4 Biggest UK Lottery Jackpots Ever Won

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The lives and dreams of the vast majority of people do not usually go together. Sometimes it comes true, but if you ask people individually, the general impression will be that everyone regrets something they wanted to happen, but didn’t. Sometimes it’s about business ambitions, sometimes unfulfilled love, the need to live somewhere else, in a different way… Human desires and plans tend to grow progressively, even though some of them have been met and realized.

There is no man, on the Planet, who did not want to win lotto and a lot of money, which goes with it. Sometimes, in times of crisis, poverty, bad business period, maybe the need for more money for some medical treatment … everyone came up with a saving idea of Deus ex machina, in the form of a lottery prize. The UK is also a country where lottery is played intensively. There are several of the most popular and largest lotteries, through which many have already made big profits and significantly changed their lives.

Biggest winners of jackpot lotteries in the United Kingdom:


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The largest amount of 190,000,000 euros was won by a person (or more of them) who have remained anonymous to this day. Not wanting to expose himself in public, make statements, draw attention to himself, he remained permanently unknown. He never shared with the rest of the world and described what he survived while the draw was repeated 22 times, until his numbers were finally read.

2.Colin and Chris Weir

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This Scottish couple went through the classic story ” through hardships to the stars and back”. In 2011 they won 161 000 000e. They originally bought a beautiful house to sell soon and bought a luxury mansion. A huge amount of money was spent on it, along with many other things they bought. They gave a lot and for charity, in the meantime they divorced and went their separate ways. Chris died in 2019 after a short illness, and he left a lot of money to his friends and spent it on a glamorous, eccentric funeral with a lobster feast.

3. Adrian and Gillian Bayford

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This pair won 148 000 000e and immediately started with compulsive and excessive spending. Mansion with pool, travel, luxury items… there was a long list of their wishes and needs… They also divorced and remarried. Adrian with a much younger wife, and Gillian later, with a suspicious guy, who was considered a fraud.

4. Frances and Patrick Connolly

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In 2019, this pair won 114.900 000 e. Generous and noble people, they made a list of friends and acquaintances who need help. Unusual procedure, isn’t it?! They also bought computers for the children so that they could continue learning during the Covid pandemic. They continued a happy life with their children and grandchildren, affording themselves a Jaguar and a trip to the Maldives, as wishes that had been inaccessible to them until then.

Most popular lotteries in the UK:

If you want to find more about most popular lotteries, check this and we will mention just a few.


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Every Tuesday and Friday, millions of impatient and excited Europeans wait for the numbers to be drawn on the EuroMillions. It is one of the most famous lotteries and is played in over 10 European countries. The money you can potentially win is huge. You have a chance to increase your account by 190,000,000 euros. If you want to try yourself in this game, know that the smallest jackpot was 17,000,000 euros, and that is a figure that could launch you into a whole new life. It’s up to you to choose 5 numbers from 1-50, and two more, called “Lucky star,” from 1-12. All you have to do is wait for the draw and pack your bags for some exotic destination. You can only participate if you are resident of one of the countries that are part of EuroMilions group. There are EU countries which don’t participate in it, so pay attentnion.

UK National lotto

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This is the oldest and most famous lottery in the UK. There are a lot of people participating in this National Lotto. It experienced expansion in 1994, when it increased the jackpot and attracted many new players. The draw is on Wednesdays and Saturdays and also has its own rules. 6 numbers from 1-59 are chosen, the win will follow if you hit two.

Irish lotto

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The Irish lotto is also popular and has many followers eager for new life streams. A jackpot of 2,000 euros is offered and many hope that they are born under a lucky star and that they will win the main prize.

However, there are many different stories, destinies and proofs that sometimes, even the largest amount of money is not a guarantee of happiness. There are people who have won the jackpot, continued their lives without too much scattering and enormous spending. Some, again, quickly spent on various unreasonable things and wrong investments, so they were left with nothing, again at the beginning. Individuals were driven by bad family happiness, divorces, quarrels, quarrels and discord, so they divorced and started new marriages with varying degrees of success. There is the term ‘lottery curse’, as if some higher power suddenly intervenes to ruin the winner’s plans. Fortunately, this is only the case in some cases, and the quality of life has improved for most.


As you can see, there are no rules! Someone has amazing things happen during the draw, so he wins the jackpot, and someone patiently plays his whole life combination and nothing. Make your own sequence of numbers, which you believe in, play with and hope for your good luck. If you win big money, remember the poor, the sick and the hungry and share a certain amount with them. Not only will you have a good sense of humanity and nobility, but you can also hope for good things that will happen to you and your family. Gaining money doesn’t mean much if you grab it exclusively for yourself and fall into a state of paranoia and selfishness. Relax, give, so it will return to you through various forms of happiness