10 Best Gas Chainsaw Under $200 – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

Shopping for a tool and finding the best product isn’t as easy as most people think it is. For certain people, it is no longer about making use of the best tool but it is now about finding a tool that would yield more as an investment.

This is why we have carried out this best gas chainsaw review under $200 for you not just to find the best tool but also for you to settle with one that would offer the best in returns.

It doesn’t lie between the one that is the highest priced or even the lowest priced but it lies in the one that offers the best value for any money spent on it.

Best Gas Chainsaw Under $200 – Buying Guide And Recommendation

One of the best tools that you can make use of either for your do it yourself projects or in forestry management is a gas chainsaw and for everyone who has at some point in their life made use of a gas chainsaw knows how important working with such a tool is and also all of the benefits that it brings.

They are versatile tools that can be used for a whole lot of things meaning they can be used either for small scale, medium scale and large scale jobs. Professionals and also homeowners and landowners would find gas chainsaws to be a very useful tool.

We hope that you find our best gas chainsaw under $200 review quite useful and if after going through all of these products, you still need more information then we also have some key factors which you would need to look into so you can be able to make up your mind on that product which meets all of your requirements and needs.

Even though there are so many gas chainsaws on the market to look into, we have been able to pick not just the popular but the best gas chainsaws that would be perfect for a $200 budget.

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Best Gas Chainsaw Under $200 Review

1. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 20322

best gas chainsaw under $200

The Greenworks Cordless 203322 40V chainsaw is the product with the best overall quality that we have seen and we based our judgment not just on what we think but also on other people’s reviews and comments.

Despite having so much quality, one would think that this chainsaw would sell for an expensive price tag but surprisingly, this chainsaw is perfect for a two hundred dollar budget.

The first interesting feature of this chainsaw is its brushless motor which makes sure this tool has high power, high torque and also long run time.

This, in turn, helps in leading to lesser wear and tear which is commonly found in most gas-powered chainsaws and by doing this, it also helps in improving or expanding the lifespan of this machine.

With this tool, you would enjoy one the greatest cutting performance that you have ever seen and this is because its motor offers about thirty percent superior torque power.

This brushless motor also features an innovative design which generates about seventy percent less vibration so users can be able to work with this machine conveniently and comfortably.

You would also get a quick release trigger, a handguard and a chain brake if you decide to settle for this awesome chainsaw.


  • Portable and powerful
  • Well balanced tool
  • High cutting power


  • Doesn’t work with Canadian batteries

2. Coocheer 58CC Gas Engine 20 Inch Guide Board Chainsaw

The Coocheer gas engine chainsaw is one that is considered to be very efficient and also very powerful. This is because this chainsaw features a two-stroke motor that makes sure it delivers incredible power which tends to combine with an impressive and top performance fuel consumption design so as to help cut down about twenty percent of its fuel consumption.

This is the type of tool to trust if you intend working on large or medium scale projects such as felling trees of cutting down firewood.

Safety is what drives people crazy about this tool as it comes with a safety design which makes sure this chainsaw doesn’t get switched on accidentally. Its guide oil hole and counter-attack shrapnel all come together to make sure that this chainsaw is quite sawed for use at all times.

However, users would find this tool to be well balanced as it has a soft rubber handle combined with an anti-vibration design which makes sure users find controlling and operating this chainsaw very comfortable and easy.


  • Comes with directions that are simple to understand
  • Simple method of use
  • Used in falling trees


  • None

3. CHAKOR 58CC Chainsaw, 2 Strokes 3.5HP Gas Powered

Here comes another of the best gas chainsaw that you can work with as it is capable of delivering heavy power which can be used in most heavy-duty or medium-scale tasks such as cutting of firewood, storm clean up and also felling of trees.

It does all of this at much higher efficiency and this is absolutely why we believe this chainsaw has to be a part of this review. Users would find this gas chainsaw well balanced when held thanks to its slip-free design which enables users to operate this machine comfortably.

Also, there is a feature that we call an anti-kickback feature which is responsible for fighting off vibrations therefore making this machine extremely comfortable as well.

This is one of the easiest to use gas-powered chainsaws on the market and thanks to its quick stopping design and assisted starting system, we believe that this chainsaw is one that users would feel safe to work with.

Lastly, there is also a safety device that helps in eliminating accidental starts and this also helps in making this chainsaw extra safe to work with.


  • Nice quality machine
  • Works well with perfect instructions on how to use
  • Good machine for beginners as well


  • None

4. Poulan 14 inches Steel Bar 33CC Gas Chain Saw 2 Cycle , PL3314

If you are a homeowner and you have made up your mind to do some lightweight cutting around your yard but still don’t know the right machine to pick for the job then this gas-powered PL3314 Poulan chainsaw is the right machine for you.

This is a gas-powered chainsaw with a 14 inches steel bar and a good feature of this chainsaw is how lightweight that it is combined with all the power that it possesses which makes working around your yard with it very easy. You can count on this tool to cut through limbs and trees.

We found the primer bulb feature on this chainsaw quite appealing and this is because its primer bulb ensures that this chainsaw only has easy starts. However, there is also a handle that is resistant to vibration and this is also very important as it enables users to be able to finish up whatever job they have on their hands.

What you are looking at right here is a tool that you would not be replacing anytime soon and this is because it also comes with an automatic coiler combined with a perfect air filtration system which expands the lifespan of this machine.


  • Very functional
  • Quite affordable
  • Runs good


  • Used for small scale jobs
  • Tough startups

5. Dessen 20 Inch Chainsaw 58CC Gas Powered Chain Saw

The Dessen gas-powered chainsaw is also another efficient chainsaw that anyone would love to make use of when taking care of their garden or around the house. Its gas-powered engine is designed to offer a high amount of steady power as well as reducing the consumption of fuel by about twenty percent.

This is why this machine is perfect when working on your farm, garden and also when cutting woods. An interesting fact about this chainsaw is it makes use of a high-quality chain which is resistant to wear.

Protection and safety are two interesting highlights of this chainsaw thanks to its anti-vibration design which helps in cutting down on vibrations that might arise when working with this chainsaw.

It also comes with a well-shaped and well-balanced design that is responsible for the safety and comfort users enjoy when working with this Dessen gas-powered chainsaw. Finally, this chainsaw has 27 inches to 33 inches cutting width which makes it the perfect choice for preparing firewood, clearing lands and pruning trees.


  • A high-quality machine that leaves users impressed
  • Powerful and clean
  • Very quiet machine
  • Starts with ease
  • Easy to use


  • None

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6. PROYAMA 52cc Gas Chainsaw with Two Chains & Carrying Bag

The Proyama 52cc gas chainsaw is an EPA certified gas chainsaw and what this simply means is that this chainsaw when in use would give out a lesser amount of fuel, therefore, ensuring that it doesn’t cause any form of harm or pollution to the human body.

Another feature which we find interesting about this chainsaw is its 52cc two-cycle engine which is responsible for providing lots of power so this chainsaw can be used carry out several cutting jobs around your farms and your garden.

Durability is another factor that cannot be overlooked when talking about this chainsaw from the Proyama brand as it is designed to make tasks like cleaning up after a storm, cutting wood and also pruning look very easy.

This chainsaw also comes with an anti-vibration system that cuts down on vibrations from generating when working with this chainsaw and this alone helps in making users feel comfortable carrying out several tasks with this chainsaw. It comes with a one-year warranty backing.


  • Powerful and sharp
  • Well built machine
  • Runs very great


  • Has a hefty build

7. Yiilove 58CC Gas Powered Chainsaw 2 Stroke Handed

It is not just about finding a gas-powered chainsaw but finding one that would offer an impressive performance as well as lasting for a long period of time.

If you want a chainsaw capable of doing both then the Yiilove 58cc two-stroke gas-powered chainsaw is what you need and this chainsaw right here comes with a reliable motor that is designed to cut down on how its consumes fuel by about twenty percent.

Having a unique air cleaning system ensures a reduction in fuel consumption and improved air filter life thereby leading to a long lifespan of this machine.

The handle of this chainsaw is well protected and safe thanks to its cushion wrap design which helps in operating, maneuvering and also controlling this chainsaw with ease. Do not forget this chainsaw features a quick-start design combined with a kickball bar and chain of about twenty inches which makes pulling this chainsaw to start easy as well.

Quality, portability and durability are the three best terms used in describing this chainsaw.


  • Has an outstanding design
  • Makes every job look easy
  • Affordable
  • The chain is easy to adjust
  • Starts easily


  • None

8. Poulan Pro 18inch Bar 42CC 2 Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw 

Featuring the combination of a 62 link chain and an 18-inch bar, this chainsaw from the Poulan brand is one design to offer endurance, strength and power which would be required if it is ever going to tackle all the tasks that would be thrown at it.

It comes with a 42cc two-cycle gas-powered chainsaw which makes it the perfect chainsaw for cutting in large size or medium size jobs. However, being a gas-powered chainsaw simply means that you don’t have to worry about plugging this chainsaw into a wall socket or even bother about making use of batteries.

One feature most users found exciting about this chainsaw is that it has a vibration dampening design found on the rear handle of this chainsaw and this doesn’t just make this chainsaw comfortable to work with but also helps in eliminating the risks of feeling hand fatigue.

Lastly, you would also be impressed with its air filter system which ensures that this chainsaw maintains a high-level standard operation therefore leading to the long-lasting lifespan of this chainsaw.


  • No hassle in putting this machine together
  • Durable and also lightweight
  • Does great when cutting trees in your backyard
  • Very easy to adjust


  • The chainsaw doesn’t look new as its body has lots of scratches on it

9. Ladyiok COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC Powerful Gas Chainsaw

This is another gas-powered chainsaw that is designed to deliver a steady supply of power while cutting down by twenty percent the consumption of fuel just as we have seen in some of the gas chainsaws that we have already talked about.

What we find very appealing about this gas-powered chainsaw is its ability to endure high temperatures and this is why this chainsaw is a very good option for people who tend to cut regularly as well as landowners. This chainsaw comes with a multi-use bar which allows it to be used in different areas.

Users would find this chainsaw very easy to start as it comes with a big rope which helps in cutting down on resistance and making this chainsaw very easy to start. This chainsaw is reliable and easy to use and it also comes with a safety valve throttle switch which makes sure this chainsaw remains safe as long as you use.

Its handle has a slip-free design which makes it well balanced and easy to operate. Its handle is also designed to go easy on the hands as users would never complain of hand fatigue.


  • Has an excellent design
  • Performs with ease
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Startup is easy


  • Has some manufacturing flaws

10. COOCHEER Chainsaw 58CC Powerful Gas Chainsaw

We are closing up this product review with a gas-powered chainsaw from the Coocher brand and this chainsaw right here isn’t so different from the previous Coocher chainsaw that we have already discussed in this review.

It features the combination of an automatic chain oiler and a unique air system which helps in ensuring that this chainsaw lasts for a long while.

Its engine is aimed at producing constant power with a 20 percent decrease in fuel consumption while its ability to withstand high temperature makes it ideal for both constant cutters and landowners.

Furthermore, this chainsaw is designed to be slip-free which makes it easy to maneuver, balance and also operate. It also starts with ease as it makes use of a big rope which helps in cutting down resistance by half so as to make sure it starts with ease.

It is also very secure and comes with a safety valve throttle switch which ensures that no hazard or harm happens when making use of this chainsaw.


  • Simple assemble steps
  • Quick delivery
  • Has safety and comfort features


  • Difficult to know what kind of chain to get for this chainsaw

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Final Thoughts

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this review, there are several makers and products of a gas chainsaw but not everything is mentioned in this review.

Finding that tool that would work for you might require you to pay close attention to the details that we have talked about here so you can trust the best ten we have rounded up as they were selected based on customer reviews, capabilities, overall ratings and core features.

All gas chainsaws mentioned here are easy to maintain, lasts long and are also very reliable. Good Luck.