Is Tech Making Junk Removal Better or Worse?


While our modern technology can turn our daily lives into a breeze, it also has its downsides. Nowadays, you can practically book anything online, including junk removal services. But does tech make it easier to remove junk or has it actually become more difficult?

The conveniences of a few clicks


Buying and booking anything you like has never been easier. No one has to set a single foot outside his doorstep to buy a new pair of shoes, book a table, or schedule a junk removal.

In the old days, you went to an office personally in order to schedule an appointment for junk removal and left with an exact quote. Alternatively, you simply gave them a call to enquire a quote and to book an appointment for collection day. However, these days, you can directly schedule a junk removal via a website such as Jiffy Junk, send them a text, an e-mail, or take advantage of their live chat. All you have to do is to enter your ZIP code and book a day that suits you. On top of it, you know in an instant how much it’d cost and you obviously don’t have to dispose of any junk yourself.

How convenient is convenience truly?

It’s amazing how much modern technology eases our lives. None of us has to hardly lift a finger anymore. You have access to all sorts of apps and software which schedule your appointments, your grocery list, determine which kind of music you like or in which videos you could be interested in. None of us even has to calculate anymore, just take a calculator and be done with it.

However, with all the convenience we do make ourselves more and more dependent on modern technology. The more automated every aspect of yourself gets, the less you have to think for yourself. It certainly has its peaks in a fast-paced environment, but everyone was fine without all the apps and special programs 50 years ago. The more you depend on modern technology as your kind of personal assistant, the lazier you can get and the less you think for yourself. The less you think for yourself, the lazier your brain cells get. Your brain is like a muscle that needs to be trained like any other muscle of your body. If you don’t give it some food for thought, your intellect drops.

The computer says, ‘No’.


With all the new technology there certainly are a few more downsides than just becoming dependent on what your device or program tells you. What happens during a blackout, in the event of software bugs, or even a hack?

There always is a risk of a power blackout or an internet outage. You can’t schedule anything if you have neither power nor an internet connection. Even though most power grids work on a reliable basis as well as the connection to the www, there regularly are blackouts. According to Jiffy Junk, If you scheduled a junk removal appointment, your submitted data may disappear during a blackout. You should certainly also think about software bugs. How many times in your life have you experienced that software doesn’t do whatever it’s supposed to do? If there’s a bug in booking software, your quote, as well as your scheduled collection, could simply disappear into the void of the www.

The more you click, the more transparent you are

With everything you do on the internet via the wild array of several online services, you can be traced by anyone. Whatever you do on the internet, everyone leaves a data-trace.

The more you do on the internet, the more data you disclose about yourself. I.e. your privacy always is in danger. While pretty much every online service promises not to share your data, it can potentially be accessed at any time by third parties, such as hackers. Although junk removal services rarely are attacked by hackers, any webpage on the internet can potentially be hacked. Not only your junk removal date could be erased, but someone could get a hold of all your personal data. In other cases, some services sell your contact data despite their promises and you start receiving annoying cold calls to your number.

Unconsidered consequences


Modern technology has another huge disadvantage: what do you do with your old smartphone, tablet, or solar panel? Whichever device you may have, the day comes on which it’s not useful to you anymore.

Our handy devices are much faster outdated and we keep on replacing them with new ones. Thus, the day of replacing outdated tech comes around earlier and earlier for each novelty we just proudly called our new toy. Only a few would sell their devices to a re-seller as the devices quickly aren’t worth a penny anymore. Consequently, they are thrown away like broken ones. Of course, your junk removal service picks up and accepts drop-offs of anything, including your modern electronic devices. However, all of them contain toxic substances that need to be disposed of separately as hazardous waste.

As amazing as modern tech is to make your life easier in all aspects of life, from getting food to scheduling junk removal, there are quite a few disadvantages to consider after all. What happened to pen and paper? Even the largest companies could schedule shifts of thousands of workers before the arrival of a simple computer. Everyone had their own pocket calendar and scheduled appointments personally. Isn’t it much nicer to speak with someone personally and put a note in your personal calendar than just to talk through some cold device? It probably created a lot of paper waste. Paper is a lot easier to dispose of, though.