6 Handy Features of The Modern Online Video Maker

Online video makers are quickly gaining popularity among businesses and brands for their promotional videos for their practicality. They contain enough tools and features to create amazing videos that will leave a lasting impact on viewers.

The age of technology is moving at a very fast pace, everything is made easier and much more convenient. Gone are the days where you need a heavy-duty computer in order to process and render videos. Nowadays, all that can be done by simply opening an online video maker in your browser.

These changes are bound to happen sooner or later, and we’re that fortunate we are here to witness it. The decreased difficulty in making videos has given video editors and content creators more room for creativity. As a result, the videos being produced today are becoming more and more innovative.

In order for you to stay ahead of the competition, consider using online video makers. It is perfect for the modern-day editor on the go. Here are 6 features that an online video maker has that might just give you the competitive edge.

The Trimming Tool

No good editor will ever pass off as effective without one of the most important features, the trimmer. However, with this tool, you can make precise trims at specific points in the video. This allows a user to cut the videos or split them into multiple clips so you can rearrange them as needed.

It is not hard to trim a video using this online editor. It works the same way as any other software with a trimming feature. You simply highlight part of the video, or put the cursor on a specific point and make the cut.

Promo’s editor also has an easy-to-understand user interface, one look and you’d already know what each of the tools does. It also has the classic timeline like in other editors, so you can see clearly where you’ve trimmed a video. Don’t worry if you make a mistake trimming your clip, there’s an undo feature that will surely come in handy. You can visit this site to see what exactly an online video maker is capable of.

Access to A Large Gallery of Stock Media

Online video creators in general have a wide variety of stock photos you can choose from. That is why a lot of businessmen and new brands use them. It saves them the hassle of trying to get the license for certain photos or pictures.

It’s hard to find photos and videos that you can use without fear of violating any copyright laws. This software acts as a third-party or a middleman that handles all the licensing for you. So, all you have to do is select the photo or video that suits your theme.

The photos and videos that you can use are of very high quality and look professionally made. These same clips that you can choose from definitely look like a professional marketing video. Likewise, the music available for use also fits well for any project you might think of doing. Simply opening InVideo.io, an online video maker, will help you add any music to your video, or edit it as you want it.

Specific Themes for Different Projects

Not many editors can offer outlines that cater to different types of projects. Furthermore, this online video maker has a lot of themes to choose from, ranging from promotional videos to simple greetings. Just select what type of video you’re making and it will create an outline for you.

With the use of themes, you can create a narrative and follow through with the idea that you have. This lets you take your viewers on a journey just by watching a simple video. Once your audience is invested, this may be an opportunity to turn them into potential customers or subscribers.

If you have an outline, it means you can work much more efficiently and have uniformity throughout the entire video. Viewers will definitely appreciate this as you are making your point easy to understand. Nobody likes watching complicated videos with confusing storylines or if there’s too much stuff happening.

Photo to Video Maker

Next, and probably one of the most underrated features, the photo to video maker. It’s really good for quick and easy edits that require multiple pictures. And it does so in a way that doesn’t look amateur, you would think that it was done by a marketing professional.
Think outside of the box and utilize the available resources. The usefulness of this feature doesn’t just apply to businesses and promotional videos for brands. You can create your very own montage of photos, perfect for family gatherings, birthdays, and simple celebrations.

Image and Photo Resizer

This works well with the photo-to video maker; you can resize photos that you have via the web browser. Save yourself the trouble of having to download complicated software just to change the size of a picture. This online video maker has that exact feature that you can use with instructions on how to use it.

It’s possible to ruin the quality of a photo by resizing it the wrong way, we suggest using this instead. This tool resizes photos without compromising the quality of the entire picture. Scaling photos have never been easier with the help of online software like this.

Templates for Social Media

Lastly, these online video makers have a lot of templates available for different occasions. Perhaps the most notable one is the fact you can create projects for a specific social media site.

This is a feature that should excite businessmen that are operating online, as can definitely boost brand recognition. Once a viewer sees your video on social media, you have just a few seconds to get their attention. If they have even the slightest trouble watching your video on the platform of their choice, they won’t watch it.

Parting Words

Finally, utilize this feature as it’s a strong addition to modern-day marketing tools. Social media is one of the best places to advertise videos today, there are millions of users every day. Create clear and concise content, upload it on social media and wait for viewer engagement.