Things to Avoid When Playing Video Poker at an Online Casino in Canada


Introduced to the industry in the 1970s when no one could even dream of playing from the comfort of their own home, video poker has captured the attention of many gamblers. It’s essentially a poker machine that feels like a slot and uses the rules of Draw Poker. During the 1990s, when the first online casinos were opened, video poker made its way into the online arena to become even more accessible to every gambling enthusiast. By choosing the best online Canadian casino King Billy , you get access to many versions of video poker games. Many Canadians have probably heard the saying “the home side always has the upper hand”. As for video poker, with the right strategy, you can minimize this advantage, and even turn it to your side in some scenarios. But many players make common mistakes when playing video poker at a real online casino. We’re here to tell you about the things you shouldn’t do when you play video poker games.

Reasons Why Video Poker is So Popular


While many players think that online slots and video poker are the same things, they are two different games. And since they look similar, it makes sense to compare the two games to emphasize the key advantages that make video poker so popular at Canadian online casinos:

  • Video poker gives you more control over the gameplay. Before spinning the slot’s reels, all you can do is decide how much you want to bet and how many paylines you want to use (not all games have this option). What happens next is up to chance. With video poker, you are free to hold whatever cards you choose to form a highly-ranked hand, and so strategy will influence the outcome of the game.
  • A higher payout percentage. Most of the slots available in gaming collection, the best online casino for Canadian players according to reviews, have an RTP in the 93-97% range which is pretty good. But video poker is capable of much more in this regard. So, playing full-pay Deuces Wild, you can get an RTP of 100.76% using an optimal betting strategy. In comparison, the most generous slot machine in terms of RTP is Mega Joker (99%). But no slot gives equal odds to the player and the house, let alone an advantage on the player’s side.
  • Video poker is a game where you don’t have to be afraid to take big risks. Because the payouts for most poker combinations are not as high as in the slots, low stakes yield mediocre prizes. Video poker is characterized by low volatility, which means that combinations will land quite often. What’s more, using a basic video poker strategy, you can gain an edge over the house. That being said, you can safely bet CAD 100 or even higher on each game round (if you have enough budget) to make a nice profit in a short game session.

Video poker is a computerized poker game where you play alone against an RNG. This means that you should forget about various tricks such as bluffing, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Many players see video poker as a great way to learn the rules of a popular card game. And if you want to try your hand at this gambling option, online casino in Canada is a website that can become your preferred gambling spot. Licensed by the MGA and owned by a reputable operator, home to an array of amazing gambling games including all popular versions of video poker.

Video Poker Beginner’s Mistakes

Among the plethora of online casino games in Canada, video poker is an option that can provide a rewarding experience. But many gamblers quit video poker after playing a few rounds. The blame for their frustrations lies in the common mistakes described below.

Wrong Version of the Game


Some players run any video poker machine they come across and play without thinking about payout odds. The truth is that payout odds for the same hands vary from version to version of video poker. With that in mind, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild is where beginners should start. Available in gaming collection, these video poker versions are the most popular with Canadians.

Wrong Strategy

Video poker is a game that combines luck and strategy. Playing without strategy turns video poker into a slot machine with a pretty low RTP, so strategy matters. You have a Hold button to decide which cards to hold and which to fold, and you shouldn’t ignore it if you want to win more often. Video poker is harder than slots since you need to know common poker combinations to make good decisions. But some video poker machines show poker hand rankings right in the game window to make life easier for poker newbies.

Too High Stakes


When choosing a casino online to play real money games, you should plan your gaming budget properly. Although we said above that video poker is a low-volatility game that you can bet more on, it doesn’t mean you need to raise your stake to CAD 500 or higher. Start with low wagers to get used to the game. What’s more, casino offers you the chance to try out video poker in free demo mode. Choosing your wager size with your budget in mind is the most appropriate betting strategy.


Another serious mistake video poker enthusiasts make is choosing the wrong online casino. If you end up at a fraudulent website, you’re unlikely to win anything, even if you have brilliant knowledge of basic strategy. Start by choosing a reliable casino you can trust. Among dozens of options available to Canadians, stands out because of many things including an MGA license, quality gaming products from top-ranking providers, a huge selection of video poker variants, and fast cashouts.