5 Reasons Why Gamers Still Love to Play World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is an online, multiplayer game that has been present in the gaming market for over a decade. The game was developed after the hard work and efforts of the international gaming company ‘Wargaming’, and features the tanks and other artillery vehicles used by soldiers in the 20th century. The game is now available online, and on all major gaming platforms, like Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation. The game is considered as one of the best war games ever created in the history of video games.

With the game being based on the wars fought by Russia and neighboring countries in the 20th century, around the Cold War era, the cultural connection it builds with the players is impeccable. This is one of the major factors of the international success of the game.

Since the game is of war and shooting genre, it can become a bit troublesome for the players and users to fully understand the game in the first go. To make this easier on the players and the gamers, many online websites, web pages, and gaming guides are available on the internet. Players can check one of them, here at nemotrainer.

World of Tanks is still a fan favorite as many gamers and users are still continuing to play the game, even after being released in mid-2010. The game has a diverse and very supporting fanbase and that is what makes it one of the most critically and commercially claimed games of all time.

There are a few reasons behind the game’s huge success and popularity, a few of which are covered in the list stated below. Given below is a list, which consists of 5 reasons why gamers still love to play World of Tanks:

1. Free to play

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World of Tanks is an MMO ( Massive Multiplayer Online ) game that is absolutely free to play and win. The game developers did not want to chase for money, rather, they were focused on delivering the best of their potential for the entertainment of the players and other gamers. Players can level up and finish the game after collecting the diamonds and XPs from all over the game and all this is free of any cost.

However, World of Tanks allows a few mini transactions every now and then. Gamers and users have the option to pay for special features which were present in the later stages of the game or level up quicker than the others. This way, the players and gamers can finish off sooner and with much more score points than the rest.

2. Easy gameplay

Even after belonging to the war genre, the game does not require its players and users to be professional MMO players. All the features and levels can be accessed by anyone and everyone. However, it must be noted that games including sensitive topics such as violence and shooting are not meant for children under the age of 13.

The game is really simple, with the users supposed to control the various battleships and tanks present in the game and fight off the enemies. The game skips all characters and their development, thus only leaving what is important enough to keep the players and gamers hooked, i.e. battles. Any person from any age group, irrespective of their gaming background, can play this game easily, without any difficulty, and ace the game in no time.

3. Historical significance

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The game is based on the Cold War and pre World War 1 times, with the artillery vehicles being a replica of those used by the soldiers back then and their combat styles being almost the same as the originals.

All the tanks are loaded with armor and weapons to maximize the damage inflicted to the opponents. All these were quickly noticed by gamers and historians. The game developers made use of facts and have used so much effort in recreating the battleships from history, and it is one of the major reasons why the game is still so popular amongst the players and gamers.

4. New releases

The developers were quick to notice the success and spread of the World of Tanks across the globe and they have been rolling out new releases regarding the game ever since. These include seasonal and promotional Tanks and other artillery vehicles, which are released for a short time frame, like during the Holidays or Halloween. Apart from tanks, they also keep on adding new features and customization for the players to enjoy and thereby, keep them coming back for more.

Seasonal championships also take place, and players are free to join and compete against each other to win in-game diamonds and battleships. However, it must be noted that these vehicles and customization are only for a short period of time, and they are taken off of the market after the particular season ends.

5. Many versions

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For the ease of players and gamers operating from different operating systems and devices, the developers were considerate enough to roll out many different versions for the same game. The regular version is suitable for gamers who like to play it from their computer system or their PCs. World of Tanks: Blitz version was released in 2014, and it supports mobile devices, both Android and iOS.

Moreover, an Xbox 360 version is also available in the market for players using Xbox, and the game is now available for Nintendo and Playstation as well. This creates a vast network of players from all over the world and allows many users to join, irrespective of their gaming device compatibility. All the versions are quite similar to each other, with a few perks of their own.


For a game being available for more than 10 years, it becomes quite a task for it to stay popular. But World of Tanks has been a great success and is still one the finest games in the world of wargaming. Along with its stellar visuals, superior performance, and different combat vehicles which are customizable at the players’ will, the game remains a fan favorite for many.

Lastly, players are reminded that games are made to relax their minds, and are advised to keep their gaming time to a minimum.