5 Best American Football Video Games

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Online gambling continues to grow in popularity today as gamblers have finally found the perfect resort for fun and making money. Slots have always been the highest paying and fun gaming option from the days of traditional casinos. Now that they can be played from anywhere in the world, it gives gamblers more reasons to make more money online. We’re not just discussing any kind of slot today. We’d be looking at football video gaming options played at slots on the internet.

Football diehards love the National football league and everything associated with its players, teams, and investors. The fact that football enthusiasts get to bet on pokies online casinos makes the devotion and passion worthwhile.

Now, devoted football lovers who also love betting on pokies no longer have to forgo one for the other. You can sit back and watch your NFL game while simultaneously playing your favorite NFL-themed pokie online. LeafletCasino service experts, who focus on fast payout casinos and the gambling industry in general, have prepared for you a selection of the 5 best American football video games. They’ve tested them, so they’ll tell you all the details.


There are only a few visionary American football games available to lovers. The ESPN NFL 2K5 has exciting multiplayer features to keep your friends entertained all night. You might not get a free spins bonus round like other slots, but this version of the NFL video games has some unique first-person gameplay. Players can draft their team to compete in the national football league for the first time without settling for the default mode.

Its VIP system allows real-time play-calling, which enables players to communicate via the internet while competing against each other. The play-calling feature is another reason why most NFL fans pick ESPN football video games over EA Sports selections. Maybe the Madden NFL series has more to offer in theory, but we’re not taking sides today. If you want a fun sports video experience, go for the ESPN NFL 2K game.

2. Gridiron Glory Slot

Canadian slot players love the Gridiron Glory slot. The game is one of the few popular American football slots with fair regulations to win real money. With its RTP rate and fair odds, Gridiron Glory tops the list of the best games in online casinos with fast payout rates. You can play Gridiron Glory at Canadian online casinos to make real money from an American football video game. With deposits of a few bucks, you can make massive winnings.

The regulations in this slot are synonymous with the ones on a real football field. Players love the thrilling action of joggling the slot reels while randomly inserting the scatter and wild symbols. The payout, including the symbols, looks like the replica of an NFL coach’s dashboard. Like every slot, unique features help you get a fair chance of winning. In this case, they are the stacked wilds and progressive jackpot multipliers.

3. Madden NFL Football

It’s no surprise that the only NFL-licensed American football game ranks on our list of football slots. Madden NFL is a common video game popular at online casinos. Aside from gamblers loving the Franchise mode, players never seem to get enough of the innovative updates. Since EA Sports got the license in 2013 – the company has continued to wow American football video game lovers with regular innovative updates.

We love the betting experience of Madden NFL Football on slot machines. The various teams now come in symbols that make the slot game just as competitive as other football video games. Many NFL video game fans love the fun and competitive football experience of Madden ’12. This version comes with more football manager features compared to any other NFL video game. It allows you to manage the team effectively while you play.

4. American Football Pokie Slot

Aside from the high-resolution visuals, we love how the creators infused world-cup-themed tracks into it. Soundtracks set the mood for online slot gaming coordinating the tempo of every spin you make. In this case, the American Football Pokie slot has intriguing sounds similar to the world cup ceremony. As you become better at playing this slot, you’d realize that the wilds and scatters could help solidify your base game wins.

Your power matters a lot when playing this pokie slot. Capitalizing on the free spins and multipliers, you get after every deposit could help you increase your winnings to a large extent. If you are a newbie, start with low-risk casinos. These casinos have special promotional features to help you utilize your betting strategies on popular American football games.

5. NFL GameDay

Several football slots have tried competing with EA Sports’ Madden series recently. Some football enthusiasts would argue that NFL Gameday is one of the few American football video games to come close. This slot machine has a series created by the award-winning video game company Sony. GameDay became super famous for its arcade style; then, it began to fade in popularity from 2005 when other 3D alternatives hit the gaming world.

The creators did an amazing job with the controller customization and team management.

Team selection might be free at first, but getting into the tougher parts of the football league attracts additional points. EA now has exclusive rights to every series of the game and has since made nothing but a few updates to the last release. Not many people are familiar with the operations or features of GameDay. But it was at some point the video game of the year.

To Summarize

Other football slot options are online, but these few offer fun-packed features. They all have great visuals, a competitive layout, and relaxing soundtracks to get you invested all day. The above-listed are free games that do not require a premium subscription. Every online casino that features them offers its users welcome bonuses.

Pro tip: ensure you get as many free spins as possible to increase your chances of winning.

Many football-betting enthusiasts would argue that Madden is the best on this list. We’d include that every game has its unique feature peculiar to its creation. All five options would give you that fun-thrilling football experience you seek.