How to Efficiently Gear Up in Wow Shadowlands and Get Ready for Raids?


World of Warcraft game is highly popular for many years since it brings a lot of entertainment, thrilling moments, and requires different strategy development. Therefore, all players that love challenges are deciding on this game. In fact, this game is one of the rare that comes with both so many difficulties and excitements.

For instance, collecting gear in the World of Warcraft game can be a difficult task, even if it sounds so easy. Generally, gearing in Wow Shadowlands is something that represents one of the main difficulties for players.

Because of that, below you will find the content that we prepared for you that is going to cover all the ways to gear up in WOW Shadowlands. Additionally, you always have the option for gearing up in a much effective and easier way by conducting with the

You should focus on crafting activity


Players have the chance to choose from a wide range of available gear that is included from level 151 to the 168 level. Among the gear, there are some very beneficial and interesting items such as tailored stuff for cloth wearers, blacksmith material for plate wearers, or trendy leatherwork for the ones that are leather workers.

Despite these, players can collect foot wraps, cords, handcuffs, cloaks, tunics, cowls, trousers, and many more of them. The mentioned items can be perfect for the beginning of your gearing. However, you firstly need to check whether they are available in your class. In case you are wondering what are the ways to collect these pieces of equipment, you should know that you have two options.

One of the options includes leveling up your profession and then collecting materials. You can use them for designing your character. Despite this one, you have the option of purchasing everything from the Shadowland auction house. Do not worry about their prices, because they are very affordable.

Why do not you consider making the most of Dungeon Runs

The second tip that we have for you applies to collecting equipment from levels 158 to 184. The qualifying level is 157, as you can conclude. In case you still did not get to this level, you will need a normal run in order to get the equipment, and in that way, you will also prepare yourself for the mythic and heroic dungeons.

With the heroic dungeons, you will get the equipment at 171 level and with the mythic dungeons, you can get to drop them for level 184. Do not worry about whether you will complete both dungeons because you will achieve that easily whatever the requirements for their level are.

It could be beneficial to aim for Legendary Gear


Once you see that your game is developing and that you make the progress, you will get a new quest that refers to Soul Ash. In general, with the finished Covenant quest, you will come across the Tower of the Damned. One thing to know here is the fact that this is an endless dungeon and at the same time your chance to earn Soul Ash.

They are applying to the equipment from the 190 level to the 235 level and they come with a particular limitation. More precisely, you will only receive a small quantity of the items of Soul Ash on a weekly basis. Most of all is that you will not get legendary gear without the big effort invested.

Only when you reach 1 250 you will be able to build your first gear of this kind. Legendaries are generally available in four ranks. Logically, you will receive a particular rank depending on the base item that you created by Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Jewel crafting.

The minimum rank for any of these pieces of equipment is level 190. On the other hand, the highest rank when it comes to the legendary item is level 235. Additionally, how much you are ranked, you can always accumulate points on a weekly basis and in that way get the upgrade. Of course, you have this option when you finish the Soul Ash.

Accept Mythic and Runs

One of the best ways you can collect items is going for the Mythics and dungeons run. These items are available on levels 187 to 210. It does not matter how many keystone dungeons you get, you can always succeed in receiving gear for level 210.

However, the higher dungeons will require a lot of time for getting the equipment, therefore you will need to be patient and to have proper strategies to achieve that. In general, you will need to secure the Mythic+. Once you start progressing with your class, you will definitely get more pieces of equipment.

Consider getting Valor Points


Players should know that understanding the concept of valor points in WoW can help them gear up. If they are using the Mythic+ system they will achieve that. Additionally, this rule works for the levels from 184 to 220.

Players can get these Valor points in two ways. The one option includes completing Covenant Callings. This means that for every rare calling you will get 35 valor points. Also, for every epic calling, you will get even 50 valor points.

When it comes to the second way of collecting these points it refers to finishing some of the Mythic+ dungeons. If you successfully achieve that, you will get even 135 valor points. The best of all is the fact that valor points are increasing by 750 on a weekly basis.

You can also get the chance to collect Castle Nathria Gear

If you get the Castle Narthia, you will have the opportunity to level up incredibly fast. Raids and loot applicable for items are available on levels 187 to 233. Once you start progressing, you will notice that the first raid has four very challenging levels including an LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic.

You should know that only LFR does not require any additional help, so you complete it by yourself. However, Heroic run will need a group. When it comes to the  Mythic Castle Nathriarun, you will need an entire guild.