How Can I Be Good in Both: Academics and Sports?

This is a highly misconstructed notion in society that if a student participates in sports, they are not capable of performing well academically. Sports and academics are interlinked for your holistic development. Sports have the quality to nurture your personality from a very young age.

Many students question whether they can get good grades and be good in college sports. Well, Science says it is really possible, and there are many benefits of playing sports. You can excel in academics and sports by putting in a little extra effort. Many students wonder if someone can take my online class so they can have more time to focus on sports. Scholarlyhelp is an available better option to get help with online classes, Meanwhile, you can focus more on sports as well.

Academics and sports together help us develop our personalities and acquire knowledge. Sports help us learn and acquire valuable personality traits such as persistence, teamwork, stress management, inclusion, diversity, and leadership, and they help us learn to accept success and failure.

Why are Sports Good for You?


College life is a time when you learn so much more than study only, and these learnings provide important lessons for the rest of your life. These lessons can be both good and bad. When you are influenced by bad things, participating in sports is your only healthy way out.

  • Sports help you work out through your stress, preventing you from getting into bad smoking and drinking habits.
  • Your body gets immune to diseases, improving your physical fitness and overall health.
  • Some colleges offer sports-based scholarships, and many job selections are based on your ability to play sports.
  • If you are good at any sport, you can build your professional career in that sport.
  • Being involved in sporting activities makes you conscious of your health, and you are involved in healthy habits.

Academics or Sports: Which Option to Prioritise

Academics and sports can be priorities in a student’s career, depending on their interests. If these two activities can be balanced equally, there is no need to prioritise either. However, the student must learn to manage time effectively to balance both. A specific period of time should be set aside for each of these activities. To manage time properly, students should schedule their days; making a timetable is vital to keep track of your activities.

Is It Difficult to be Good in Both Academics and Sport

Yes, maintaining the same successful records in two different areas is very difficult, but it is not impossible at all. You can give equal weight to academics and sports and perform equally well. If you get the support of your parents and put in the same effort in both areas, you can do both. It will be equally beneficial for you because you will use all your time throughout the day.

It’s okay if you walk away from one of them sometimes. For example, you can skip a training session a few days before or during exams. Or you can focus entirely on sports for a few days after the exam and skip your studies for a few days. The thing is, you have to manage your daily routine and understand when to do it.

Many people strive to learn how to be good in academics and sports. Here are 6 tips for you to help you perform well in both.

  • Time Management


Time management is the most vital skill you need if you are striving to excel in college sports and your academic career. Knowing your time and managing it accordingly plays a key role in your success. You should know what time college starts and what time sports practice starts so that you can balance both. If you are well aware of these timings, you can plan accordingly.

  • Utilising Available Resources

You can take advantage of the available resources, such as tutoring services. Some of the great tutoring services we can recommend are Chegg, and Brainly. Your college also has official tutoring services that you can use to catch up with any missed lectures.

  • Wisely Planning Your Weekends


You can use weekends to catch up with the previous coursework or practice you have missed. In case you do not have any missed work, you can focus on learning the next chapters. You can also prepare for an upcoming test and exam. Therefore, it is imperative that you plan and utilise your weekends to make the most out of them. This will make it a lot easier for you to balance your academics and sports.

  • Procrastination is Not an Option

If you want to perform well in college sports and you want to earn good grades, procrastination is not your thing. You should do everything on the go. Complete your lessons and assignments on time as soon as they are assigned so that you do not miss anything by leaving them at the last minute. You might get caught up with a long training session. Surely, it is not fun, but procrastination can result in poor grades.

  • Plan Your Me Time


Running after academics and sports can be tiring. However, it can make you grumpy. Always make time for yourself, so you do not exhaust yourself mentally and physically. Set aside time for any activity that interests you the most, watch TV, call a friend, hang out with friends, read a book, or do whatever makes you happy.

  • Use Time Planners

You can use time planners to schedule and plan your activities. You can use a planner provided by your college or simply create one using your phone. A planner will help you to keep track of all your activities. You can plan things out accordingly as soon as you receive your class schedule or training schedule. You can also track your tests and exams and prepare for them easily by utilising available time.

Final Thoughts

It is hard as a student to manage and balance your study and sports time. But, if you want to develop healthy habits and a successful career, you can follow our tips to manage them and succeed in academics and sports.