6 Ex LFL Players: How Are They Faring Currently

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Just like the Women’s Professional Football League that focuses solely on soccer, the Lingerie Football League also has ex-players who’ve attained the “legend” status. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the top 6 Lingerie Football League players that have left the scene to pursue other life endeavours.

1. Jayne Caldwell

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A former quarterback who played football for the Chicago Bliss and Los Angeles Temptation, Caldwell began her footballing journey in Australia. Since her dad had a background in football, breaking into football was no surprise.

Over the past few seasons, she’s produced some stellar performances and has become more of a mobile quarterback currently.

2. Chasity Morales

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She’s a wide receiver and cornerback who plies her trade for Austin Acoustic. She runs her own fitness agency and also does some swimsuit modelling in her free time. Not only does she find herself amongst the hottest players in the league, but she’s also one of the best wide receivers in the LFL.

3. Quincy Hewett

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A monster on the defensive side, Quincy Hewett is definitely no slouch. She plays mostly as a cornerback but also carries out offensive duties when called upon. Aside from that, Hewett is into fitness and posts a lot of bikini photos on Instagram. You can have a peek, and I can assure you you’ll not be disappointed.

4. Danielle DiCaterino

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Another fitness god, you can see her numerous football drills on Instagram. She describes herself as competitive right from her schooling days, where she partook in various sporting activities. Interestingly, she also has a degree in cosmetology; talk about multitasking!

5. Melody Decena Wyatt

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It’s really a daunting task to bring down Melody as she’s one of the strongest receivers in the sport. Well, a major part of this can be attributed to her training in the US army.

Furthermore, she’s also a fitness model during her spare time. Check out her Instagram for bikini photos and videos of her shooting guns her size.

6. Aneshea Shali

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A defensive player for the Austin Sound, Aneshea models and embarks on fitness training during her spare time. She’s also a photographer and lives in the Dallas area of Texas.

A Few Things You Should Know About The LFL

Most of us have been so busy playing online casino games that we have no inkling about the Legends Football League, formerly known as the Lingerie Football League. Well, it’s hard to blame you. Virtual casinos are a hugely entertaining experience, and with sites like SlotoZilla, offering online slots for free, many gamers have their hands full.

For readers who’ve never heard of this sports type before, let’s take a brief history lesson, shall we?

Legends Football League: An Introduction

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The Lingerie Football League began its inaugural season in September 2009 after it was founded by Mitch Mortaza. This sport, as you’ve probably realized, features girls in scantily dressed attires playing American football. The idea of beautiful women in lingerie doing sports was easily successful, especially among the male population. However, we suppose the name sounded too sexist, as it was later changed to “Legends Football League” in 2013.

You probably know about the Super Bowl championship game held yearly for the men’s National Football League, but a lesser-known fact is that there’s a female variation played on the same day too. Not much is known about Legends Football League players’ salary, but there are numerous suggestions that they’re being paid above the minimum wage.

Standard LFL Sports Rules

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Just like any other sport, there are rules and guidelines to maintain. Here are the different regulations that are binding with the Lingerie Football League.

  • Annotations: All Legend Football League teams are accorded a total of four chances each to score in the opponent’s zone. For validity, players must pass the line that limits space in order to score points. In more succinct terms, it’s known as a “Touchdown” in American Football.
  • Conversion of two points: Unlike men’s football, this play is valid here. When a team scores, they can score for a second time as long as they’re within the ambits of the opposing end zone.
  • Game time: Every game has four ten-minute quarters with a halftime break of twelve minutes. Another thing to note is that this time only runs when the game is in play. In scenarios where there’s an injury or a foul, time pauses only to continue when play resumes.
  • Team: Each team must have eleven players on the field of play. These players are divided into three categories, namely:
Offense Primarily to score points
Defense To prevent the opposing team from scoring points at their end
  • Special teams: players selected to kick the ball at specific intervals
  • Yards: The playing field is divided into five times, from the middle part to each end. In every ten yards, there’s always a marking for identification, typically from 0-50.
  • Prohibitions: Certain moves aren’t allowed here, unlike men’s football. For example, using punt kicks where the ball doesn’t touch the ground isn’t permitted. In the Lingerie Football League, the kick-off is shunned since the balls are held by hand.

Safety Measures

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Players generally have to protect their shoulders, arms, knees, elbows and wear hockey-like helmets on their heads during gameplay.

Former player Nikki Johnson was one of the numerous players who suffered multiple severe injuries. These injuries stemmed from hard blows, which also gave her a broken wrist. However, she’s of the opinion that players aren’t given enough protection as they’re only provided with soft shoulder pads and helmets.

After a total overhaul and rebrand, the LFL and partner Rawlings have now resorted to making shoulder pads worn by players much more protective, including an extra shell to cover the shoulders. With the helmets, things have also changed as they now feature extra paddings inside to protect against head injuries.


The Legends Football League is gaining traction these days as it features fit women who play the game of football with so much finesse. With a lot of skepticism pertaining to the future of this sport, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the moment while it lasts.