is most sought after by professional users.

In conclusion, this is generally a decent tool that guarantees meeting up with most tasks handed to it.


  • This is one with a very long length
  • Best manual design
  • Offers incredible range


  • Very expensive
  • There are limitations to its abilities

10. Sun Joe 20VIONLTE-PS8 Telescoping Pole Chain Saw

This is the last pole saw that we would be bringing to you as we get to the end of our best pole saws review and this is one of the most affordable poles saw that you would come in contact with when shopping for a reliable pole saw for use.

This also means that if you intend shopping on a budget then this is clearly one pole saw that would match your shopping budget but it also combines some positives and negatives that make it rank last in this review.

This is the shortest pole saw that you are likely to find therefore making it precise for the up-close task. Its length does not guarantee a longer or overhead reach and it also doesn’t have the required amount of power that would enable it to power through certain branches.

It is designed to be durable as well but so far, it is the best you can settle for if you are shopping on a budget.


  • Durable
  • Very affordable


  • Weak
  • Short

Best Pole Saw Buyers Guide

Shopping for a pole saw is actually similar to shopping for any other piece of tool or equipment so one thing you need to do for sure is ensuring that you are paying for the right tool.

However, performance isn’t the only factor that you should look out for when shopping for a tool as factors like ease of use, fuel efficiency and safety also need to be taken into careful consideration. These things should be considered especially if you have no experience with such tools.


The reach of a pole saw is quite important because it tells you high you can be able to cut when working in your garden.

If you want to tell how high a pole saw can go then you should check closely for its maximum level of extension and what this means is simply checking for the length of the pole. In some cases, you might come across false pole length but there are trusted brands who do not dish out false pole length to shoppers.

Safety Features

This is one of the most important features that should be considered when shopping for any tool. This is because even well-trained professionals can fall for accidents when working with any tool so going for a tool with reliable safety features is a good investment.

Safety features that are small like emergency buttons are valid and important and there are also automated safety features that can be found on certain but not all pole saws today.


This is also another important factor that should not be neglected and this is for a very good reason. When working with a pole saw you would be forced to lift the tool over your head but it eventually turns out to be too heavy then it might fall to the ground which could cause more damage.

There are pole saws that are light which can be operated using just one hand and pole saws powered using electric are better than saws powered using gas.

Fuel Type

Finding a pole saw with a suitable fuel type also has a huge role to play. For example, pole saws that are gas-powered have the tendency of making more noise and producing bad smells and this makes them quite unpleasant to work with or be around.

However, this doesn’t stop them from generating the maximum amount of power needed to cut down branches and trees. If you want a quiet pole saw then you should opt for an electric-powered pole saw.

Furthermore, electric-powered pole saws tend to be very dangerous to work with especially under wet weather conditions. This means that they are not ideal for use under rainy conditions and if you must invest in an electric pole saw then you have to go for the one that has a waterproof design.

You can also wear rubber gloves if you want to prevent getting shocked while working with this tool under the rain.


If you have gotten to this point then you have gone through all of the best pole saws that we have rounded up and discussed in this review but one tough decision which you have to make is finding that pole saw that would be best used in your garden.

Making a decision might be complicating but selecting through our best ten makes the decision easier on your path. Every tool listed here ranks in quality and value and they are the best you can actually get.

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