Plant Ideas To Grow In A Shady Backyard – 5 Best Plant Ideas 2024

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Not everyone is blessed with having a backyard that is capable of protecting against sunlight although this might tend to have a limiting factor of what choice of plant you want to grow in your backyard, it also doesn’t mean that you can’t have the best plants thriving in your backyard.

Our best plant ideas to grow in a shady background would show you a great plant that you can consider growing in your backyard. If your backyard is partially shaded or fully shaded, you have nothing to worry about as the plants we want to talk about would thrive in any condition.

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Best Plant Ideas To Grow In A Shady Backyard

Wild Violets

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We are starting off with the best plant ideas that you can go ahead to plant in a shady backyard with wild violets and these species of plants are well known to take good care of themselves.

They are also a good source of accents for beds, sources of water and also around trees and apart from the fact that they require constant watering during their growing stage, they require maximum effort to maintain. They thrive in moist soil, well-draining and also partial shade.

Lily Of The Valley

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Fragrant, gorgeous and also easy to maintain are the best ways anyone can describe the lily of the valley flower. This is obviously the best plant ides that anyone can go for and this is because they thrive in any condition whether in a fully shaded backyard or in a partially shaded backyard.

Even though this is a perennial flower, it should not be planted in a perennial garden and this is one plant that needs enough room to spread out and roam with time. The only maintenance it requires is constant watering and you can trust this flower to blossom.

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Siberian Iris

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The Siberian Iris is also another great plant option that you can consider planting in a shady backyard and this is because this plant would provide your backyard with a colorful and attractive appearance.

It thrives more when planted in a partially shaded backyard and this is one factor that you should keep in mind before considering planting this flower in any backyard.

Its soil ought to moist for like a year if you want it to thrive well too and in times of drought, they should be well watered as well so they can retain their attractive and colorful look.


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This is an annual flower which anyone would find extremely easy to care for. You really would not regret going for this flower and they also offer their best whether they are planted in partial or fully shaded areas.

Just like we mentioned in the last flower we just talked about, keeping moist soil is also the same way that you can help these flowers to thrive and the good thing about the impatiens flower is they tend to keep growing year after year.


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One key fact you should know about the begonia plant is they end up very stressed when they come in contact with too much sunlight.

So for those who have a shady background, this is obviously another great plant idea for you as they guarantee to live happy and healthy.

Having a perfect water schedule for this plant is what would make them thrive too and also have well-draining soil contributes greatly to their growth. However, the soil should not be too wet but moist.

Planting Tips In A Shady Backyard

Constant Watering

If a tree or building is blocking the sunlight from getting to these plants then these same things are also capable of preventing water from getting to them. Keeping plants in a shady area well-watered is very important especially if they do have any access to rain.


Mulch is very important for two things and they are retaining soil moisture and also fighting off the weed. However, the mulch should not be done excessively because it could also lead to preventing these plants from getting access to sunlight.

Partial Or Fully Shady Areas

Partial shady areas allow sunlight to get to these plants but if fully shady areas, there is basically no sunlight at all. You should pay attention to which areas have partial shade or full shade before figuring out what type of plant would grow in such an area.


Because there isn’t much sunlight in your backyard doesn’t really mean that you won’t find plants that would thrive in it.

After reading up this review, you now have a very good idea of what to plant in your backyard depending if your backyard is partially shady or fully shady.

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