Tips to Make Your Essays More Engaging and Interesting


Writing an essay is not an easy task for everyone, but regardless of that, the final result should always be a quality, interesting essay that stimulates the interest of the reader (in this case, the teacher). Many students are convinced that essays must be boring and uninteresting, but that is completely opposite from the truth. Only if you make a real effort to write an engaging essay that holds the reader’s attention can you be sure that you will get the desired grade and achieve the success you have imagined. But how do you write a good essay that will ensure you achieve all of that? No worries, we got you covered. Below the article you can read some of our tips on how to make your essays more engaging and interesting.

1. Choose the right topic


The first step in writing an interesting and engaging essay is to choose the right topic. Of course, this is only possible when the exact topic is not given to you in advance, but you have the freedom to choose. It is always advisable to choose a topic that you are personally interested in and that gives you the opportunity to process interesting facts. Writing on a topic that doesn’t interest you and isn’t particularly inspiring leads to boring essays that don’t interest anyone.

We suggest that you think about which topic concerns some current events that could be particularly interesting to study and read about. Also, make sure that enough research has been done on this topic so that you can have ready data to use while writing. During the whole essay writing stay focused on the topic and don’t expand too much. Only a concise topic that is covered in an interesting way can make the reader really interested and ensure that the essay encounters phenomenal comments.

2. Find a writing style that you find interesting and effective


The overall style of writing really plays a significant role when it comes to writing an engaging essay. Find a writing style that you find interesting and effective. Today, we live in an era of the Internet that allows us to access the information we want whenever we want. We suggest you take advantage of modern life and do your little research in order to find essays whose writing style you like. Of course, make sure that the writing style is suitable for the essay you are writing, then give it a go and conclude how much you like it when you apply it to your assignment.

Pay attention to the details of the essay that you find interesting and conclude what it is that the writer is doing to keep your interest. You don’t have to dwell only on your subject matter. We definitely suggest that you read the different papers and find the style that seems perfect for the essay you need to write.

3. Stay away from long sentences


Long sentences are a true fun killer when it comes to writing essays, so we suggest you stay away from them. Focus on the essence and don’t add too much detail, as they tend to distract attention and make the essay annoying to the reader. Use a language that is simple and easy to read, but also make sure the sentences are meaningful and really paint a picture to the person reading your work.

It is a good idea to first draft your work and write any information you find useful, relevant and interesting. And then move on to the editing part and read your essay several times, each time eliminating unnecessary parts. This way, after a few readings, you will have a work that has retained its essence, and all relevant information has been thrown out, so the text is easy to read, but also interesting enough.

4. Ask questions


Another very simple and effective way to make the reader interested in the content you have written is to ask questions in several places in the text. Questions are a very useful addition to essays because they introduce a dynamic element and prevent the reader from getting bored. Keep in mind that these questions should not really require an answer, but may be rhetorical questions. This is just one of the components of the text that can be found at the end of the paragraph, so it tickles the imagination of the reader and prepares him for what follows. The next time you write an essay, think about how you can integrate some good and interesting questions that will raise your text to a higher level.

‘But what if I am really bad at writing essays?’

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Conclusion: Writing a good essay that is interesting and engaging for readers can be quite a task. However, it is not impossible – with a little effort you can write a really great work that will come across some great comments. We suggest that you first choose the right topic and find a writing style that you find interesting and effective. We advise you to stay away from sentences that are too long. Do not forget to ask enough questions to bring dynamics to the text. Lastly, if you feel that you are really bad at writing an essay or that you simply do not have enough time, you can find companies that offer writing services that will help you easily get a great essay and also your desired grade.