5 Dog Breeds That Do Not Shed

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Growing up, our family loved dogs. We always had a dog or two at home, which we all loved and showered with care. So, when I started my own family, I was very excited to get a dog. However, that dream was cut short as I discovered that my partner was allergic to dogs.

I didn’t want to bring an animal into the home that would make anyone feel uncomfortable, so I decided to put the dream of raising a dog to the side. But then we found out that dogs that don’t shed are generally hypo-allergenic and are safe for people with allergies.

While this was great news, we didn’t know which dogs were safe options and what breeds to get. With that said, there are tons of dog breeds that do not shed, and in this article, we’re looking at five specific dog breeds that don’t shed.

We’ll also explain some of their common traits that you should know about before adopting one of these breeds yourself.

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Why Would You Want a Dog That Doesn’t Shed?

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The first reason you want to consider getting a dog that doesn’t shed is that they don’t have allergens. If anyone in the house is allergic to dogs, shedding could be a huge problem and cause them a lot of discomforts.

The reason this happens is that dogs can secrete a certain allergen that latches onto their hair. And when they shed, the hair floats around the air and can end up in our respiratory systems, causing allergies. So, a dog that doesn’t shed won’t be able to cause as many allergies as a dog that does.

On top of that, constantly sweeping up dog fur is not fun. If you’ve ever owned a shedder, you understand the hassle of having to clean the carpets, rugs, couches, and beds every day because of the dog fur.

So, aside from reducing the number of allergic reactions, non-shedding dogs can also be easier to maintain.

5 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

There are tons of dog breeds that don’t shed. This makes it great if you’re looking for a hypo-allergenic dog with specific traits. However, all of the options can also make it hard to figure out which one to adopt. On top of that, it’s also pretty hard to figure out which dogs are shedders and which aren’t.

To help you out, here’s a quick list of five dog breeds that aren’t shedders but are also very popular options for families. We’ll also discuss some of their common traits, which can give you a rough idea of what to expect if you get one of these dogs.

1. Schnauzers

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The first dog breed we’re going to talk about is the Schnauzer. Now, you might be wondering which Schnauzer we’re talking about. After all, there are Miniature Schnauzers and standard-sized Schnauzers. Luckily, all Schnauzers are known for shedding very little, which makes them a great choice for anyone looking for a hypoallergenic pet.

It might come as a surprise that Schnauzers aren’t shedders because of how fluffy their coat is. However, most of the fur they shed comes from the undercoat, which ends up getting trapped in the overcoat anyway. So, as long as you brush out the dog’s hair regularly, shedding won’t be a problem.

On top of that, Schnauzers are very loyal and intelligent dogs. They can be feisty around other dogs that they don’t know, but you can easily correct that behavior with proper training and socialization.

Check out this website to know what kind of food your Schnauzer needs: https://spotandtango.com/learn/best-dog-food-for-miniature-schnauzer/

2. Scottish Terrier

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Scottish Terriers are favorites for many families. One of the reasons they are so popular is their long coats and confident personality. Despite being small dogs, these are brave animals that would make very loyal companions. And while they need a fair amount of training, they are still great family pets for any household.

Since they have distinct coats, it’s easy to assume that these dogs are shedders. However, that’s far from the case as these pets barely shed their coat, making them great for people with dog allergies.

With that said, these dogs have a bit of an attitude and a strong prey drive. So, you have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to train them properly for everyone’s safety. Check out prices for Scotties in the UK at: https://www.kellyskennels.co.uk/pups/pedigree/scottish-terrier/.

3. Portuguese Water Dog

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Portuguese water dogs are very fluffy and lovable dogs. And as the name suggests, these dogs love the water. Due to this, they have thick water-resistant coats that allow them to feel warm and comfortable even when going for a swim.

And while their coats are thick, they don’t shed a lot. This is great for families who have dog allergies as they can still get a great pet without worrying about uncontrollable sneezing. It’s the reason why the Obamas adopted a Portuguese water dog, Bo, during their stay in the White House, who unfortunately passed away last year.

With that said, these dogs still need regular grooming to keep their coat fresh and healthy.

4. Poodles

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When you think of a poodle, you instantly think about its coat. And while they are known for sporting unique haircuts, these dogs aren’t exactly shedders. On top of that, poodles come in different sizes, so you can find one that fits your family’s needs easily.

These dogs are also very active. So, you might have to take them out on walks and exercise them regularly if you don’t want them to build up energy that can explode at the wrong times. But aside from that, these dogs are amazing companions.

5. Afghan Hound


Lastly, the Afghan Hound is a great hypoallergenic dog that doesn’t shed. This is a unique breed on this list as these dogs are fairly large. On top of that, they are known for beautiful long coats, so it’s easy to assume they are major shedders.

However, it’s the exact opposite with these dogs. Afghan Hounds barely shed their long and flowy coat. But to keep the coat fresh and healthy, regular grooming is still a requirement.


Just because you have allergies doesn’t mean you can’t have a pet dog. If you find a dog that doesn’t shed that much, then there’s a much smaller chance that the dog will cause you to sneeze and cough.

So, if you need a hypoallergenic dog at home, then make sure to consider these five breeds as they are lovable, beautiful, and non-shedding dogs that make great companions.