Expert Essay Writer on 6 Things That Make Essays Bad


One of the critical skills students learn during their college years is essay writing. While some learners find it relatively easy to write an essay, others have a difficult time, just like with any other subject or unit.

Whenever the deadline looms, you will probably have a hard time trying to edit your work to the best of your ability. Unfortunately, spelling mistakes, poor vocabulary choices, and a disorganized essay structure will lower your work’s quality. They might even cost you much-needed grades.

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Overall, it is essential to avoid certain pitfalls when you intend to provide quality essays. Just a few things can make your paper terrible, and you should know how to deal with them to get good grades for your assignments.

So, let’s cut to the chase and learn how to prevent the mistakes below.

Forgetting to Proofread the Essay


One of the most common mistakes students make is forgetting to proofread their work before submission. Yet, proofreading is one of the crucial steps in the essay writing process. It allows you to identify and correct any errors in your work to make it flawless.

Professionals from top essay writing services recognized by never miss editing and proofreading parts of work. So, take the time to review your essay once again before submitting it. You don’t want to lose valuable marks because of unnoticed spelling and grammatical errors.

Use Grammarly to spot typos and minor inconsistencies in your writing but do not rely on it 100%. Dedicate adequate time to proofreading, as quickly scanning the paper will probably not bear fruits if you want to be an excellent essay writer.

Ignoring the Standard Structure

Another common mistake students make when writing essays is failing to have a proper structure. A standard essay should have an introduction, body sections, and a conclusion.

The introduction aims to introduce the topic to your reader and provides them with background information. The body paragraphs provide your arguments for the thesis statement, while the conclusion summarizes everything discussed in the paper.

If you do not have a structure for your essay, it will likely be challenging for your reader as they try to keep up with your thought process and ideas. To prevent this from occurring, try to develop a detailed and logical outline before you start writing. That will also help keep you on the right track and ensure your arguments flow smoothly.

Failing to Use Adequate Evidence


Another common ingredient in bad essays is inadequate evidence to support the writer’s claims. Whenever you make an argument in your work, it is vital to back it up with proof from credible sources. If you have ever had a college assignment written by the best essay writers, you will have noticed that they support their work with facts, examples, and logical explanations.

Whether using statistics or quoting another source, make sure that your evidence is relevant and supports your argument. Don’t forget to include in-text citations whenever you use someone else’s work to avoid plagiarism. Using external information without giving credit not only lowers your work’s quality but also jeopardizes your academic well-being.

Using Filler Content to Boost the Word Count

Filler words are yet another thing that lowers the quality of essays. Many students make the mistake of including filler content to increase the word count and reach the minimum page requirement.

But what if you find it challenging to identify what these words are? In this case, go through an essay crafted by an expert writer, and you’ll be able to tell the difference.

Filler words are unnecessary content that does not contribute anything to your paper. Not only is this a waste of time, but it also makes your work seem unprofessional and unpolished. If you want to be an excellent essay writer, make it a habit to check if your work is concise and if every sentence contributes to the overall quality of your paper.

Submitting Unoriginal Work


Another thing that makes an essay poor is submitting unoriginal text. We’ve already touched on it above. With the vast amount of online information, it has become increasingly easy for students to go to a website and copy and paste someone else’s work, submitting it as their own.

This practice is considered academic dishonesty. You could face severe penalties if you are caught submitting another individual’s work as your own. That includes losing grades, undergoing suspensions, and even getting expelled from your learning institution.

To avoid this from becoming your fate, ensure that the work you submit is original and that you have cited all your sources appropriately. Besides, you can screen your paper for unoriginal content using one of the many online plagiarism checkers. If you run out of time, you could also enlist essay writer help to complete your university assignments.

Using Complicated Sentences and Vocabulary

Never make the mistake of using unnecessarily complicated sentences and vocabulary in your essays to sound smart. This often backfires, making your work seem confusing and difficult to follow.

Your essay should be easy to read, regardless of the target audience. Unless the instructions for your paper indicate otherwise, use simple language that everyone can understand. In most cases, straightforward language is better than overly complicated wording.


Now you know the shortcomings that can lower the quality of an essay. To prevent these mistakes, always take your time to plan and structure your paper before you start writing. You should also ensure that you have adequate evidence to support your claims and that you avoid plagiarism at all costs. Finally, use simple language throughout your work to improve readability and retain your audience’s attention. Good luck!