5 Things all Wow Beginners Should know about Mythic+ Keystones and Dungeons

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We truly live in a gamers paradise, as regardless of the genre of video games you prefer, the offer of games is really vast. What this means for us, as players, is that we can try ourselves in many things and, what’s even more interesting and significant, as many characters. It’s perhaps needless to say how every character has a different set of skills and possibilities, which enriches every game as it gives players a unique chance to relive the same quest from a different perspective or with different duties and responsibilities. All of this is perhaps best presented in one specific genre of video games, massively multiplayer online games.

What makes MMORPGs so engaging?

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One of the biggest advantages of this genre is that you can play your favorite game not only from every corner of the world with the Internet coverage but play alongside friends living in different parts of the world as well. The whole concept of gaming changed, and today, mainly due to exactly this fact, we see many new games created so that they have an online multiplayer mode. It really revolutionized the gaming world.

World of Warcraft, as the most popular of them all

One of the pioneers of this genre is, of course, World of Warcraft, but what makes it so popular even today is that with all modes, updates, and expansion packs, players were encountering new bosses and quests, and even though the storyline changed, it still provided that special and unique experience, just like the original. It’s what separates it from the other games and why so many people are thinking about joining this epic journey and conquest.

Before you start, you should inform yourself just to get to know the basics and realize how drawn to this world you could get. Among all other things, you need to learn what mythic+ Keystones and Dungeons represent, so let’s focus more on that now.

What does “plus” mean?

Many new players are confused when they see “plus” in the name of the game and do not know what to expect from it, so we will solve the dilemma and explain it further.

  • Mythic+

When it comes to Mythic+, that means the game has almost the same interface as regular Mythic, which means that you can expect the same maps, bosses, dungeons, and everything else. The only but pretty significant difference is the game difficulty, hence the name, as it is much harder to play the plus version than the regular one. It is created for players that already have some playing experience, and even they can expect that it will not be easy to beat some of the regular bosses because they are much stronger and much more difficult to defeat. There is no need to worry about points and bonuses since it is all increased, or it would be impossible to play this version of the game.

  • Dungeons

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The same thing is with dungeons too, and although even the regular ones can be pretty challenging to win, dungeons in Mythic+ are even harder and require amazing skills. Since they have a much higher difficulty rate, you will get various bonuses and rewards to help you win the game. The difference between regular and these “plus dungeons” is not only in difficulty since the way we get rewards is different too.

In regular ones, owners and bosses drop points in the loot, while in the plus version, players get them directly in their inventory once a week or after finishing tasks. These +dungeons are even harder to win because of the time limit because we need to finish all the tasks in time, which can change our game plan a lot. Since the bosses are much stronger and much better equipped, it is almost impossible to beat them without using mounts to move around the game. There are various mounts to choose from, and trying to play without them is not a very good idea.

  • Keystones

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If we want to access different zones of the WoW universe, we need to use keystones that we can find in dungeons. It may look simple, but it is not since the keystones are protected by bosses or hidden around the dungeons, and it can be pretty challenging to get them. Another problem is the time limit, which means that if we fail to complete the task in a certain amount of time, they will stop working, and we cannot use them anymore. You can have only one keystone in a week, and because of that, it is necessary to complete the mission during that time, or you need to wait for another one.

Everything is better with friends

As the genre of the game itself suggest, WoW is a multiplayer game, which means you will need a group of people to help you finish the tasks much easier. Even those people whose friends are not interested in the WoW universe can find a group of people willing to play with them and communicate with them through game chat. The larger the party, the higher the chances to defeat bosses faster. Make sure to add them to your Friends list in the game, and the game itself provides a unique feature called Mythic plus friends where you can find other players with similar characteristics and levels and ask them to join you.

Don’t hesitate to use boosts

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Boosts are not a cheat code but can be of great help when dealing with bosses in +Mythic Dungeons, and you would be surprised how many players use them. Namely, most of the players struggling on this level are in need of mount to move faster, and that’s where boosts can help a lot. Of course, there are many other things you can get with boosts that can do wonders regarding your character, like a boost to increase the loot, or you can even rent a team to help you fight the boss so, for more info on that, make sure to check https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-mythic-plus-dungeons-boost.