How to Make Your Cricket Shoes Last Longer


Cricket shoes are very expensive. So, if you want to make your cricket shoes last longer, you need to take care of them properly. First and foremost, don’t ever wear them on the street. It may look cool, but it can ruin your shoes, especially if they are made of leather.

Secondly, clean them after every match or training session. Even if you have never taken a wicket all day, or scored a run for that matter, at least you will have nice looking cricket shoes. Make sure to clean the soles as well as the outside and inside of the shoe.

Buy Good Quality Shoes


Cricket is usually played on grass, concrete or artificial pitches, which is why it is essential to buy cricket shoes from Kookaburra Australia that provide maximum grip and support when bowling, batting or fielding.

Investing in a pair of good quality shoes will ensure that the sole does not wear out fast. They will also provide better protection from injuries caused due to slipping and falling on the pitch.

Keep them clean

After each use, clean your shoes thoroughly with a warm damp cloth. This will remove dirt from the surface and prevent it from becoming ground into the leather or synthetic material. It will also prevent mold from appearing on your shoes if they get wet during play. You should clean your cricket shoes after every match or practice session to keep them looking fresh and also so that they last longer. Dirt and mud get stuck into the grip grooves, which can reduce its effectiveness over time. You can remove the dirt by wiping it off with a wet tissue or cloth, but if there is caked on mud, then you should use water and detergent to wash it off. Allow the shoes to dry before your next match or practice session.

Keep them dry

When your cricket shoes get wet due to rain in the middle of a match, be sure to dry them thoroughly before storing them away. Stuffing newspaper inside after each use can help absorb moisture and keep them in better condition for longer. Cricket is played in all weathers and on all surfaces. You can get muddy pitches or moist outfield but no matter what, keeping your cricket boots dry will help them last longer as they won’t rot or smell as much from the inside out!

Many players will use a separate pair of shoes for training and matches which helps to keep their game day footwear in good condition. If you don’t have the budget for two pairs, make sure that you clean off any mud before putting them away in a well-ventilated area until next time!

Store them properly


A shoe rack is ideal for this purpose, but if you don’t have one at home, consider storing your cricket shoes under your bed or in another safe spot where they won’t get stepped on by accident. If you have several pairs of shoes, store alternate pairs so that each pair has time to dry.

Clean after every use

It is important to clean your cricket shoes after every use. Dust and dirt can get stuck in the spikes or studs and it will be difficult to remove them later on. If the dirt gets stuck deep in the spike-holes, they might not be able to grip the ground while playing. It might also lead to injuries as a result of slipping.

Dry them properly before storing

If you don’t dry your cricket shoes properly after cleaning, it could lead to the development of foul odor and fungus inside the shoes, especially if you keep them in an enclosed space like a cupboard or closet. Make sure to dry out your cricket shoes completely before storing them away for long periods of time.

Keep away from moisture

Just like any other leather product, water is the worst enemy for your cricket shoes. Water can soak into the inner material and softeners between the upper sole and rubber sole of the shoe and make it lose grip. It may also damage the material used for making your shoe by lifting glue off the surface.

Use deodoriser

Deodorisers help keep away the odor from your shoes without damaging the leather material. You can also put a ball of newspaper inside each shoe when not using it for longer periods of time to keep them dry and fresh smelling when storing for longer periods.

Rotate Your Pairs

The first step to making your cricket shoes last longer is to rotate pairs. Every now and then, give your favorite pair a break and wear another pair from your collection. This will ensure that the shoe does not get worn out too quickly.

Put Shoe Trees


If you’re looking for a straightforward way to make your cricket shoes last longer, then put shoe trees inside of them after every use. Shoe trees are wooden or plastic structures that can absorb excess moisture from the interior of the shoe while preventing creases in the leather.

Keep Them Away From The Heat

You should store your cricket shoes in a cool, dry area. It is best not to store them near any heat sources such as radiators or direct sunlight. Storing your cricket shoes in such conditions can cause the leather and glue to break down over time.

Use a waterproof protector spray

Taking care of your shoes from the moment you buy them is important if you want them to hold up for a long time. Waterproof sprays can be bought online or in-store, and this protective coating will keep water from getting inside your shoes and damaging their materials.

Keep an eye on the studs

The most important part of your cricket shoe is its studs. You must always check that there aren’t any loose studs when you wear them for a match or practice sessions. If you find one, you must use some strong glue to keep it in place. You should also check that all the studs are not too long or short for your convenience. If they are too long, then trim them before going to the ground.

Never use washing machine

You should never put your cricket shoes into a washing machine for cleaning purposes as it may cause irreversible damage to them. The best way to clean them is by using a brush and water as described above.