Best Time To Water Sod & Common Mistakes To Avoid – 2024 Guide

Without proper watering, a newly sodded lawn is likely to die off and what time of the day you decide to water sod also has a huge role to play in the life of every grass.

If you are bent on keeping your lawn in a good health condition then you definitely need to start making special arrangements on how you can water your sod frequently and also at what time you should. This is why you have our best time to water sod article today so keep reading this article.

Best Time To Water Sod

best time to water sod

When it comes to creating a watering schedule that must be followed when watering sod, one thing that you have to keep at the back of your mind is every newly laid sod needs to be kept moist and not waterlogged.

However, this moisture right here is meant to extend to underneath the sod as it would encourage the sod to take root and newly laid sod should be given at least one inch of water early in the mornings, every day.

The best time to do this is when dew is still fresh on the ground because dew is environmentally responsible for the health of your grass.

If you apply water later in the morning then you are going to wet the grasses again after dew evaporation has taken place and this is likely to cause your lawn to suffer mold and fungus issues.

In the afternoon, applying water also proves to be sufficient for grasses.

The only problem with it is that it is in the afternoon that water tends to evaporate quickly therefore making the act nothing but a waste.

Checking The Moisture Of The Sod

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You can check for the moisture of the sod by lifting and feeling the sod tiles as well as underneath the soil. Your soil and your sod should be moist remember but make sure they do not get soaked.

Whenever you walk on sod, it should produce a squishing sound and if your sod becomes overly wet then give it some time to get dry before you go on to water again. Having a dry or wilted sod tells you that your sod requires to be watered.

Watering Sod In Hot Weather

If it happens that sod is being applied under the hot weather condition of any given day or maybe during the hot summer period then your sod would definitely need to be watered more often and this means it can be watered either once or twice every day.

Watering just once in the morning and repeating the same thing in the evening is the best way to get the best result and also keep your sod in a good health condition.

Most gardeners when they try to water sod always have to deal with waterlogging. So if you are a gardener that struggles with waterlogging then what you must do is ensure that each time you water sod, it shouldn’t last for more than ten minutes.

Dealing With Rooted Sod

One key thing you should know about sod is that it takes up to one to three weeks for it to root the soil and the moment rooting takes place, your watering schedule should be cut back gradually.

Cutting back your water schedule doesn’t really apply when the weather is extremely hot or during the dry period of the year so applying one inch of water early in the morning, once every week would definitely keep your lawn green and healthy.

You can count on this infrequent and deep watering pattern to help promote healthy root and also maintain a lush and beautiful lawn.

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