How Litebit Used a Customer Service Chatbot – 2024 Guide


When we talk about the best platform for cryptocurrency in this modern era, the best answer is definitely going to Litebit. Why? Because Litebit can bring unique services to its consumers, this platform cares about them. If we compare it with the other crypto platform, we may see that LiteBit is the champion as the best crypto exchange platform that brings the best service to its members. Read more:

The statement above is strengthened because LiteBit launched its chatbot called “Ada,” which was created to bring the most satisfactory service to its customers, especially for the chatting service. Ada is the chatbot that always on the line 24/7 a week. This bot is programmed to receive and assist the customers who need some help regarding the cryptocurrency Bitcoin or some problems in accessing the features in Litebit. Ada is powered with a top-notch system and equipped with languages that help customers from various countries.

To increase the platform’s performance, Ada is deployed in the purchasing section in Litebit. Why? Because this chatbot will be the best solution to bring guidance and problem solving for the customers that need the extra service over the purchase. In the market industry. Time is money, and they cannot wait longer for the conventional customer service to answer their question or demand while the market is constantly moving dynamically.

In short, Ada is like a messiah in the customer service area. This bot is always on and always brings the best solution for the customer. For example, if the customer needs to be connected with some agents that handle the specific coin exchange, Ada can connect them immediately. The outcomes are the customer can get what they want quickly, and the agent will get the potential customer without having to contact the customer service, which consumes a lot of time.

Can I create multiple accounts on Litebit?


By all means, you cannot create more than an account with the same identity as yours before for any reason. It happened so to increase the chance of criminality and any other security issues deployed in the regulation of Cryptocurrency laws.

The law has tightly regulated that any act of anonymity, duplicating accounts, and so on is totally prohibited for the exchange activity’s security.

That is why in the registration phase, the platform will ask for your detailed personal identity to be able to register your account.

The use of identity from your relation or colleagues in order to make an extra account for your personal use is also prohibited.

When will I receive my order?


The duration required to deliver the cryptocurrencies to your e-wallet or your other digital storage varies. It depends on various aspects such as the day when you purchase, the agent, and the coin’s availability. Usually, the duration required to transfer coins to your account is done in a matter of an hour or less. In some cases, the transfer can take a day or more due to unexpected technical issues or registration problems. Overall, even if the duration is varying, you will receive what you pay on the LiteBit.

To participate in this popular crypto exchange platform and be allowed to make the transaction activity, you need to create the account first. In this process, all you have to do is just input your name and password. After that, you can continue to follow the instruction given, such as storing your ID number, address, email, personal number, and also the photo of your ID. If anything is running smooth, LiteBit will settle your account only in a matter of minutes.

The next step is securing your account. In securing the account, we highly recommend you allow the two-step verification feature to be enabled on your account. Why? This feature can help you create the double lock that hard enough to be broke by the unresponsible people who are willing to steal your coin, credit, or personal data.


If the account is approved, and you have already secured your account too. It means that you are now officially joined with the LiteBit community. Now you are allowed to make the transaction activities. Remember that any transaction in Litebit should be using the Euro. If you do not have Euro, you can exchange it first at the bank or the trusted money exchange near you.

Then, what about selling the crypto in LiteBit? You can use two methods in LiteBit if you want to sell some coin. First, you can sell your currency through the e-wallet. Second, you can sell yours via the marketplace.

Selling from your e-wallet can be assumed as the best solution because you can sell it directly without registering it first. If you want to sell your coin through the e-wallet, all you have to do is just open your e-wallet, check some items that you want to list, and then you can click the “sell” button. Your coin will be displayed at the marketplace, and you only have to wait until someone called you up and buy yours for a reasonable price.

Now let’s move to the second method. If you want to sell your coin via the marketplace, you can click the marketplace menu. After that, you can choose the selling feature and fill in some information about your product plus your contact. Once the procedure is done, you can continue to submit it right away. You will receive some unique code that will be useful as storage for your coin. Just transfer it and wait for the customer to contact you to be able to buy it.


All of the transaction in Litebit is protected by the system and by the law. That is why you do not have to worry about it. Each of the members in Litebit is registered by their true identity. This condition also helps the platform monitor the member’s activity to reduce the risk of criminality.