How To Protect Garden Plants From Dogs: Dogs And Plant Protection – 2024 Guide

how to protect garden plants from dogs

The dog which is usually considered as man’s best friend isn’t truly a garden’s best friend and this is because dogs in most cases might tend to step on plants and even break stems when they find their way into a garden.

In some cases, dogs might act like your favorite plant is also the favorite spot where they can relax or play and they are also capable of digging up plants. These are reasons why most people do not allow dogs into their gardens and in this article we would be teaching you how to protect your garden plants from dogs.

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How To Protect Garden Plants From Dogs

how to protect garden plants from dogs

Trying to make sure that plants do not enter your garden anymore might seem like a battle that would never end and going round the internet today, you would realize that there are lots of ongoing discussions and forums on how you can protect your plants from dogs.

There are simple tips that would get you wondering why you never thought about it and there are other tips that would require you to think outside the box. One rare thought is the thought of blowing up balloons and putting them underneath the ground where dogs like to stay in your garden.

The pop sound the balloon gives is likely to scare some dogs away but it would take more than balloon pop sounds to prevent some dogs from coming into your garden. Here are some ideas that you can try out when trying to protect your garden plants from dogs.


If you have a very large yard then one of the ways you can get to protect your garden plants from getting attacked by dogs is by fencing the entire area. Nowadays, decorative garden fences have become a norm in most gardens and there isn’t any law preventing anyone from making a cute-looking little fence in their own backyard that would restrict one’s pet from crossing over and wrecking some damage.

One thing that you ought to do in the free area where dogs can play is making sure that their play items and toys are available to keep them entertained. Learn more on why having a fence in your backyard has countless advantages.

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You can also create a dirt bed that provides your dog with the option of digging and also using it as his bathroom.

Through this means, working in your garden would be comfortable and you would not have to struggle with fending off your dog and tending to your plants at the same time. All you have to do is ensure that the fence you are erecting is tall enough so your dog won’t find it easy to leap over.

However, if your yard isn’t that large then you can make decorative but fictional garden beds to protect your plants and keep dogs out.


Making cages and constructing fences are creative ways to ensure that dogs are kept out from killing your garden plants but what if you don’t like the idea of having random fences right inside your garden.

Mulching in most cases is made using materials that smell good and this might even prompt dogs to dig up your garden the more but have you thought about mulching using materials that are less inviting. Materials that you can make use of when mulching to fend off dogs might include juniper trimmings, barberry, rose stems.

These materials are capable of poking the paws of your dog whenever they decide to dig up dirt in your garden. another mulch deterrent that you can implement in your garden can be creating moats using pine cones.

You can have this all-around your garden or simply around specific plants and even though these pine cone moats might look like adding another decorative look to your garden, it would also poke the paws of dogs and thereby ensuring that they do not return to that place again.

Protecting Indoor Houseplants From Dogs

In some cases, dogs might not be interested in going outside to play and especially on rainy days, houseplants tend to be a way dogs try to keep themselves entertained or when they switch to their destructive mode.

However, houseplants tend to be poisonous which really isn’t good for your dogs to be around them so the only way to ensure that your dogs do not have access to indoor houseplants is to ensure that the plants are entirely out of reach. This means hanging them high up on shelves on hanging them in baskets.

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